Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote Control Codes and Programming

For all those gadget fans out there, that have a plethora of remotes in their homes, Logitech Harmony’s Remote Control is the best in the category. This remote is compatible with most of the devices and has more than 5000 manufacturers producing this product.

While using this Harmony 650-Advanced Universal Remote, you can get a sense of control to manage the different devices in your homes effectively. From TV’s to DVD Players or gaming consoles, this one remote does it all.

Harmony as a product is continuously updating itself with technology. It is also taking into account whatever you throw at it to accommodate the new components. Moreover, this Logitech Harmony Remote comes with an intuitive and user-friendly design. This remote helps you see a well-illuminated and bright screen to use the items in dim lighting. All the buttons are backlit and put together in different categories. Moreover, the buttons on the remote are ergonomically designed for easy usage.

There is no need to waste any more time controlling various devices with different remotes; this remote is easily programmed through the computer’s software to work on all. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. Once you have set it up, you can become the boss of entertainment from a single remote.

Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote Control Codes and Programming

Features of Logitech Universal Remote

The Logitech Harmony Universal Remote can easily control all the devices in your homes or your living rooms. It comes with a universal design that is intuitive and easy to use. It also works with over 5000 brands of TV’s, DVD Players, stereo devices, Blu-Ray Players, and more.

  • This remote can easily be used to control and manage all devices with ease and precision.

  • The Logitech Remote can be connected to 8 different devices at a single point in time.

  • This product works well in tandem with 5000 different brands and even works effectively with the older devices.

  • You can easily see what is being done with the colour display and easy-to-navigate layout.

  • This remote also includes a few 1-touch buttons that can help enhance and organize your experience effectively.

  • The buttons are laid out in a natural, intuitive way so that you can find the appropriate controls easily.

  • Moreover, Setting up the remote is easy and can be programmed through the provided online software.

  • All the supported and compatible devices database is updated regularly to make sure it doesn’t become outdated.

Instructions to setup Logitech Remote control codes

Once you download the software from Logitech’s official website, accessing the Logitech Harmony universal remote codes is not difficult. The remote-control application from Logitech provides all the various codes used for making it a single source for the various devices.

Setting up the Logitech Harmony Universal Remote 

Easy and simple steps for you to set up the harmony remote. Within a few minutes, the remote will be entirely under your control.

  • First, Click on ‘Add Device.
  • Next, you should select ‘Add Satellite,‘ which can be found under the ‘devices‘ button
  • Once the second step is done, you need to choose ‘beyond platinum‘ under the manufacturer button.
  • Now, you need to type the words ‘Explora MODE1‘ and ‘Explora MODE2‘ under ‘MODEL.
  • Finally, after all the above steps are over, you can test the remote to see if it’s working.
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Option 1: Programming the Logitech Remote Control Codes using Auto-Search

In the auto search method, the Logitech Universal Remote-Control codes go through a scanning process in the remote. One code is scanned to find out the right one that makes you control the various devices present.

Step 1: Switch on the smart device that you want the remote to control and operate, for example, the TV.

Step 2: Switch on the remote and click the device button for 3 seconds. The devices include TVs, DVDs, CBL, and OK/SEL.

Step 3: Now, point the remote towards the device and click the ‘CH+‘ and ‘CH-‘ buttons. The remote will start displaying on and off signals. Now press the ‘up‘ or ‘down‘ key until the device completely turns itself off.

Step 4: After you have figured out the Logitech Universal remote code, verify the code by clicking the ‘power‘ button. The device will turn on and start. Then it is tested by changing the channel to verify that the remote is programmed correctly.

Step 5: Lastly, click the ‘device‘ button to save the code permanently. The LED of the device will blink twice to confirm that the correct Logitech remote code has been saved.

Option 2: Programming the Logitech Remote Control Codes using the Manual Method

In this method, using the necessary code helps program the universal remote easily, and the key code is capable enough of recognizing the make and model of the chosen equipment.

Step 1: The first step is to switch the device on.

Step 2: Secondly, it is to press the ‘TV‘ button on your Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote.

Step 3: Thirdly, after Pressing the TV Button, hold the ‘setup‘ button of the universal remote until the light starts flashing. In addition to this, when the light flashes, it indicates that it has gone into learning mode.

Step 4: After completing the third step, enter the ‘keycode,’ which has been ascertained from the programming guide.

Step 5: Once all the functions mentioned above are done, point your remote at the TV or any other chosen device and then press and hold the power button for a few seconds.

Step 6: In conclusion, release the power button when the screen switches off.

Note: If your device doesn’t end up working correctly, try to repeat the same procedure once more with a different Logitech universal remote code from the same reference table.

Option 3: Programming the Logitech Remote Control Codes using Code Search

In case you are not able to find the key code, which works for the chosen device. You can set up the universal remote to a search mode to find the correct Logitech codes for the universal remoteThe code is in the manual, which coaxes the remote to go into search mode.

  • Firstly, You need to turn the device on.
  • The Next step is to press and hold the ‘setup‘ button.
  • Now, you need to enter ‘9-9-1‘ on your remote.
  • Finally, you should hold down the power button on the remote and press the channel up button until the device turns off.

Note: This method takes added time, but it is essential for finding the correct key code. Once all this is done, your remote is ready to perform various functions smoothly.



Remote codes for Logitech harmony Remote control

The Logitech Universal Remote Codes List is as follows:

Logitech Universal Remote Codes
Digits Remote Codes

Five-digit codes

  • 53272

Four-digit codes

  • 2639
  • 3272
  • 7503
  • 7340

Troubleshooting Logitech harmony Universal Remote

When we use these remotes and are setting up the Logitech codes for universal remotes, there will be situations when we will be facing specific problems. Some of the commonly reported issues and the solutions are:

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  • Suppose The TV isn’t turning on when starting any activity. You use the ‘Help‘ button on the remote; it fixes the issue.
  •  For this, increase the inter-device delay for the television. Often you enter too many commands at the same time, which ends up confusing the machine also. Hence, it would help if you spaced them out a little more to fix the problem.
  • The TV doesn’t take the right input when starting different activities.
  • Using the Logitech Harmony Remote software, check the activity and ensure that the activity is set up for using the correct input that the TV needs.
  • Check that all the inputs are incorrect for the remote to know how to go through each input.
  • If the problem is still not solved, raise the Inter-Device and Input Delays on your TV.
  • When you press buttons in any activity, the command is sent twice.
  •  Firstly, reduce the number of times you repeat the clicks on the device that is getting the command. For this, click the troubleshoot option in the Harmony software.
  • In case a new TV is added to the account, a repeated message will flash, stating you did not input the correct model number.
  • The model number is visible on the front of all devices, usually or otherwise, on the device’s back or bottom. The model number is different from the serial number or the model number of the device’s remote control and hence, makes sure you are inputting the correct one.
  • The On-Demand Command isn’t on the Harmony remote for the Watch TV activity.
  • The solution is to map the command on any unused button on the remote or the screen of the remote. The command is present in the database but is not appropriately mapped to meet the particular activity. If the command is missing, the remote can learn it from the original remote.
  • The Harmony Remote Software is not able to communicate with the remote.

How to use Logitech Remote?

The Logitech Remote control is easy to use, and the harmony remote control codes are detailed. The remote control includes a comprehensive and detailed device database, making it to be the ideal choice for all devices to work together. The remote is well designed and displays a color screen, which makes it easy to read. The color LCD screen can easily connect to five different devices at once.

This remote works with 2 AA batteries, and the battery is easily rechargeable, making it a go-to choice for most users. The remote’s primary focus is to save time through the different Logitech Universal remote codes, making them accessible to different devices once set up. For setting up this remote, you need a computer and software downloaded to make it work.


  • Firstly, put in the names of your kit and make sure to check that they are matching with the database of Logitech.
  • Once you have seen the names and entered them in, allow the software to automatically add activity macros, or you can also pick your selection. The macros work together to give a series of commands to give you a single source for plugging on your TVs, radio sets, home cinemas, etc. With the right setting and software, you can make the process as convenient and painless as possible.
  • When it comes to these macros, the process is time-consuming because each command is generated within a gap of a few milliseconds, which makes it challenging to finish all tasks effectively. Therefore, with proper time and focus, optimizing and operating these macros takes place conveniently.
  • This device comes with an inbuilt troubleshooter that helps fix problems with any activity and helps to get the settings just right.
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This remote is ideal for a home setup and works by supporting five devices simultaneously. It comes with an accelerometer on board. You switch on the power button when you pick up the remote. With the Harmony Logitech software, setting up the remote is quick and easy. Likewise, some of the best features are under a layer of categories, such as renaming devices and other activities associated with it.

Being entirely intuitive also doesn’t work well with this remote, and for them, you have to penetrate through the entire setup process. Logitech’s universal remote codes help make this device a single, highly available, and a suitable source of control for all the different devices and remotes present in the market today.


  • What is a Universal Remote?

A universal remote is a remote that works with any device using RF, IR, or Wi-Fi technology. People go for a universal remote because it helps to replace all the other multiple remotes you have for the other devices. You can switch between the different devices quickly and conveniently with the help of a universal remote.

In most cases and with most devices, the Logitech Harmony Universal Remote works efficiently. If you are not a hundred percent sure, you can get in touch with the manufacturer and see whether the smart TV is present on the device’s database or not. However, It is doubtful that a new Logitech remote doesn’t work with your smart TV.

Usually, as per the programming guide and manual, the Logitech Harmony Universal Remote works with five devices at once. This remote can control your TV, your cable box, DVD players, Stereo system, and your Blu-Ray Player at one particular point in time.

For the remote to work with your device, firstly, you need to program the remote according to the different universal remote codes for Logitech. In most cases, it happens quickly through the auto search method. But if not, then you always have the manual or keycode methods to start using this remote for all. Some of the remotes would also need programming using an app or some computer connection, and others might need to sign up with the online portal of Logitech.

  • What if I can’t find the code to connect my device with the universal remote?

Usually, the remote-control codes for Logitech are available in the programming guide you receive from the remote manufacturer. If not, the other way is to allow for a rolling scan that lets you try out every code possible until you get to one that works perfectly. Once the code is located, you need to reprogram the universal remote.

The best truly depends upon person to person, but the Logitech Harmony Universal Remote is voted as the best by an ample of users. Subsequently, It helps control all your devices quickly and fits well in your budget as well.

When you have multiple devices in your home system, then it isn’t easy to manage and take care of all the remotes that come with them. A universal remote is quite useful and henceforth, combines all of the manufacturer’s remotes into one single source, making it easy to keep up with all the devices.


The Logitech Harmony Universal Remote comes with great ergonomics and high quality. In addition, this remote comes with a five-device limit but helps maintain it is brand and reputation standards. It will take a few hours to set up the remote. After setting it up, you are using your single remote setup.

This remote is useful, and the screen on it makes it easy to recognize and click the buttons, which is not the case for other remotes like these. No matter what the review is, buying a Logitech Harmony universal remote for your home setup will be a decision that you will never regret.

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