LG TV Keeps Disconnecting From WIFI? Methods To Get It Fixed

There is no denying it, you have invested in a smart LG TV. In just a few minutes, you will be able to use all the amazing features of this device, such as the app store, streaming, gaming, and much more. It is possible that you have encountered a minor issue when your LG TV keeps disconnecting from your WIFI. Good news: There are a few very simple ways in which you can resolve the LG TV keeps disconnecting from WIFI issue.

If your LG TV keeps disconnecting from your WIFI, there are several easy measures you can take to fix the problem. You can start by turning it off and on again, but if that doesn’t work, you can try other things you haven’t tried yet.

These few steps could save you a lot of time (and probably money) if you do not want to wait on the phone and then at home for a technician to come fix your TV. Keep reading if you’re pretty tech-savvy, or if you want to know more about why your LG TV keeps disconnecting from WIFI! To ensure your LG TV stays connected, let’s go over a few more options in detail!


Does there have to be anything I should do if my LG TV keeps disconnecting from your WIFI?

If your LG TV is connected to your WIFI, make sure that your router is close to your LG TV as soon as you have connected it. Alternatively, you can reboot your television and ensure that your internet is fully accessible. If your connection is still not sticking despite updating your firmware, there are a few other options you can try. 

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Do not worry, moving your TV is not as difficult as moving your entire living room. Changing the location of your television can enhance your WIFI connection and prevent it from disconnecting randomly. 

  • If you plan to use your router with the TV, make sure you put it close enough to it. Home routers can only provide a strong, stable connection over a very short distance, despite our expectations. 
  • In addition, you can switch it on and off as you normally would. After unplugging your device for five minutes, turn it back on with the remote. 
  • Is it still not working for you? It is imperative to check the connectivity access on your TV. It could cause problems when the TV is on for a long time if you set it up to not have full access to your WIFI intentionally or accidentally. 
  • You need to update your smart TV periodically, just like you do with your phone. If you are experiencing connectivity problems, you may need to update your device. Fortunately, LG provides step-by-step instructions for installing your update. In some cases, you might not even be aware of the reason why your LG TV keeps disconnecting from WIFI.


There may also be too much interference between your router and television causing the connection problem. The signal can be interfered with by a number of things, including baby monitors and microwaves. You can also have trouble communicating when your home is constructed of thick concrete or bricks. 

Depending on where the obstructions are located, you may need to move your router or television.

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Wondering how to access the WIFI option on LG TV?

Possibly the solution is even simpler than we discussed so far, and all you need to do is find the WIFI option on your LG TV. We’ll walk you through how to set up this information step by step since you aren’t the only one who needs it. 

  • The main television menu can be accessed by clicking the GEAR button on your remote control.
  • The next thing you need to do is navigate to the NETWORK tab.
  • Then you can select NETWORK again from the SETTINGS menu. 
  • You can turn on WIFI for your TV by clicking WIFI CONNECTION.
  • When connecting to a network, you will need to enter a password. 

Open any feature on your smart TV that requires access to the Internet to ensure that your WIFI is connected.



As far as smart TVs are concerned, LG is one of the industry’s leading companies. Their support pages are full of excellent information, which contributes to their popularity. We will be happy to assist you if you encounter any problems setting up or running your device. 

There are several reasons why your LG TV keeps disconnecting from WIFI, but hopefully now you know how to fix it. 


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