Honeywell TVs Remote Codes and Setup Tips and Guide

Honeywell as a company has been around for more than a century and is considered to be American publicly-traded company whose headquarters are in Charlotte, North Carolina. Everybody has heard of Honeywell, and this company comes under the category of the top Fortune 100 companies, with being ranked 77th in the past couple of years. 

The company is well-reputed and gives employment to over 110,000 workers across the world. Initially, the company created thermostats that are used to control heating regulation systems in homes and eventually moved on to providing electrical guiding systems for Aerospace and Defence Industries to converting our homes into smart ones through one easily controlled system. 

Honeywell aims to provide a lot to the world and amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, started the production of masks that were to be distributed to healthcare workers and other responders. This team of enthusiasts has been highly recognized, and people have appreciated their efforts across the world.

Today, the company focuses on four broad categories or industries, namely Honeywell Aerospace, Honeywell Building Technologies, Safety and Productivity Solutions and Performance Materials and Technologies. Over the years and decades, Honeywell has come up with a variety of brands for both commercial and retail purposes. It mainly focuses on providing consumer home products like thermostats, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, security alarm systems and sensors. 

When it came to the home and building controls, Honeywell got into this category during the 90s predicting the fact that technology is soon going to be taking over the world. Through its smart control technology, this company has built an efficient controlling system that combines all heating, cooling, security, lighting and appliances, all into one. 

Currently, Robin L. Washington is running Honeywell and has been around for almost two years. Apart from the humongous name they have made for themselves in the industry, Honeywell also focuses on taking care of the environment and being sustainable in their methods and techniques. This company has been recognized and awarded for stopping the production of mercury switches in 2006. This goes to show how focused they are in safeguarding the environment at all times.

In May of 2020, Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America visited their Phoenix facility and went on to say, “incredibly patriotic and hard-working men and women of Honeywell’ and considered their efforts a miraculous achievement in helping out the country during tough times. 


Honeywell TVs Remote Codes and Setup Guide


Honeywell TV Remote codes and Setup Guide

11758, 0028, 0027, 0021, 0000 are the five-digit and four-digit remote codes that can be used on your universal remotes for controlling your Honeywell TV. The codes are not too much in number but can be used conveniently to program your television or set it up with Cable or SAT remote controls.

To crack these Honeywell TV remote codes and get them just right, you have to browse through the manual and read every point thoroughly. This does take a little bit of time but ends up helping you later when you are using the remotes.

Below you will find a table that includes the various Honeywell Universal remote codes that can easily be used to program your remote to make it work in sync with the Honeywell TV sets.

Honeywell Universal TV Remote codes

Honeywell TVs Remote Control Codes
Digits Remote Codes
4 0028, 0027, 0021, 0000
5 11758

Note: There is another remote code from GE and Philips for all universal remotes for Honeywell TV: 6141

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Instructions to setup Honeywell TV Remote control

To program the remote to your Honeywell TV, the process does not take too much time. The key is to blindly follow all the instructions that have been given in the manual and follow a step-by-step guide to get the hang of the unique and secret codes that are required during the procedure. Without the setup, it isn’t easy to start using this device, and hence, once it is done, you can easily enjoy the Honeywell TV remote codes to control all the other devices in your home.

Option 1:

Using the AUTO SEARCH method to program the Honeywell TVS remote

In this auto search method, you will notice that all the Honeywell universal remote codes are going through the scanning process. One code is scanned at a time to get at the right one that can be used to control the other devices. 

Highlighted are the steps that one needs to take for conducting an auto search:

Step 1: Switch on the smart devices, for example, your TV that you want your Universal Remote Control to operate.

Step 2: Switch on the remote and tap on the device button for about 3 seconds. The inbuilt LED Light will display when the device is ready to get programmed.

Step 3: Next, point the remote towards the device and click on “CH+” and “CH-“. The remote will then display the on/off signals. You have to press the “up” or “down” key until the devices are completely turned off.

Step 4: Once all this is done, you can verify and recheck the code by clicking on the “power” button. The device will automatically turn on and when it starts, try changing the channels to see if it has been programmed correctly or not.

Step 5: Lastly, tap the “device” button to save the code. The LED of the device will blink twice to confirm that the code has been successfully stored.

Option 2: 

Using the Manual Search Method to Program your Honeywell TV Universal Remote

For this method, you can easily use the keycode and program the universal remote. The key code has the capability of identifying the make and model of the electronic equipment that you want to control.

Step 1: Firstly, you need to switch the device on.

Step 2: Now press the “TV” button on your Honeywell TV Universal Remote.

Step 3: Now, press and hold the “Setup” button of the remote unit, the light starts flashing, indicating that it is in learning mode.

Step 4: Enter the key code derived from the instruction guide.

Step 5: Once you have entered the codes, point the remote towards your TV and then press and hold the Power Button.

Step 6: Lastly, release the power button when the screen switches itself off.

Note: If the device doesn’t work, try to repeat the same procedure with the different code from the same reference table given above.

Option 3: 

Using the Code Search Method to Program your Honeywell TV Universal Remote

When both the auto search and manual code programming don’t work, you can easily set up your universal remote to search for the correct one using the 9-9-1 code that works with your Honeywell TV. This Honeywell Universal TV Remote code in the manual forces the remote to go into the search mode and program your remote accordingly.

Step 1: The first step is to turn the device on.

Step 2: Now press and hold the setup button.

Step 3: Enter the 9-9-1-digit code.

Step 4: Now hold down the power button and press the channel up until the device turns off completely.

Note: This method usually takes up a bit of extra time but is imperative in finding the correct key code. Once the above procedure has taken place, the remote is well equipped to perform all the other functions.

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Troubleshooting Honeywell Universal Remote control codes

Remote control devices are an absolute necessity, and without them, it is almost impossible to view something or control something, no matter where you are or what it is. Because these are electronic items, they tend to get spoiled off and on, and this could occur due to multiple reasons, which are hard to recognize and fix. 

In such a situation where the remote stops working, you have to reset it in reprogram it, so that it ends up working efficiently. When the remote stops working or there is some issue with it, there is no control maintained on your electronic items, and hence, one needs to reprogram it to get it working. 

But, before you start with reprogramming your remotes and set them up all over again, there are certain steps that you can take to identify or rather fix the problem.

  No Signal
  • Start with pressing the input button on the remote to select a different source.
  • The first thing is to make sure that all the cables are well connected and are secure.
  • When you are on the TV source, browse through the channels to make sure that there is data in the list of channels.
  No Power
  • The power button must be on wherein the power light should be green.
  • Again, make sure all the cables and power cord is securely and well connected.
  • Try using another device on the power outlet to make sure that the power source is working or not.
  No Sound
  • Start by pressing the volume + button.
  • Press the mute button once to make sure that it is not on.
  • Go on the ‘others’ menu to verify the audio-only is not checked.
  • See if any headphones are connected or not.
  Remote Control does not work
  • Start with making sure that the Remote Control is pointed directly at the sensor.
  • If anything is blocking the remote sensor, make sure to remove it.
  • Replace the batteries to nullify this reason.
  A distorted picture of unusual sound
  • There might be some interference with other electrical appliances such as cars, fluorescent lights. Try to move somewhere else to test this situation.
  Dark or coloured pixels on the television
  • This television is a high-quality television that has been designed to provide absolute precision. Sometimes it might happen that the pixels don’t come up. 

Note: Pixel defects within the specifications of the industry are inherent with this kind of product and hence do not prove it to be a defective one.

Alternative Troubleshooting methods for Honeywell Remote

If your Remote Control doesn’t seem to work properly, then you can also try following these steps to make sure that you have tried all the possible techniques to fix it:

Step 1: Make sure you press the correct key before operating the device that has been selected by the remote. For example, try pressing the cable button to use a button for the digital receiver to work.

Step 2: Replace the batteries and see if that is the real issue. Sometimes what happens is that even though the lights on the Remote Control are on, the weak batteries might end up causing the remote not to work properly.

Step 3: If the Remote Control is not working well with your equipment, then you can reprogram it from scratch to work well with all your electronic devices.

Step 4: If this Remote Control doesn’t seem to work with your digital receiver, then try pressing one of the buttons on the receiver itself.

Step 5: If these buttons also end up not working, then unplug the power cord of the receiver and wait for about 10-15 seconds to restart the device again and plug the cord back in. 

Lastly, if nothing works, then it is best to contact the customer support because they will come to your rescue and either fix the remote or replace it with a brand new one.

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How to use?

There are certain steps and tips to be followed for multiple electronic devices like TV’s, Blu-rays and other such devices to make sure they are used easily through a universal remote. The Honeywell TV universal remote codes spectrum is capable of controlling all the home devices and other such electrical appliances as well. You can easily set aside all the other remotes because these Honeywell remotes come with the capability of controlling all devices single-handedly.

To start using these remotes, the first and foremost step is to make sure that all the devices are connected properly and are powered efficiently. Also, make sure the batteries are working on the remote you are using.

Next, the important thing to keep in mind is that the system is configured properly, and there is no kind of unforeseen settings that you did not produce and have come up. Also, besides all this, the user must make sure that there are no outside or obstructions that are disrupting the use of these remotes and causing any link or connectivity issues for using this remote.

Programming this universal remote is easy, and it helps to conveniently take care of your electrical appliances without having to keep too many of these remotes at your disposal. It is a well-reputed company, and you can rely on the services as well as the after-sales services.

The Honeywell company offers its customers with the best after-sales services. It provides a dedicated page on their official website to make sure that they are committed to providing you with the best.

For any technical support and know-how, a detailed section on the website is available that takes care of all your troubles and also helps you with troubleshooting problems at your homes. You can write to them with your issue or even call them to get in touch. The customer support is quite advanced and even offers the services of aerospace technical support to take care of all your needs.


Question Answer/Response
  • How can I know whether Honeywell Universal Remote-Control results are authentic and verified or not?
  • Those coupons that come with verified labels mostly work efficiently and have been known to work for all the users. To use the codes properly, various portals provide coupon codes periodically, which makes sure that you always have the latest ones with you.
  • Why do I have to wait for a bit when searching Honeywell Universal Remote codes?
  • There are many Honeywell Universal Remote Codes that have been discovered, especially with new and updated coupons, which makes the process a little longer just to ensure that you get the best results. This takes almost 0.25 with the normal search method and around a second for difficult searches.


Honeywell is a highly reputed company that has been around for a long time now. It offers various performance materials and technologies that are focused on developing and manufacturing materials, along with providing automating solutions.

With the variety of solutions provided by Honeywell, the home and building technologies are the segment that caters the most to the different individuals and consumers in the market. The products manufactured are designed to let the owners stay connected and always in Control of their homes, the security and the energy usage. From heating, cooling, to improving the indoor air quality, Honeywell Products offer various ventilation and humidification products that are perfect for ramping up your home automation systems. 

Besides all this, the company has made a huge name in the aerospace industry through its advanced management and technical services, instruments, satellite and space components, aircraft wheels, and so much more. 

During the pandemic times, this company has lent a helping hand to the United States of America. It has gone into providing protective equipment for all people across the country to keep them safe and protected. Currently, its headquarters are in Charlotte, North Carolina, to focus mainly on supply chain transformation.

With profits going out of the roof, this company aims to provide products that are the need of the hour and have combined all its services for the utmost protection of its employees and population of this country. Honeywell aims for utmost customer satisfaction through its transparent and legitimate practices. Because it has been around for decades, it has gained the trust of all its customers and partners quite well.

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