Kogan Universal remote: One solution to all your problem

Technology has evolved our life completely. Early human used to walk to reach a far off destination. Later with the invention of the wheel, everything changed. Now, we have gadgets for indeed everything, from laptop to car to pen drive to television. No one once had an idea about what wonders technology can do. One such wonder is Kogan Universal remote, an all in one device to reduce your tension between gadget and device. 

Now, you will not get confused or wonder where you kept your remote as you will find everything in one place. In this article, we will talk about one such remote Kogan TV Universal remote codes and Programming.

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Kogan Universal remote codes


What is Kogan Universal Remote?

Before getting into much detail about the topic, let’s first understand what is Kogan Universal remote?

Kogan universal remote is an all in one device which has reduced your pain of keeping different gadgets and remote. Now, all you need to do is program your device with the Kogan universal remote. From your TV to DVD, you can operate all your devices easily with this one remote. 

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Kogan universal remote is an absolute choice for anyone who wants to avoid confusion and save time. You need to program this device by yourself. Let’s understand how to program Kogan universal remote.

How to program Kogan TV Universal Remote with auto search?

First, we are elaborating the steps required to program the Kogan TV universal remote using auto search.

Here are the following steps to program Kogan Universal remote. Follow these steps carefully:

  • The first step is to switch on the device for which you want to operate the universal remote. 
  • Next step is to turn on the remote and tap on the device button that you are operating for 3 seconds. The LED light will blink, which will ensure that your device is ready to program.  
  • Now, take your remote and press ‘CH’ and ‘CH+’ buttons. You will notice on/off button. Press up and down button continuously till your device turns off. 
  • After this process, you need to verify the code by clicking on the ‘power’ key. If your device starts, click on the different buttons to verify whether the device is programmed correctly or not. 
  • If you find your device is working, then, click on ‘device’ button to save the code. If LED light blinks twice, congrats! Your code has been saved.

How to program Kpogan TV Universal Remote with the manual method?

Here are the following steps to program Kogan Universal remote manually. Follow these steps carefully:

You can use the keycodes to program your Kogan universal remote easily.  These keycodes are mentioned in your keycode instruction manual.

  • The first step is to turn on the device which you want to operate. 
  • Press the device name which you are operating on your universal remote. For instance, if you are operating the Tv, press Tv button on the remote. 
  • You will notice a “Setup Button” on the remote until light blinks. 
  • This light is an indication that your device is ready to program. 
  • Now, enter the keycode which you can easily find in the programming guide. 
  • Once you complete all these steps, point your remote at the device. Click and hold the power button. 
  • Your device will switch off once you release the power button. 
  • That’s all, now your device will work correctly, but if it fails to work then, follow all these steps again with a different keycode mentioned in the instruction guide.
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How to program Kogan TV Universal Remote with code search

If you fail to find the correct keycode you can set your Kogan Tv universal remote to search mode. Here are the following steps to program Kogan Universal that you follow: 

  • The first step is to turn on the device you are operating. 
  • Press the “Setup Button” on your device and hold it for a few seconds. 
  • Now, press 9-9-1, a three-digit code. 
  • Next step is to hold down the “Power Button” and press the channel up button until your device turns off. 

It is a bit lengthy process and a time-consuming as well but is essential for finding the correct keycode.   

Remote codes for Kogan Universal Remote device

We are listing the 4 and 5- digit universal codes for Kogan universal remote.

Kogan Universal Remote 4 digits codes

  • 7890
  • 0418
  • 0641
  • 0714
  • 0726
  • 0754
  • 0779
  • 0816
  • 1190
  • 2267
  • 1404
  • 0037
  • 0587
  • 0371
  • 0218

Kogan 5 digits codes

  • 35232

Benefits of Kogan Universal Remote

  • Kogan universal remote is an all in one device and is relatively easy to operate.
  • You can program this device on your own without much stress or pain.  
  • This device is quite pocket-friendly, and you don’t have to spend your salary on batteries of all the different remotes. 
  • This device is a perfect pair for people who get confused between the device and their remotes. ‘
  • The best part of this Kogan universal remote is that it is convenient and straightforward and anyone can operate it from kid to senior citizen 
  • Now, your house won’t look messy because of the clutter of different remotes lying here and there. 
  • House party or a movie night, want to watch Tv or listen to music, you only need this Kogan remote to operate your devices. 
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Hope this article helped you out. It’s high time for you to stop planning and start purchasing the Kogan universal remote. Now, you don’t have to take pain in changing batteries of the remote, or get confused with gadgets and remotes. Kogan Universal remote has made our work easier and simpler.

The remote is quite simple to operate, so one today at affordable prices. 

Hurry up!

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