LG TV Not Connecting To WIFI? – Troubleshooting Methods [2022]

The LG TV is known to have a common problem where sometimes it simply won’t connect to WiFi without giving any indication of what the root cause might be. However, you may experience problems with your LG TV repeatedly not connecting to WiFi.

The LG TV won’t connect to WiFi problem occurs in countless cases – some owners say they have been dealing with it for years.

The fix for the LG TV that won’t connect to WiFi is very simple, and should solve about 80% or more of the issues.

LG TV Won’t Connect to WiFi: How to Fix WiFi Not Working on LG TV

To fix the problem with the LG TV not connecting to WiFi, you will have to reset the TV in order to get it to work again if this happens. You should wait at least 60 seconds after unplugging your TV before plugging it back in after you have unplugged it. The power button on the TV must be held for 30 seconds in order to unplug it. If you plug your LG TV back in after 1 minute, you should be able to connect to WiFi again after 1 minute if you plug it back in.


Restart your LG TV by power cycling it: LG TV Not Connecting To WIFI

The most common way to fix your LG TV won’t connect to WiFi problem is to unplug it from its wall socket in order to resolve the problem.

It is important to wait the full 1 minute in order to achieve the best results. It is important to have a little patience and to make sure that it has been at least a minute before you plug it back in again.

When your LG TV is unplugged, it is recommended that you hold down the power button for half a minute. The TV can be turned on by holding the power button on the remote control, not the TV’s power button.

By doing this, you will be able to drain any residual power that may have been left in your TV and allow it to perform a soft reset on its own. There is a big difference between switching on and off the remote control and doing this!

Once you plug it back in after 60 seconds, the TV should power up again without a problem.

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About 80% of cases should be fixed with this fix, however, the remaining 20% may be a bit more challenging. Here are some fixes if your LG TV still won’t connect to WiFi after trying them all.

LG TV should be reset to factory settings

If you unplugged the TV or removed the remote batteries temporarily, click the Gear icon on your remote to turn it on.

You can then reset the settings by going to All Settings (Advanced Settings) > General > Reset to Initial Settings. It will then display the initial setup screen after turning on and off again.

LG TVs are essentially restored to their factory settings when you buy them. You will lose all account settings, and any apps you have installed will also be removed!

LG TV has been factory reset without remote control

It is still possible to factory reset your LG TV without its remote, regardless of the reason.

On your TV, you can turn it off by pressing the power button, which can be found on the back of it. You may find this somewhere on the right hand side of your device, the left hand side of your device, or the very bottom of your device depending on the model you have.

It is recommended that you hold down the power button for about ten seconds while the TV is on when it is on. Alternatively, navigate to Menu > All Settings > General > Reset to Initial Settings using the joystick control on the TV.

You can also use other options if your TV is in a tight space or you cannot find these buttons.

Your LG TV can be connected to a USB keyboard using the back USB port.

Your TV can then be navigated and reset using the keyboard.

The LG ThinQ app can also be downloaded to your smart phone if you have an LG Smart TV.

Your smart phone can be used as a remote control once you’ve connected your TV to the app.

Finally, there is one last option that you might want to consider, and that is to grab a universal remote that you have lying around, and enter the LG code that is on the remote in order to make it work.

If you still aren’t able to resolve your WiFi issue, I’ve included a few additional steps you might want to try before giving up.

Ensure that the location of your LG TV is up-to-date

When LG TVs are set to “Set Automatically”, they often experience connectivity problems due to certain factors.

Since the TV’s software cannot assign a location, the WiFi connection cannot be established.

To fix the LG TV not connecting to WiFi problem, you will need to manually update its location. The LG Service Country can be changed by selecting All settings > General > Location > LG Service Country from the settings menu.

You should choose a random country from the list at this point. As soon as the TV has reset, you will have to go back again and select the country that you actually live in.

Last but not least, after the TV has reset again, open up the location menu and select Set Automatically once again.

Your internet should be working again after you set up your WiFi connection and login!

The LG TV displays the message “WiFi has been turned off”

In some older LG models, there is a problem that occurs when you try to connect to WiFi, and it is a defect on the part of the manufacturer. When LG TV won’t connect to WiFi, it is usually caused by twisted WiFi cables inside the TV.

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I receive the following message when I try to connect to the internet: “Wifi is turned off”. It will display an additional list of networks you are able to connect to and additional related items without enabling WiFi.

In the event that you receive this message, please follow these steps:

  1. A flat surface should be used for placing the TV.
  2. Turn the TV upside down and remove the back.
  3. The flat silver cables that run from the WiFi module at the bottom need to be checked. Make sure they are not damaged or pulled out of the WiFi module if they are bent or folded over.
  4. Try reconnecting the WiFi after replacing the TV’s back.

There are intermittent drops in the WiFi connection

To see if the following tips help, try them if your LG TV is losing its WiFi connection. 

  • If your TV is far from your wireless router, try moving it closer to it.
  • Make sure your connection is stable by using an Ethernet cable.
  • Disconnect baby monitors, microwaves, and cordless phones from the area so that the signal is not interfered with.
  • Avoid connecting USB hard drives to the TV, since they can cause interference.

In the event that you are still having problems, you should contact your internet service provider to make sure it is not their fault.

Quick Start should be turned off

The “Quick Start” feature does not appear on all LG TVs, but it has been known to cause connectivity problems, so if your TV has it, turn it off.

  1. All settings can be found under the Settings menu.
  2. Choose General from the drop-down menu.
  3. The Quick Start option can be turned off by scrolling down the page.
  4. Your TV should be turned off and unplugged as soon as possible.
  5. Your TV’s power button should be held for 30 seconds.
  6. Connect to the WiFi network again by reconnecting to it and plugging the TV in again.

The network you are trying to connect to is not listed

Here’s what you should do if your WiFi network doesn’t appear on the list:

  1. The router must be turned on for it to work.
  2. Routers and TVs should be close to each other, and there should be no obstacles between them.
  3. Before re-plugging the TV and router, you should unplug them for 30 seconds.

Even though I have joined the network, I am unable to access the Internet

In addition, check if the internet is working on your other devices (such as your mobile phone). The error message states that you cannot connect to the internet even if you are able to connect to the network.

When your LG TV displays the error message but your internet service provider is working fine, contact your provider.


LG TV not connecting to WiFi problem can be fixed by updating LG TV updates:

A lack of WiFi connectivity can sometimes be attributed to out-of-date software on your computer.

If this is the case, you may need to update the software on your TV in order to fix it. Your device’s settings menu will let you know if any updates are available.

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In order to check if automatic updates have been applied:

  1. Assuming that you are using a remote control, you will need to press the Home/Start button to begin the installation
  2. If the Settings option is not selected, ensure that it is selected
  3. Select All Settings from the drop-down menu
  4. Choose General from the drop-down list
  5. Go to About this TV for more information
  6. You can also check for updates by checking Automatic updates.

The updates can only be downloaded this way if you’re connected to WiFi.  

You can solve this problem by manually updating the LG TV software. Manually updating your LG TV’s software is as simple as this:

  1. The applicable Product Support Page can be found here
  2. Visit the LG Support website
  3. Choose your TV model by typing it in and selecting it
  4. The file should be downloaded and unzipped (right click, Extract All).
  5. The file should be placed on the USB stick
  6. Create a folder called “LG_DTV” on the root of the USB drive
  7. The file should be unzipped and placed in this folder (EPK is the correct file type).
  8. Your TV should have a USB port on the back
  9. The screen will show you how to proceed

An incorrect password prevented you from joining

When you find your network and enter the password, but receive a message that the password is incorrect, confirm that the password was entered correctly. 

You should be aware that passwords are case-sensitive, so make sure you use lowercase and uppercase letters correctly. It is also possible to view what you are typing by selecting the show password option.

Your internet provider should be contacted if you enter your password correctly but still cannot connect.

Your LG TV can be connected to WiFi in a variety of ways

It is not necessary to connect your WiFi to your TV to make it work, of course.

In addition, you can also disconnect the TV from the internet entirely if you are concerned about internet security, although some smart features will be lost. 

In addition to connecting your LG TV to WiFi without fiddling with wireless connections, you can also use apps without messing with wireless connections. 

The Internet is connected via a wired connection or Ethernet

The ethernet cable from your router can be plugged into your TV if you prefer a wired connection.

The connection should be more stable as long as the router is on.

Streaming devices allow you to play audio and video

To stream apps on your LG TV without turning on WiFi, consider purchasing a Chromecast, Firestick, or some other portable device that streams content.

Is it possible to stream digital content from gaming consoles?

Gaming consoles such as the Sony PlayStation 4, Sony PlayStation 5, or Xbox X Series can stream digital content through apps such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, and more.

What to do if your LG TV won’t connect to the internet and you need to turn on its WiFi

There are a few steps you need to follow in order to connect an LG TV to WiFi:

  1. Your remote control will give you the option to choose Settings when you press Home.
  2. Connect to Wi-Fi by selecting Network, followed by Wi-Fi Connection.
  3. Enter your password and choose your wireless network.
  4. The LG TV should now be able to access the internet so you should now be able to watch videos on it.


Whenever your LG TV does not connect to WiFi, you should take the following steps:

  1. After pressing the power button on your LG TV, turn it off and unplug it again
  2. It is possible to reset your TV to factory settings
  3. Relocate your TV
  4. Ensure that your TV’s WiFi cables are not crimped
  5. Signal strength should be high on your router/modem
  6. Turning off Quick Start is recommended
  7. It is important that you keep your TV’s software up-to-date
  8. You need to make sure your WiFi password is correct

The following workarounds can be used if your LG TV is still not connecting to WiFi after trying all of the above.

It is possible for you to connect directly through an ethernet cable, to use a streaming device, or to connect via a gaming console.


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