How To Reset Service Side Detection System? [EASILY FIXED]

It is becoming increasingly difficult for pedestrians and cyclists to share the road with auto owners and drivers. Fuel costs have increased and health awareness has improved, both of which contribute to this trend. Everyone wants to save money and improve their fitness level at the same time. Your car will need to be configured with Service Side Detection technology. In some cases, however, you may be curious how to reset or fix the service side detection system, and we will show you how.

The question is, what exactly is this Service Side Detection system and what are its functions? If it gets corrupted, how can you fix and reset the service side detection system? There are plenty of additional things to learn as well, so this article will give full attention to these questions. Join me in exploring this interesting article. 


The Service Side Detection System: What is it and how does it work?

When you are about to turn left, a cyclist appears out of nowhere and pops out in front of you. The car is maneuvered rightwards as you maneuver it. It seems that you have hit an unnoticed pedestrian who was rushing to cross the zebra crossing when you hit him. Insufficient sensors and indicator lights prevented you from detecting these other road users earlier. In truth, your car’s side mirrors cannot see everything that is behind or beside it. The type of technology you need to help you out is a little more advanced.

Having a service side detection system can be very useful. In a car, this is a technology designed to alert the driver to invisible potential hazards in the car. Using SSDS, drivers are alerted to hidden persons, objects, and items that could pose a danger. As a driver, it is possible to be in a blind spot at any time when you are behind the wheel. Using the SSDS tool, you will be notified if there are any objects hidden in this area.

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How To Reset The Service Side Detection System?

This technology uses indicator lights and radar to alert drivers to hidden dangers they can’t see with their mirrors. It is of the utmost importance to note that there is a difference in the functionality and features of this technology. Some alert drivers, others help the car change lanes and directions automatically. The system may also alert drivers if he is encroaching on another driver’s lane. The service side detection system is usually mounted on either in the mirror or under the dashboard, depending on the vehicle.

Before showing any audio notification, some vehicles start beeping and flashing their indicator lights. As a result, the mechanism by which the system operates varies depending on the vehicle in question. Due to the fact that this is a new innovation, both its function and operation are the same in all vehicles.

SSDS, as the name suggests, basically alerts drivers to dangers that may not be visible to them. As a result of the radar used, drivers are able to be warned. As part of the service side detection system, orange indicator lights are also deployed. The lights can be seen in the passenger mirror, the side mirror, as well as the driver’s mirror. It is a standard feature of the GMC Denali that it comes with radio display indicators. How would you reset the service side detection system if it malfunctioned?


Are there detailed guidelines on how to Fix and Reset the Service Side Detection System?

In order to fix the service side detection system, you simply need to reset it. Even though it can be tricky, it’s worth it compared to dealing with dashboard indicators or audio alerts. It’s crucial to note that you can learn how to reset the Service Side Detection System for a wide range of reasons. Now, let me take you through the steps on how to reset your vehicle’s Service Side Detection System.

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The failure of the service side detection system must be repaired with the car turned off. Make sure the ignition key is removed and the battery is disconnected. After the engine has cooled off, let it sit for a while.


Method 1: Check SSDS error codes with an OBD diagnostic device.

To begin with, this method should only be used if the sensors are working properly but the dashboard-mounted indicator light isn’t coming on. On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) devices can be used to diagnose a failing SSDS. The device must be connected to the vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU). When an error code is sent from the ECU, a light will appear on the dashboard. With the OBD scanner, the error code can be cleared and the indicator light is removed.


Method 2: Remove the clog from damaged sensors.

There is a possibility that the sensors are blocked, preventing the service side detection system from working properly. Water or debris are the most common clogs that lead to sensor modules being damaged. The indicator light on the dash alongside the reset service side detection system may indicate that the mirror is clogged.

There is a possibility that this clog will cause SSDS to not respond as well as it should. You can get rid of SSDS’ poor responsiveness by cleaning off the thick layer of mud or debris splattered on its surface. It is possible to remove the mirror from the wall and clean the inside of the mirror to remove any dirt or moisture. Reinstall it after it has been completely dried. A few components might need to be replaced if the side detection system is not working.


Method 3: Replace the mirror sensors if they are defective.

If the blocked sensors still don’t work, unclogging them may not resolve the issue. Any completely damaged sensors need to be replaced at this point.

If your mirror sensors fail, the service side detection system will not communicate or work optimally. SSDS receives signals from radar used by sensors to detect potential hazards. Therefore, you will need to replace the sensors in both side mirrors as soon as possible.

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Method 4: Reset the Side Detection System: How To Do It?

It is now time for us to examine the process of how to reset the service side detection system. Ensure that all damaged sensors are replaced before connecting the battery. Approximately five to ten minutes should be enough time for your car to run. You may have to drive at higher speeds on the highway with some older vehicle models.

No matter what kind of car you have, I recommend running the engine on the highway. After that, you can check if the SSDS is working and if both side mirrors have indicator lights on. In the event of an error, the indicator light will go out; otherwise, it will remain illuminated.


Method 5: Perform a recall check on the vehicle.

The techniques described above may not always produce the desired results. It is also a good idea to check for recalls if you want to fix the service side detection system. The service side detection systems installed by some auto manufacturers are not of the highest quality. Log onto and follow up on your vehicle’s recalls using the recall option.



What are the signs that the SSDS is faulty?

Similarly to any other technology, SSDS have the potential to fail or become faulty at any time. When SSDS malfunction, is there any particular thing you should keep an eye out for? There are several signs that a service side detection system is failing.

  • A light that illuminates when the side detection system is reset.
  • A constant beeping is heard from the service side detection system.
  • In the event of danger, warning lights don’t beep or alert.
  • There is an on/off switch for reset side detection.


Is there a reason why service side detection is damaged?

It is important to point out that side detection technology can have issues for a variety of reasons. Problems with side detection systems are commonly caused by the following factors.

  • Sensors that are faulty.
  • Mirrors that have been damaged.
  • The mirror may be clogged with water or debris.
  • The software is not up-to-date.



You need to drive with caution if you are in traffic or crowded areas. You cannot tell what potentially dangerous objects are hiding behind your moving car, even with a side mirror. In these moments of danger, a service side detection system can help. Using SSDS, you will be able to detect what audio alerts and indicator lights cannot.


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