Caavo Remote Control Codes and Program Instructions

The control center by Caavo works in sync with various devices such as the TV, the cable box, and the Blu-ray DVD player. With the Caavo remote control, you can easily switch between the content and even give out voice commands for performing specified functions. Even though it isn’t a perfect remote, it is packed with various features, which make your smart homes even smarter.

The Caavo Universal remote seamlessly connects multiple devices, and the voice control on it works quite efficiently. It also provides the option of a good cross-service search that works across a variety of devices. What sets this remote apart is the search capability of this Remote. When streaming for preferred content, the Caavo universal remote codes makes it look easy. From voice control to easy navigation, this remote throws it all out to the customers because of its simplicity and precision. 

Instruction to setup Caavo Universal Remote codes

Various steps are involved in setting up a Caavo Account. Once followed, the results are easy, and the Caavo Universal Remote can be used efficiently.

  • Firstly, create a Caavo account. If you already have an account, then skip this step. Once you create an account, you are given options for choosing a particular service plan that will make all the features of the control center ready to use.
  • The next step is to unpack the entire control center, which includes the control center, the Caavo remote control and batteries, the IR blasters and the power cable. Then place the batteries inside the remote by sliding the back cover off.
  • Place the control center in a location, which is central so that the IR signals can be emitted from the unit to your source devices such as the Soundbar and the AVR.
  • All the other source devices should be disconnected. For example, if you have a soundbar connected via HDMI to your television, remove it, as it will be connected later on.
  • Once you have disconnected all the other sources, connect the HDMI cable between the Control center out port and the input of the other sources such as the Soundbar in this case. Also, keep a tab on which input has been used, as it will help you later.
  • Now connect the source devices to the control center using any of the four numbered HDMI ports.
  • Finally, connect the control center power to a socket. Connect the Ethernet cable from the router to the control center to get the best kind of results. Wi-Fi can also be helped for better performance.
  • Turn your TV on with the remote of the TV and follow the instructions provided on screen. In addition to this, you will also get instructions on how to use the IR accessories that have come with the package.
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Caavo Remote Control

Three simple steps to connect Caavo Control center

  • Connect the devices to the control center first and then to the TV.
  • Or connect the devices to the control center and then to your AVR/Soundbar, and eventually to your TV.
  • Connect devices to your control center and then to your TV. Then connect it in an optical from the TV to AVR to the Soundbar.

How to use Caavo universal Remote Control:

If you don’t already know, the control center is the center of everything and is the only thing you need for controlling all the entertainment devices in your living spaces.

The Caavo Control Center remote sends commands only via Bluetooth to the control center, and then the control center transfers the commands to the devices that are connected. The commands are transferred with a combination of IR, IP and HDMI CEC Commands. There are plenty of devices that the control center can connect to and the functionality of the buttons on the control center depends upon what device you are controlling. The Setup Caavo control center takes a few minutes only, and then using the remote is easy.

To understand the functionality or use of a particular button, press the button in question and watch the screen on the lower right side. The button’s name will pop up along with the short press function on the top and the long press button on the bottom.

Caavo Button: This is the main button on the Caavo control center remote for controlling as well as viewing the control center. Once the button is pressed, the Caavo Menu is displayed, and you can easily view the content, switch between different sources, open apps and even configure the Control Center settings. If you press the Caavo Button once again, the main Caavo UI button will disappear. 

Power and Volume Controls: The four buttons on top are global controls for switching the system on and off or muting and changing the volume for the entire system.

Sources Device Button: This button is located on the opposite of the Mic button and performs three functions:

  • Pressing it once will display all the connected sources on screen.
  • Pressing it twice will bring up the support dialogue. In case you have any questions, you can submit them here.
  • Pressing the button for a long time will retry a deep link to the content you were trying to play. 

Mic Button: Once you press the mic button, you can say what you want to watch. Say ‘watch’, and you can view whatever channel or program. In case you don’t use ‘watch’ before saying a command; the Caavo remote setup will automatically search for it and display the results.

Navigation/DPAD: The middle circular button on the Caavo control center smart Remote is the DPAD button or the directional pad controller. If you press up, left, right or down on the outer ring, it will move the screen in the chosen direction. Pressing it right in the middle will send OK or accept the command. The functions of this button can be customized and used according to varying functionalities, whereas some functions can also be re-mapped.

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Back Button: If you press the back button, you will go back into the navigation history for the majority of the apps. Also, not all apps behave in the same way.

Menu Button: Once you press the menu button, the source device menu will pop up. The usage and functionality of this button changes based on the source device and application. Therefore, resting the finger lightly on it will let you see the functionality on the screen.

Play/pause button: This button either starts or stops the playback on the active source device or app. The long hold and press usage of this button can be customized according to your preferences.

FF/RW Buttons: Pressing these buttons will either rewind or fast forward the content on the screen. The secondary function is usually 30 seconds, skip forward and replay.

Ring Gestures: Once the gestures have been enabled, you can use the Fast-forward or Skip forward button by simply running the finger clockwise around the d-pad button. For skipping back and rewinding, run your finger anti-clockwise around the d-pad button.

Page up and down buttons: On pressing the page up and down buttons, a list of results is displayed. The use of this button can be customized through a long press through the re-mapping function.

Keypad buttons: Pressing the keypad button once will show the onscreen number pad entry UI. This will enter the channels for the set-top boxes. When you press the keypad button for long, the keypad button will display the complete set of functions supported for your active device. On pressing the keypad again, re-mapping setup will start.

LED Light on the Remote: The Caavo control center Remote usually makes use of an accelerometer to indicate when it’s in your and when one should activate, to save the battery life as much as possible. The LED indicates the status of your Caavo Remote control

Powering the remote: AAA batteries power the control center, and if the battery on the remote is low, a notification is sent to replace the batteries. You can check the battery status on the Caavo remote setup Menu. Press the Caavo button on the Caavo remote and navigate to settings using the DPAD button. 

Bluetooth: The Caavo remote control’s range is about 33 feet, but that also depends on the different physical obstructions that can tamper the connection between the control center and the Remote.


Troubleshooting Caavo universal Remote control center Codes

In case you find that the Caavo control center smart remote is not responding to the various button presses, there are a few trial-and-error methods you can try:

  • No response to pressing of the buttons: The Caavo control center remote comes with an accelerometer and can detect as soon as it is picked up. When the remote goes to ‘sleep’ mode, after being put down for about 10 seconds, it does not respond to any button presses unless picked up or moved. It is a built-in way that the batteries last longer than usual.
  • LED not switching on: If the LED Light is not working, then try on a fresh set of AAA batteries on the Remote. If no LED light is flashing, it means that the batteries are out.           
  • Remote is continuously flashing blue: In this scenario, the re-pairing of the control center and the remote is recommended. There are two ways for doing so; press and hold the Caavo and Back button together until the LED Light flashes green or red. This will put the remote back into pairing mode. The second way is to short press and then long-press the button, which is on top of the control center for about 10 seconds. Post that, the LED on the control center blinks once and you will notice the remote pairing screen on the control center. Follow the onscreen instructions after that.
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The Caavo Control Center remote is cheaper on Best Buy compared to Amazon, what is the reason for that?

Amazon combines the Caavo Service plan, which is required for the full functionality of the remote, with the remote, whereas Best Buy doesn’t provide this option. You have to purchase the service plan separately.

Does the Caavo remote control work with infrared or IR devices?

The Caavo Control Center remote comes including 2 IR blasters that are used on the requirement of an IR connection.

If hidden behind a TV cabinet or other such tables, will it still work?

The Caavo Remote Control is Bluetooth enabled and does not need a straight line of sight. But, the hub needs to send IR signals to IR devices like your TV conveniently. In such a case, use a small IR blaster from the hub to the device if the IR is not reaching the TV.

Recently, Caavo added the IFTTT compatibility to its Remote. Can it be used to control the smart home tech?

You can use the IFTTT to control IFTTT compatible smart home devices only. For other devices, this option is not applicable. 

Final Thoughts

Entertainment lovers and media watchers will love this remote because it lets them view content the way they want to. It is a family-friendly voice control remote that is simple to use for everybody. Moreover, there is no technical knowledge needed for using this Caavo Universal remote control. The setup process is quick and easy and works well in commemoration with the other devices in the entertainment center.

The Caavo remote control review showcases that it is the first legit and successful redevelopment of a universal remote for entertainment centers. It makes for seamless connections and is extremely easy to use. Powered by AAA batteries, it works much better than a majority of universal remotes available in the market. Additionally, it easily connects up to 4 devices and knows which device to use at what point of time.

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