Soniq TV Universal codes and setup Programming

Technology has completely evolved our lives. Today, we have devices for almost everything to make our work easier and simpler. The universal remote is one such device which has become a new lifeline these days. Now, comes the question what is a universal remote? A universal remote is an all in one device with which you can connect all your different gadgets.

Universal remotes are easy to handle and convenient to operate. These remotes make your work easier and are the best device for people who can’t manage too many remotes at the same time. 

With universal remote, you don’t have to manage remotes for different gadgets or keep a check on the remotes’ batteries. These remotes have become so popular among the people, and everyone is shifting towards them. 

In this article, we will talk about one such remote Soniq Tv universal codes and programming.


soniq tv universal codes


Do read the blog to get a more precise idea about Soniq Tv universal codes and programming!

How to program Soniq Remote control?

You need to program your device before using it. For programming, you need to follow a few steps carefully. 

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Here are the followings steps that you need to follow to program sonic remote control: 

  • Turn on the device on which you want to program. 
  • Now, press and hold the device button and SEL simultaneously for 3 seconds. You will notice a light blinks, which indicates your device is ready to program. 
  • Point the remote towards the device and press 3, 4, or digit code. 
  • To verify whether the remote is programmed or not, press the volume button. 
  • If it works then, you have used the correct code. If it fails to work, try the other code, and repeat the same process as above.

Programming Soniq Universal Remote using manual method

To program Soniq universal remote with manual method, follow the steps given below carefully. 

For a manual process, you need to follow the following steps given below:

  • Turn on the device on which you want to operate the program. Let say that your device is a TV. 
  • Please turn on your TV and press “TV” on your soniq universal remote.
  • Press and hold the universal remote setup button until the light flash.
  • Enter the key code you can collect from the programming guide or instruction manual given to you.
  • Once the procedure is complete, point your remote at the TV and press and hold the power button.
  • Now, release the power button until the screen switches off.

Your TV will work correctly with universal remote control. If you feel your device is not working, repeat the same process using a different code from the reference table in the instruction guide.

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Programming Soniq Universal using Auto search

In this method, all the codes go through the scanning process.

For the auto search, you need to perform the following instructions given below:

  • Switch on your device for which you want to operate the universal remote.
  • The next step is to turn on the remote and tap the device button for 3 seconds until the LED lights turn.
  • This LED light is an indication that your device is ready to program.
  • Now, point your remote to the device and click on the “CH+” and “CH” buttons. You will notice an on and off signal. Now press the “up” or “down” key continuously till your device turns off.
  • Verify the code by clicking on the power key. Once your devices turn on, click on different buttons to confirm whether your remote is program correctly or not.
  • The final step is to save the code by tapping the device button. The LED light will blink twice, which confirms the code is reserved. 

Programming Soniq Universal Remote using code search

If you couldn’t find the key code, you can set your universal remote to search mode.

  1. First, turn on your device.
    • After this, press and hold the “Setup” button. 
    • Now, add the code 9-9-1. 
    • Hold the power button on the remote and press the channel up button until your device turns off. 

Soniq TV Universal Remote codes

Soniq Universal Remote 3- digit remote codes

  1. 014

Soniq Universal Remote 4- digit remote codes

  • 14730178
  • 0180
  • 0003
  • 0092
  • 0045
  • 0019
  • 0030
  • 0056
  • 0032
  • 0047
  • 0054
  • 0060
  • 0039
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Soniq Universal Remote 5- digit remote codes

  • 19253
  • 14947 
  • 15045 
  • 15143 
  • 15241 
  • 15349 
  • 15447 
  • 15545 
  • 15643 
  • 15741 
  • 15849 
  • 15947 
  • 16045 
  • 16146

Soniq TV Audiosonic Universal Remote Code

  • 0301

Benefits of Soniq Universal Remote

Soniq universal remote has various advantages, and some of these benefits are listed below:

  • Soniq Universal remote is the all-in-one remote for every device.  
  • It saves time and is easy to operate and program. 
  • The remote is cost-effective. Now, you don’t have to keep a check on the batteries of different remotes. You don’t need to invest in extra batteries, which save money. 
  • Soniq universal remote is quite affordable. 
  • Another added benefit of the Soniq universal remote has an easy setup. 
  • Universal remote will help to end the confusion between different remotes and devices. 
  • The best part about this device is that it is simple to program and use. It reduces the clutter of remotes lying in your room.

Hope this article helped you out. It’s high time for you to stop planning and start purchasing the Soniq universal remote. It is one of the best devices that you will never regret buying it.

There is no pain in programming the device, and you don’t have to worry about codes as they are already mentioned in your instructions guide.

The remote is quite simple to operate, so one today at affordable prices. 

Hurry up !

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