Soniq TV Not Working? – Here are Best Methods to Fix It [2022]

Sony plasma televisions feature wide-screen, flat-panel high-definition video with several HDMI inputs so other devices can display high-definition signals. If your Soniq plasma TV stops working correctly, try several things before having it professionally repaired or replaced. Moreover, if your TV is not working, follow the methods mentioned below; some Soniq TV issues can be solved effortlessly while sitting at home using the Soniq remote control. Indeed, there are many chances that you can fix the not working Soniq tv remote just by factory resetting it.


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How to Troubleshoot Soniq TV Remote?

Step 1

Switch off the power and unplug the Soniq TV at 00:00.

Step 2

Unplug all cables connected to the Soniq TV and wait 30 seconds.

Step 3

Make sure all cables are correctly connected to the Soniq TV.

Step 4

Could you turn on the Soniq TV by plugging it in? If the television comes on, move on to the next step. Otherwise, you will need to have it repaired professionally.

Step 5

You can cycle through the video inputs by pressing the “Input” button on the remote control until you get a video signal. If you can find a video signal, proceed to Step 6. Recheck the inputs and make sure the source device is on and functioning. You will need to have your Soniq TV professionally repaired if you cannot see a picture.

Step 6

You can cycle through the available aspect ratios by pressing “Aspect” on the remote control.

Step 7

You can cycle through predefined picture modes by pressing “Picture”.

Step 8

Select “Display” from the on-screen menu by pressing “Menu.” To fine-tune the picture, adjust the contrast and brightness settings.

Step 9

Select “VGA Mode” if your Soniq TV is connected to a PC. Select “Auto Sync” from the setup menu to automatically adjust the screen.

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Step 10

Contact your dealer for warranty information if you can’t diagnose and solve the problem.


Soniq TV Remote Not Working? Here Are The Steps To Make It Work Again:


    1. Check that none of the Soniq TV remote buttons are jammed.
    2. Try resetting the Soniq TV remote that is not working.
    3. The Soniq TV remote may not work due to poor battery contact or static electricity. Moreover, poor batteries can cause not working Soniq TV remote.


  • Remove the batteries.
      1. Note: The method of opening the battery compartment cover may vary depending on the type of remote control. Refer to the TV manual for more information.
      2. Hold down the power button for three seconds.


    • Insert batteries into the Soniq TV remote.


  1. Clean the remote’s terminals.
    1. The terminals of the remote control may be dirty. Put the batteries back into the remote control after cleaning the terminals with a small solution of alcohol, using a cotton bud or soft cloth.
  2. Replace the batteries.



      • As per the indication, insert a battery consistent with the + pole and – pole.
  • Make sure to insert the battery from the – pole side.
      • You should not use a new battery and a used battery or different kinds of batteries.
    • Rechargeable batteries should not be used.


  1. Reset the TV.
    1. If the issue is caused by an external factor, such as a network service, data broadcast, or connected device, resetting your TV may help.
    2. If you update the remote control software for Android TV/Google TV, symptoms may improve. Check the following article to see if the remote control needs a software update.
    3. Ensure that there are no influences from external devices by removing them.


  • Disconnect all connected devices (external USB hard drive, HDMI connection device, etc.) from the TV terminal.



      • Do not disconnect the TV power cable.
      • Make a note of complicated connections and make sure you can reassemble them before removing them.
      • If the TV flashes when a particular device is connected, it may be a problem.


Programming Soniq Remote control

  • Switch on Soniq TV.
  • Hold the TV and SEL buttons on the Soniq remote control for 3 seconds. A light will appear on the Soniq remote.
  • Point the Soniq remote at the TV and enter the TV’s 3, 4, or 5 digit code with the button lit.
  • Press the VOLUME + button on the Soniq remote. The TV volume should go up.
  • Use the TV button to store the 3, 4, or 5 digit code. To confirm the code has been stored, the Soniq tv remote button will blink twice.
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SONIQ TVs can be controlled using a universal remote and are compatible with Comcast, Dish Network, Direct TV, and RCA.


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How do I factory reset my Soniq TV?

A factory reset can be used to restore the TV to its default state to be used again.
The default password is always “0000,” but you can change it to one of your choosing.
As soon as the TV is connected to its power source, the default time and date are set to Jan 1, 2000. Then, you can change these settings individually or all together with a chronicle that is more familiar to you.

The Sonic TV typically has a reset button that restores the device to its factory settings. Please turn off the device, wait for 2 minutes, and then turn it back on to access the factory settings. There is a second way to reset the device to its factory settings if this does not work. Turn on the TV and then plug in the electrical cord. The TV should shut off at this point, but there are two more steps.

How do I force a factory reset on my TV?

Holding the power button for ten seconds can force a factory reset on your Soniq TV. This will reset all settings to factory default, so you must reconfigure. If your TV does not work as expected, you can use this process to fix it.


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How do I fix my Soniq TV?


The LED screen is no longer functional due to the damaged internals. However, it is a simple fix. Low-cost replacement parts are available on eBay.


How do I reboot my Soniq TV?

A TV must be turned off and on again to reboot. IF YOU UNPLUG IT AND PLUG IT BACK IN, your TV may not respond to the power button. However, turning the television off and on can often resolve any malfunction.


What happens when you reset your Soniq TV?

All saved data is erased when a TV is reset. This can happen when the TV has been off for a long time. Imagine someone watching a football game on TV before going to work. To watch another football game or show, they will need to reset their TV when they get home.

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How do I turn off the key lock on my Soniq TV?

By pressing the Menu button on my remote, I can turn off the key lock on my TV. If I’m not sure if the key lock is on or off, I can press Channel Up and Channel Down to check if a purple line in the top left corner of the screen indicates an input field in which I can enter my four-digit code.

How do I reset my element TV black screen?

Since the element TV cannot display, we have discovered an internal fault that is causing the screen to blackout. The device should be repaired. If this fails and you cannot repair the device in person, contact customer service for assistance.


How do you fix a stuck Vizio logo?

Vizio logo does not appear. This can be resolved in several ways. You can use your thumb to press down on the logo until it lights up again. You can also unplug and re-plug the TV. It is recommended to take your TV to a local repair shop or Vizio store if these steps do not work.


How do I update my Sony TV?

Sony TV uses the Android operating system. There is no app store for this device, so updates must be done manually. You can do this by going to Settings | System Updates and clicking on Check for Updates.

How do I manually turn on my Soniq TV?

Before I can continue, I need to plug in the power cord. I need to go through a series of steps to activate the TV:

  • Hold down the POWER button on the remote.
  • When POWER ON appears on the screen, release the button.
  • Gently press and release for AUTO PROGRAM.
  • Then, press OK.
  • Now, press and release for Antenna mode.
  • Finally, press OK.


Why won’t my TV turn on but the red light is on?

A TV that won’t turn on but has a red light on is likely experiencing an “open circuit,” when there is no power coming to the TV due to a loose power cord or power strip. In addition, this can be caused by the power strip not getting enough power from the wall outlet because too many items are plugged in. You may need a new wall outlet.


How do I reset my Apple TV remote?

Apple TV remotes cannot be reset in the same way for all generations. When the remote doesn’t work, you must connect it to the charging cable. After a few seconds, disconnect the cable. After 10 seconds, reconnect. Generation 5 and above require you to simultaneously press both physical buttons on the remote, which will require you to push very hard.


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