Universal Remote Codes

Do you have a universal remote and you need the code to program it to a device or gadget in your home? My Universal Remote Control Codes got your back. This site provides you with all the codes for universal remote you will need to program to any device. But first, you need to understand how universal remotes work and basic tips to bear in mind when using one. However, remote control codes are most necessary aspect of programming your remote.

Universal Remote Codes

A universal remote is a remote that you can program to any device to control that device. Most devices come with remote control. With time, the remote control that comes with a device can spoil or you may lose it. This is where a universal remote comes in. The thing about using a universal remote control is that you need universal remote codes to program it to each device.

Each device and each brand has unique codes you need to program the device to a universal remote. The universal remote code is usually a 4-digits number but some brands use a 3 digits universal remote code.

You can use a universal remote control to program a TV, Blu-Ray Player, DVD Player, Sound Bars, Projectors, Cable Box, Electronic Receivers, Media Box and Home Theater.

universal remote control codes
Universal Remote Codes

How To Program a Universal Remote To Device With A Code

The steps for programming a universal remote to any device is the same. There are just minor changes for some brands and devices.

Step 1: Find The Code

You will need a unique universal remote code to program a remote to any device. This is where this site comes in. You can find codes to hundreds of devices on this platform with ease. All you need to do is to use the ‘search’ option on the top right side of this page. You can also look through the categories outlined here to find codes to promote your universal remote to any device you want.

Step 2: Switch on Your Device

After you find the code here, the next step is for you to switch on your device. Ensure that your device is properly plugged in. There is always an On/OFF (POWER) button that can be found on the body of most devices. Press the On/OFF button and hold on to it for a couple of seconds for the device to come on.

Step 3: Program Your Universal Remote

Hold your universal remote in a way that the head will be faced directly to the gadget you want to program. The remote may not function well if it is faced in another direction. When you do that, choose the DVD or TV option. You click on TV if you wish to program a TV and DVD if you wish to program your DVD player.

Step 4:  Enter The Universal Remote code

The final step is to enter the code you got on the website. For most device, the LED gets to blink once for each number you type key in. Once you are done keying in the code, the LED will blink twice and go off. Then the device will turn on automatically. For some device, you have to turn off the device using the universal remote control. Once that is done, you have successfully programmed your universal remote to your device.

So basically, this site will provide information on:

If there are codes you are yet to see on this site, you can use our contact us page to reach out. We will research and find the codes for you.