One For All Universal Remote Codes and Setup Guide

The Importance of a Universal Remote

What do we use a universal remote for? To assume responsibility for our gadgets. Isn’t that right? Often, in a simple household, we have encountered an issue of not finding the remote, or even more so, of using the wrong remote for the wrong device. For example, when attempting to turn on the television, we mistakenly press the DVD console’s remote control, which may result in untoward events such as the device getting damaged, and the remote getting damaged.

To avoid such errors, it is advisable to use a universal remote to control all their electronic devices with one remote easily. How long is your life do you think you’ve squandered attempting to turn on your TV with a remote? What’s significantly baffling is attempting to switch to and fro between the correct controller to get the TV to turn on. There’s a very decent possibility you’ve experienced the present circumstance more than on more than one occasion in the course of your life, yet there are approaches to restrict the wreck of controllers. Thereby, using universal remote control absolutely accompanies benefits, yet there are a few motivations to do the switch that you probably will not think about. Here are a few reasons you need to take the action to use ( and purchase if you have not already) a universal remote.


  • Convenience and Neatness

If you have an enormous diversion place for your home, you must be having separate remotes for separate gadgets such as a Blu-beam player, a streaming player (Roku or Apple TV), a sound framework, the link box, and the actual TV. With these many controllers lying around, it is no big surprise why individuals detest setting up innovation in their home or regularly discover it excessively muddled. Here’s your rescue. With a universal remote, one is easily able to handle all their home theatre devices. Furthermore, almost certainly, your TV, Blu-beam, and sound framework makers are not overall a similar brand. This implies you may need to utilize separate controllers to control every gadget. This occupies an excessive amount of space on your end table or end table.


  • Various functions of universal remotes and codes

All things being equal, changing to using the universal remote control can end the controllers’ wreck and lessen the opportunity to lose one control. Having such a remote can take care of all your gadgets in one simple remote. For neat-freaks, this is an ideal decision. Another incredible advantage of a universal remote is that they are convenient to set up. Numerous individuals figure it very well might be hard to set such a remote with universal remote codes, but proper guidance is straightforward. A bonus point is that a universal remote can be customized to work with different electronic product brands. Basic models of universal remotes allow their users to control a selected number of devices such as tv or DVD. In contrast, more advanced universal remotes permit the user to program in various universal remote codes to the remote.

Numerous controllers sold with different hardware incorporate universal remote with capacities for different sorts of gadgets, allowing the remotes to control many gadgets together. This is the benefit of using universal remotes while using electronic gadgets.


  • Reduction of Expense 

This may skip our minds, but we should consider this. Remotes function on batteries. Running various controllers will cost more money due to the price of purchasing more batteries. Additionally, nothing is more disappointing than exchanging through the entirety of your controllers to discover the one you need to turn on; the TV has dead batteries. You can set aside cash by utilizing one universal remote rather than five or six regulators to work your tv and/or home theater setup. Additionally, if you break one remote on the off-chance, the usefulness of the device is almost lost. The expense of again purchasing a fresh remote only to use for that particular device solely is a very useless expense that can and should be avoided. We must know that one of the top advantages of a universal remote is that of comfort and straightforwardness, apart from being economical.

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  • Effortlessness 

This might be quite self-evident; however, a universal remote makes your tv watching experience a lot simpler than with different controls.

A universal remote controller’s primary advantage is accommodation and effortlessness since it permits you to switch between various frameworks rapidly. At the point when you return home following a monotonous day at work, the exact opposite thing you need to do is plunk down and need to get back up to turn on your TV physically or to bungle through controllers to get your diversion community to work. Dispose of the issue that accompanies various controllers by getting a general controller that can switch between gaming frameworks, video players and even control the volume on your sound framework when tuning in to music and watching motion pictures. A universal remote allows one to control their gadgets with ease.

 Power catches, volume controls, muting, channel changes, replay, and information alternatives are all readily available on a universal remote.


Universal Remotes: History

Now that we know of their utility, let us know of the universal remotes’ history as an all-compatible electronic regulator. On May 30, 1985, Philips presented the universal remote (U.S. Pat. #4774511) under the Magnavox brand name. In 1985, Robin Rumbolt, William “Russ” McIntyre, and Larry Goodson with North American Philips Consumer Electronics (Magnavox, Sylvania, and Philco) built up the primary universal remote. In 1987, the main programmable universal control was invented, making universal codes for remotes. It was known as the “Center” and was made by CL 9, a startup established by Steve Wozniak, the Apple I and Apple II computers designer.


Universal Remotes: Key Features

Most universal remotes share various fundamental plan components. First is a force button, just as a switch or arrangement of catches to choose which gadget the remote shall be controlling. A normal determination incorporates TV, VCR, DVD, and CBL/SAT, alongside different gadgets that occasionally incorporate DVRs, sound hardware, or home mechanization gadgets. The second aspect is the channel and volume up/down selectors (once set apart with + and – signs). The third aspect is a numeric keypad for entering channel numbers and some different purposes, for example, the time and date section. Last and most important is a set catch (at times recessed to keep away from unplanned squeezing) to permit the determination of a specific arrangement of remote codes (typically entered on the keypad). Most remotes additionally permit the user to spin through the list of accessible remote codes to discover one that coordinates the gadget to be controlled.


Various utility of universal remotes

Most remotes incorporate at least one pad for exploring menus on DVD players and link/satellite boxes. Nowadays, very advanced remotes have various highlights, such as large-scale programming, permitting the user to program order groupings to be sent with one catch press. There is a feature of LCD to show status data also available on the advanced models. Programmable delicate keys, permitting client characterized capacities and macros are also included in advanced universal remotes. IR code picking up, permitting the remote to be modified to control new gadgets tactfully, with the remote codes list’s help, is another feature.

Another distinct feature would be the universal remote’s ability to be programmed with the help of remote codes to be used on any electronic device with ease. Some universal remotes can likewise settle on telephone decisions supplanting your home telephone in that room. A few gadgets, such as a few PCs and game consoles, make use of Bluetooth or a comparative convention instead of infrared as the principle transmission structure; universal remotes viable with those plans are also available.


Upgrade Permissible Remotes

Some universal remotes permit the code records modified into the remote to be refreshed to help new brands or models of gadgets to which the initial remote was not programmed (as yet). Infrared-driven controllers can get familiar with the remote codes for any catch on numerous other infrared-driven controllers. This usefulness permits the remote to learn capacities not upheld naturally for a specific gadget, making it once in a while conceivable to control gadgets that the remote was not initially intended to control. A disadvantage of this methodology is that the remote code requires a manual with universal codes. Then there are touch-screen remotes. These remotes include an LCD screen that can be either monochrome or full tone. The “catches” are real pictures on the screen, which, when contacted, will impart infrared signals to controlled gadgets.

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Few models have different screens that are gotten to through virtual catches on the touch-screen, and different models have a blend of the touch-screen and actual catches.A few models of the touch-screen controllers are modified utilizing a graphical interface program on a PC, which permits the client to tweak the screens, foundations, fastens, and even the “activities” the catches perform. The “project” that is made is then downloaded into remote through a USB link or, in the latest models, remotely with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The newly launched touch-screen universal remotes often are witnessed to incorporate a radio frequency transmitter to permit signals to arrive at areas a lot farther than the standard scope of infrared radiation, which is generally around six meters. Radiofrequency additionally does not require any light or flash like in general infrared radiation-driven remotes. Some touch-screen controllers presently have content suggestions constructed directly into the universal remote.


  • Mobile and Tablet Universal Remotes

For example, cell phones and tablets, those running Nokia’s Maemo (N900), Apple’s iOS, and Google’s Android working framework, can likewise be utilized as universal remotes. Various gadgets from brands, such as Samsung, LG, and Nokia, remember a functional infrared port that can be utilized as a remote. In contrast, others require an actual connection, or ‘dongle,’ to be associated with the telephone when utilized as a remote. The dongle is needed to change over the telephone’s electrical control signals into infrared signals needed by most home general media parts for the controller. It is additionally conceivable to actualize a framework that does not need a dongle. Such frameworks utilize an independent piece of equipment called a ‘passage,’ which gets the electrical control signals from the cell phone in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi structure and forward them on in infrared structure to the segments needed to be controlled.


One For All Universal Remote Codes


One For All

One For All is a completely centered brand around creating items that let one experience extreme solace. They are focused on conveying straightforward arrangements by presenting important developments that are genuinely universal.With their items sold in more than 5000 stores across North America and 13,000 stores across Europe, they are genuine experts regarding advanced digital accessories.

Their patent prized invention, the all one remote control, is a great gift to the world of electronics. Their innovation and committed passion have made them the Universal remote innovator, and it is the innovation inside that is the technical magic! That is the place where all the energizing prospects lie. One For All is significantly more than a controller organization.


One For All: A Technology User’s Delight

As a worldwide pioneer in remote control innovation for more than 20 years and European chief in-home reception apparatuses, they are molding and characterizing what is conceivable in the sector of household electronics. One For All is the brand of Universal Electronics Inc., the global head when it comes to remote control arrangements. In their 27-year international market presence, they have acquainted the technology user’s most amicable items.

With the market in their endeavor as an innovation accomplice to the significant players and brands in the home media outlet, they have acquired broad information on how buyers worldwide interface with their gadgets and what they expect out of technology.

Along these lines, it is no fortuitous event that the majority of the brand, purchaser gadgets equipment makers, and Subscription Broadcasting organizations utilize the innovation of One For All for their gadgets. More than 400,000,000 buyers everywhere in the world collaborate with Universal Electronics innovation each day. That is the reason One For All, similar to no other, can concoct new, intuitive methods of upgrading a technology user’s experience.

How to Program One for All Universal Remote codes for TVs 

One-For-All’s universal remotes are a great decision when one loses their tv controllers. One can program up to 8 gadgets in their home-entertainment devices. Model URC 7880, URC 1810 both are brilliant universal remotes. It additionally accompanies iOS and Android applications with ease. Here is how we program a One For All universal remote using the universal remote codes.

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The first step is to turn your gadget on. The second step is to find the brand of your gadget in the code list. Remote Codes are listed by Device Type and Brand. Hold down the MAGIC until the LED under the gadget blinks twice. The LED under the current mode key will remain lit. Then, press the DEVICES repeatedly key until the LED for the decision you need to set up is lit. Enter the initial 4 digit code recorded for your gadget(for example, 2049for an Insignia TV).

As these steps are done, the LED will flicker twice and go out. The next step would be to point the One For All universal remote towards your gadget and press the POWER key. If the gadget aces, your universal remote is ready. If not, repeat the programming stages with the following code written in the list herewith. Listed here is a complete list of gadgets one can handle with One For All alongside One For All universal remote codes.



4 Digit Universal Remote Codes for One-For-All TV

Listed here are the One For All Universal remote codes, especially the 4 digit universal codes and remote codes.


AIKO – 0058

AMTRON – 0053

AOC – 0004

Summit – 0214

Bowman – 0020

Perspective – 0059


AXION – 0177 0921

Blast and OLUFSEN – 0190

VELCRO – 0004




CELERA – 0214

VIP – 0002






Exemplary – 0214

Shading VOICE – 0010

CROSLEY – 0062


X – 0020

CXC – 0053

DAEWOO – 0130

DELL – 0209

Precious stone VISION – 0210

DISNEY – 0158

Durabrand – 0189

Tradition – 0042

ELEKTRA – 0001



Tiptop VIDEO – 0197

EMERSON – 0189

Imagine – 0074

FISHER – 0268

FUJITSU – 0197

FUNAI – 0051  


Passage – 0046



GRUNDY – 0053


HAIER – 0157

Trademark – 0009

HARVARD – 0053

HISENSE – 0073

ILO – 0198

IMA – 0053

Limitlessness – 0062 0288

Starting – 1070

Symbol – 0116

INTEGRA – 0181

INTEQ – 0121

JANEIL – 0174

JBL – 0062

JCB – 0002

JC PENNEY – 0107

JENSEN – 0133

JVC – 0923

KAWASHO – 0002

KAYPANI – 0175

KEC – 0042

KENWOOD – 00009

KLH – 0214


KONKA – 0053

KARZAI – 0001

MASONIC – 0210 0948

LG – 0338


LodgeNet – 0202

LOEWE – 0062

LUCE – 0055

LUXMAN – 0009

LXI – 0227



Superb – 0031

MARANTZ – 0062 0181 0004 0009

MEDION – 0213 0198 0158

MEGATRON – 0004 0009 0059

MEI – 0014

MEMOREX – 0004 0009 0049 0051 0135 0031 0000 0268 0310 0001

MITSUBISHI – 0005 0151 0051 0004. 0009 0254 0022 0141 0180


OLEVIA – 1027


KING – 0042

ONWA – 0042

OPTIMUS – 0185

OPTOMA – 1028


ORION – 0035


PHILIPS – 0062


PILOT – 0004

PIVA – 1075


Crystal – 0054

PROSCAN – 0031 0107 0015 0000 0162 0163

PROTON – 0192 0004 0009 0093 0175 0186

PROVIEW – 1025 1026

PULSAR – 0121 0004

RCA – 0191

Song – 0014

SAMSUX – 0009

SAMTRON – 0105

SANSUI – 0310

SANTA – 0194

SANYO – 0049

SHOGUN – 0004

Mark – 0023

SIMPSON – 0008

SONIC – 0014

SONY – 0128





SUPRA – 0082

Superscan – 0456


General – 0052

VICTOR – 0060

One For All Universal Remote Codes [Conclusion]

The One For All universal remote contains codes for innumerable gadgets and brands. Despite this, new universal remote codes are added to the One For All Universal Remote Codes online data set each day. Using the One For All App on an iPhone or Android telephone will permit you to redesign any new codes into your universal remote utilizing Bluetooth Smart, otherwise called Bluetooth Low Energy. This will guarantee that the One For All remote will not ever get outdated. Similarly, one can utilize the application to set up all devices. This gives you the capacity to enter the model quantities of your hardware to get the privileged remote code. Simple and exclusive.


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