Ring Doorbell Not Ringing? – Multiple Methods To Fix [2022]

Ring doorbells offer convenience, but when they fail to perform as expected. You start wondering whether an alternative doorbell might be more appropriate. The Ring Doorbell not ringing or not working is enough to make anyone reconsider the digital age and go back to the traditional doorbell.

Tests like getting the Ring Doorbell to work with HomeKit and installing it without a preexisting doorbell have helped me understand its little quirks.

I will discuss the common issues I experienced with my Ring Doorbell, such as the not ringing or not working issue as my main doorbell, and the easy solutions I found when it malfunctioned.

The Ring Doorbell is not ringing or not working because your Wi-Fi router is not on the 2.4GHz band. Your doorbell wiring is broken, or your battery needs to be replaced.

Furthermore, I have reviewed the installation, inspected the doorbell’s button, and checked the chime and notification settings.

We have compiled a list of tips to help you figure out how you can fix your Ring doorbell if it is not ringing

In the following section, we explain how you can resolve the Ring Doorbell Not Ringing issue so that you can continue to benefit from Ring Doorbell’s convenience in the future.

Alternatively, if you know the problem but aren’t sure how to fix Ring Doorbell not ringing, you can skip to the section you want.

As a result of reading the article, you will know what to check if you are unable to determine the problem.

Make sure the installation was done correctly

It is important to ensure that the Ring Doorbell is installed correctly in order for it to function properly.

There will be a difference in the installation process depending on the version of Ring Doorbell that you have purchased.

In order to operate the device, a Ring Power Pro kit must be connected to an internal doorbell chime, or a battery must be inserted. 

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Using a plug-in adapter is also an option if you need a wired connection for your Ring Device.

For each device, there is an instruction manual, as well as a video tutorial that explains how to install it correctly.

Before installing the Ring Power Pro-Kit, make sure both wires are connected to the internal bell mechanism and that the screw is tightened.

If your chime has a mechanical internal mechanism, the installation process should not interfere with it.

Internet connection via Wi-Fi

In order for Ring Doorbells to work properly, they require a Wi-Fi connection to work. It is important to note that only wireless routers that use the 2.4GHz frequency band (802.11 B, G, or N) are supported by the Ring devices.

Before installing a Ring device, make sure your wireless router is configured correctly.

Routers and their placement in Wi-Fi networks

You may need to replace your wireless router if your device keeps disconnecting and reconnecting on its own.

A common problem that Ring users face is a connection problem caused by an old router that is causing problems on the network.

Getting your router checked by a professional or replacing it is the best thing you can do.

When you are installing your Ring device, it is important to take into account the Wi-Fi range and placement.

Ring devices may lose connection frequently or function slowly if they are out of range or too close to the edge of their range.

Alternatively, you can purchase an extender to extend your Wi-Fi range by moving your wireless router closer to your Ring device.

A Ring Chime Pro with an external chime and a built-in Wi-Fi range extender is the easiest solution.

The sound of the doorbell ringing is pleasing to me personally, and it makes me feel welcome.

Battery and power supply for the Ring Chime Doorbell

Based on the version of the Ring Doorbell you have, it will either require a battery source or a power cable.

In order for Ring Devices to function properly, they have specific power requirements that must be met.

The power supply for the Ring Chime Doorbell is insufficient

Ring Devices require at least 16 volts AC when connected to a transformer or plug-in adapter. While when connected directly to the doorbell, they require approximately 30 volts amps.

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You can check the voltage level of your device by launching the Ring App and selecting the Device Health tab.

A Ring Doorbell will be unable to function properly if the voltage is below 3700 mV.

Check that your transformer and plug-in adapter are not overheating if insufficient power seems to be the problem. If you are using an internal doorbell chime, it should be connected to your Ring Power Pro-Kit.

Defective Ring Chime Doorbell Batteries

I think it is important to note that some Ring Doorbell models come with a battery source that can be used for powering the device. Make sure that you charge the Ring’s battery whenever necessary if you are going to rely on it’s battery.

Even when you have muted your notifications, an alert will be sent to you if your battery runs low.

Ring Doorbells have a battery life of six to twelve months, after which they must be re-setup.

Ring’s website offers new batteries for those whose batteries are not charging properly.

Your Ring Doorbell is not ringing your chimes when you press it

In the event that you do not have an existing internal chime in your house. But like me, you enjoy hearing the sound of the doorbell chime from within your home, then the Ring Chime is the perfect choice for you.

The Ring Chime may need to be rebooted if it doesn’t ring when you press the doorbell when you press the Ring Chime.

It is important that your Ring Chime is in good working order before you use it. There is a possibility that the device has become disconnected if it starts flashing blue lights. However, it is a sign that the device has become disconnected. 

Check your Ring Chime device’s health through your Ring App by selecting the Device Health option, then selecting your Ring Chime device.

Visit the official Ring website for more information if you need to replace your Ring Chime device.

Make sure the wiring on your Ring Chime Doorbell is in good condition

Ring Doorbells that are connected to existing internal chime systems will require wiring checks.

Wires where your Ring Doorbell is connected should be carefully checked, and then they should be touched together.

It is not the wiring that is the problem, if you hear a chime, then there is no problem with the wiring.

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Make sure that the microphone is enabled

Many people, including myself, overlook the microphone feature required to hear the doorbell chime as well as sounds coming from outside their homes.

The microphone may be faulty if you are able to hear the doorbell chime even after you have enabled the microphone feature.

Check the Ring Chime doorbell button’s functionality

When the Ring Doorbell is jammed, it will not function when pressed or triggered.

You should check the Ring button every now and then to see if it is jammed or stuck.

From the official Ring website, you can get your Ring doorbell button fixed if it is not ringing or not functioning properly.

There is a problem with the Ring Doorbell not ringing your phone

The settings on your phone could be preventing you from hearing your Ring chime because you haven’t set it up properly on your phone. In spite of the fact that you cannot change the sound of the Ring Doorbell outside, you can reduce its volume in order to make it more difficult to hear.

You should ensure the following when experiencing problems with your Ring doorbell not ringing and alerting your phone:

  • Ring Notifications have not been turned off.

  • There is no low battery on your phone, so notification sounds are not automatically turned off.

  • There is no silent mode on your phone.

  • There is an adequate volume level for your notification sounds.

The simple solution to this problem would be to make sure that the notification is sent to more than one device at the same time.

Ring Doorbell can also be made to ring inside the house by adding an external chime. It is designed so that people who do not have phones linked to the doorbell will also be able to hear it ring.

Conclusion: Ring Doorbell Not Ringing or Nor Working

When your device stops working as it should, it is not only concerning, but it can also be a frustrating experience.

The Ring Doorbell not working properly or not ringing is a major inconvenience that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

A faulty power supply, battery, Wi-Fi connection, or wiring issue are among the reasons why the Ring Doorbell Chime is not working or not ringing.

It is also common to encounter problems during the installation process. Checking whether the device has been installed correctly should always be your first step.

After you fix these issues, you will be able to enjoy the enhanced functionality of your Ring Doorbell once again.

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