Ring App Not Working On Android? Multiple Fixes [2022]

The Ring app might not be working on Android due to an outdated version of the app, or on the contrary, it could be that the cache/data of its internal mechanics has become corrupted. The error may also be caused by ISP restrictions or the wrong configuration of your router (which blocks communication with the Ring device or Ring.com).

Ring app is not working when the user launches it and it crashes or shows no camera feeds or recordings. Additionally, some users were unable to set alarms in the application. Rarely, the user may not be able to sign in to the application, or the application may freeze.


The Error messages like Ring app not working on Android are encountered by the users:

Error Messages of Ring
Error Messages of Ring

To troubleshoot Ring, restart your application (or close all recent applications) and if the issue persists, restart your phone and Ring device.

Ring server status should also be checked, and make sure the application password is correct (if you’ve recently changed it). Check to make sure that there are no other wireless devices interfering, such as Wi-Fi printers. Make sure that the Ring device is fully charged before using it. Moreover, if you want to ensure that your Ring device is up-to-date, you should make sure the firmware is up-to-date as well. In order to illustrate the point, we will look at the solutions that have been developed for the Android version of Ring.


Do you know how to fix the issue where the Ring app is not working on an Android device?

Solution 1: Turn off all other devices connected to your phone

The error under discussion can occur if other devices interfere with your phone or if it is connected to other devices (Samsung Gear is known to cause the issue under discussion). If this is the case, you may be able to solve the issue by disconnecting your phone from other devices in order to resolve the problem.

  1. Tap Bluetooth from the Settings menu on your phone.

  2. Using your phone’s Bluetooth switch, toggle it to off to disable it.

  3. Put all devices into airplane mode, including your smartwatch and wireless speaker.

  4. It would be a good idea to try launching the Ring app right now and see if it is working properly for you. To determine which device is causing you problems, you need to turn them on one at a time. If a problematic device is being used with the Ring application, it must either be turned off or contacted by Ring’s support team.

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Solution 2: Install the latest version of the Ring Application

In Ring’s application, new features are regularly added and known bugs are patched. It is possible that you may encounter the error above when you are using an outdated version of the Ring application. It is recommended that you update the Ring application to the latest version in this situation.

  1. Google Play Store users can access the menu by tapping the gear icon.

  2. When you are in My Apps & Games, tap on the Installed tab.

  3. Once you have selected Ring, tap on the Update button.
    Restart your phone and check if Ring is working after restarting.


Solution 3: Ensure the Ring application cache and data are cleared

In the same way as many other applications, Ring uses a cache as a means of speeding up performance and improving user experience. The Ring app might experience problems if the cache of the app is corrupted or if it is not working properly. It may be necessary to re-login the application in this case to clear the cache and data.

  1. You can access the Application Manager or the Apps from the Settings app on your phone.

  2. Tap on Force Stop after selecting Ring.
    The Ring application will then be forced to stop, and Storage will be opened.

  3. If the issue has not been resolved, click Clear Cache and follow steps 1 through 4 again.

  4. To clear the application’s data, tap on the Clear Data button.

  5. Check that the Ring application works correctly after your phone has restarted.


Solution 4: Remove applications that conflict with each other

A device’s resources are shared between applications running on the Android OS. The Ring application can encounter conflicts if another application interferes with its operation (you can confirm this by booting the device into safe mode).

The conflict may be resolved by uninstalling the conflicting applications. The Android version of Adguard has a known issue that causes the Ring app’s issue. You can also disable/uninstall cleaning apps like Clean Master or exempt Ring in their settings if you are using them.

  1. From the Settings menu, choose Applications or Application Manager.

  2. You can now uninstall the problematic app (such as Adguard) by tapping on the Uninstall button.

  3. Ensure that all problematic applications are uninstalled ( particularly those which interfere with Ring’s tracking).

  4. Check if Ring is working correctly after removing the problematic applications.


Solution 5: Turn off the 5GHz band on your router

There are many modern routers which support dual bands, i.e. 2.4GHz and 5GHz. In spite of this, the Ring application/devices have been known to have issues with 5GHz bands in the past. Your router’s 5 GHz band may need to be disabled in this case. During the setup process of your Netgear router, we will clarify things for you.

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  1. Browsers (with the exception of Chrome) can be used to access your router’s management page.

  2. You can then open Settings by entering your router’s username and password.

  3. You can now disable the 5GHz option by unchecking the checkbox. Make sure the 4Ghz option is enabled as well.

  4. By clicking the Apply button, you can check whether the Ring app is working.

  5. Try manually setting the router channel (e.g. 13) and then reverting to auto to see if the Ring app does not work on Android.


Solution 6: You need to re-install the Ring application

There is a possibility that the Ring app not working on Android problem has been caused by a corrupt installation of the Ring application if nothing has worked for you so far. A reinstall of the application may be necessary in this case if the problem persists.

  1. Open your phone’s Settings and clear the Ring cache and data (as discussed in solution 3).

  2. You can then select Ring by opening the Application Manager.

  3. Now you can uninstall Ring by tapping the Uninstall button and then confirming that you want to remove it.

  4. If the Ring app is not working on Android, restart your phone and reinstall the application.


Solution 7: Let the router handle ring-related traffic

Despite the fact that modern routers come with tons of features, even experienced users can configure them incorrectly, causing Ring traffic to be blocked. The problem may be solved by allowing Ring-related traffic through the router in this case. It may be necessary to dig deeper into this solution due to the wide variety of routers and their manufacturers.

Warning: Editing router settings requires some expertise, and if done incorrectly, you may expose your device and data to viruses and trojans.

  1. Navigate to the setup page of your router using a web browser.

  2. It is now necessary for you to enter the username and password for your router in order to proceed with the setup process.

  3. In order to resolve the Ring app not working on Android issue, check if any settings or filters are in place. Disable your parental filters/applications to see if the issue resolves.

  4. The Ring related traffic may be blocked by some routers with Threat Prevention settings (like Synology routers). In that case, disable the said setting and see if the Ring app no longer works on Android.

  5. Check if the issue has been resolved by exempting Ring.com from the firewall settings on some routers, such as Sophos XG.


Solution 8: Restore default settings to the Ring Device

It is possible that the Ring app is not working on Android as a result of corrupt firmware on your Ring device. The device may be able to be reset back to factory defaults in this case. You will be guided through the Ring Video Doorbell 2 reset process, which varies from device to device.

  1. The bottom screw of the bell can be unscrewed with a screwdriver.

  2. Using the black button, press and hold it for 15 seconds.

  3. After the device has been reset, wait a moment after the front light flashes a few times.

  4. The time has come for Ring to be launched and the menu to be opened.

  5. Select Devices from the menu and then tap on the device name to reset it to its default settings.

  6. You will then need to tap on General Settings under Device Settings.

  7. Tap the Remove the Device button and confirm the removal of the device.

  8. By pressing the black button on your Ring device, you can now put your phone in setup mode.

  9. You can now pair your phone with the Ring device to see if the Ring app not working on Android issue has been resolved.

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Solution 9: Restore factory defaults to the router

Ring app not working on Android issue could be caused by corrupt router firmware if nothing has worked for you so far. Depending on the situation, the router may need to be reset to factory defaults in this case. After resetting your router, you will lose all your personalized settings (for example, your username, password, SSID, etc).

  1. The router should be turned on and then all devices should be disconnected from it.

  2. All cables except for the power cable should be unplugged from the router now.

  3. You need to hold the Reset button for seven seconds with a paper clip in order to reset your router. Be sure to press the correct button if your model has two reset buttons.

  4. Once the router has restarted properly (the power LED will turn green), release the Reset button.

  5. It should be possible to use the Ring app once the router is connected to the internet.


Solution 10: Ring app not working on Android due to network issues

Web traffic is managed and safeguarded by ISPs using different techniques and methods. You may encounter the error if your ISP restricts access to resources that are essential to the operation of the Ring application/device. It might be a good idea to try another network to rule out any interference from your ISP. The Ring device and your phone may have to be on the same network.

  1. If you are using Wi-Fi, switch to mobile data if you are on a cellular network, and if you are using Wi-Fi, switch to mobile data if you are on a Wi-Fi network. The VPN connection that you have on your phone can also be used as a solution if you have one.

  2. The Ring app for Android can now be tested in order to see if it works properly on your device.

  3. Try connecting the Ring device to a different network (other than the one your phone uses) and hopefully this will resolve the Ring app not working on Android issue. You may need to put your Wi-Fi router into bridge mode if the Ring application and device work fine on different networks.


Conclusion: Fixing the problem of Ring not working on Android

Whenever your Ring device does not work, you can use a web browser to log into Ring.com and manage/view your Ring devices. Alternative applications such as Chime Pro, Rapid Ring, and Live Home can also be used to manage or view Ring devices. The Ring app may not work on Android, so you can try the iPhone or Windows version if the app isn’t working on Android.


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