LG TV Black Screen Issue? Here Are Best Methods To Fix It [2022]

Our TV serves as a reliable device that provides us with regular entertainment on-demand. Sometimes, when we get ready to watch our favorite program, a black screen appears on your LG TV. In spite of the fact that this can be frustrating. Finding out what caused the problem and resolving it will enable you to resume your entertainment instantly.

It is possible for your LG TV to have a black screen due to a number of reasons. Most problems can be resolved by updating the firmware. Making sure the power is on the TV, and making sure the cables are plugged in correctly. Usually, by power cycling the LG TV or unplugging for a moment, the black screen issue is resolved and the TV functions are reset.

A black screen can be caused by a number of factors, including your picture mode, a temporary glitch, an overheating backlight, and more. You will not be able to enjoy your programs again if you don’t resolve this problem with the best solution so continue reading to learn how to do this.


Facing LG TV Black Screen Issue? Here is How To Get it Fixed:

In the event that you encounter a black screen on your LG TV, it might be cause for frustration on your part. There are times when turning off and back on the TV can quickly solve a random glitch, but there are also times when this may not be the case. 

We will look at the most common reasons for a black screen on LG TV and what we can do to correct this problem.


You should power cycle your LG TV

Power cycling your LG TV is one of the best ways to fix a black screen: 

  • The first step is to unplug the TV from the outlet.
  • The second step is to wait at least five to ten minutes before turning it back on.
  • By holding the power button for 12-15 seconds, you can turn the TV back on. 

The following remedy should be able to fix the problem if the black screen on LG TV is caused by a temporary glitch.


You can turn on your LG TV by pressing the button on your TV

The TV may have sound but no picture, so turn the TV on by pressing the button on the TV instead of using the remote control. 

If this information does not appear on the screen when the TV is turned on, then use the TV’s Menu button to see if you can access it. It is possible that your TV needs to be serviced if the button does not appear. Before we can look into a possible repair, there are still a few things that we can try.


Ensure that your LG TV is connected to the power cables

You could resolve a problem with something accidentally knocked out of place by checking the connections of your power cables. 

Make sure that all the cables connecting your TV to other devices, such as VCRs, DVD players, or connected devices, such as an Amazon Fire Stick, are connected. Be sure your TV is getting power from the outlet and that it is working properly.


Reconnect HDMI cables connected to your LG TV

Once you have checked all of your power cables, you can try moving the HDMI cables connected to your input device to another HDMI slot in order to troubleshoot the input and confirm that it is operating correctly. 


Check the connection placements on your LG TV

The correct cables must be connected in the correct order when connecting a component to a TV. 

It is important to connect the red, green, and blue cables in the accurate sequence on both devices. It may be necessary to reset the connection if you have made any changes to it; you can do this by unplugging for a minimum of 30 seconds, then plugging it back in. 


How to fix black screen on LG TV by resetting it to factory settings

In the event that you have exhausted all of the above solutions and your LG TV still displays a black screen. It may be time to perform a factory reset. Any custom settings you may have will be wiped out as a result of this process. You will have to add them back in after it is complete. Often times, this method can work for a TV that has a temporary glitch or an issue that may have arisen from the backlight settings. 

Here are the steps to resetting your LG TV:

  • Navigate to the settings and select All Settings.
  • Next, you need to locate the General option and click on it.
  • Click the Reset to Initial Settings option at the bottom of the page in the third step.
  • The TV will be reset once you complete the above-mentioned steps.

The next step is to take a look at the next section if none of the above issues solve the problem.


Troubleshooting LG TV Black screen issue

It is important that after you have tried the possible solutions and you still have a black screen. You should contact LG to find out what assistance options are available for your TV. 

In addition, you can visit the LG customer support page by clicking here. You can solve warranty and out-of-warranty problems on this page. Also, access manuals, and contact LG customer service by phone, chat, or email for assistance with your TV. In the Ask the Community section, LG TV owners experiencing the same problem with their devices can find solutions from other LG TV owners.


Wrapping Up

It is possible to resolve a black screen on your LG TV by following some troubleshooting steps mentioned above. In order to get the device back up and running. You will be able to enjoy your favorite programs in no time at all. Once you have resolved this issue black screen on your LG TV will disappear.


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