Where are Element TVs Made And Who Makes Them? [2023]

It is common to see Element TVs on the market, but many consumers have reservations about the brand’s quality, durability, and performance. Furthermore, these consumers have only vague knowledge of the company. Among other things, they lack knowledge of where Element TVs are made and who makes them. Based on our electronics experts’ thorough research and assessment, here are answers to the following questions: where are Element TVs made and who makes them? All the information you need about Element and its televisions can be found here.

In-depth Manufacturing Guide: Where are Element TVs made and who makes them?

There is nothing more important to Elements TVs than offering a quality viewing experience at a reasonable price. Ever since the brand started in 2007, this has been its goal, and that is probably why it is popular and sells across all markets. A TV with the latest technology should be available in every house, according to the brand. Nevertheless, there is still one question that remains: where are Element TVs made and who makes them?

A full viewing experience is available with Element TVs, which include LED, HD, Smart and 4K TVs. After establishing its American assembly plant a year earlier, Sony launched its first Ultra HD and Smart TV in 2015. Offering excellent features at affordable prices, the company continues to delight consumers with various TV models.

Do you have ever had the curiosity to find out where Element TVs are made and who makes them?

How are Assembly of Element TVs made, and where are they produced?

It was once common for Element TVs to be made in China and shipped to the United States. Due to logistics and distribution issues, the company decided to open an assembly plant in the United States. In 2014, Element TVs opened an assembly plant in Winnsboro, South Carolina. Despite this, most TVs are produced in China and sold abroad.

Are you familiar with the components that Element TVs made of and who makes them?

There was only one assembly plant opened by the United States, as our technical experts previously pointed out. These TVs are still made entirely in China using Chinese components. 

Who Owns Element?

Who owns Element and who makes Element TV are the two most frequently asked questions. Considering that not all companies own and manufacture at the same time, they are right to ask. 

Private company Element Electronics owns Element. Element TVs are also made by the same company. In Winnsboro, South Carolina, to be specific, the company’s headquarters is located.

Where Are Element TVs Designed and Who Makes Plans?

Who owns Element and who makes Element TV are a couple of the top frequently asked questions about Element TVs. Additionally, the answer to the question is right here: Where are Element TVs made? In light of the fact that not all companies own and manufacture at the same time, they have a right to ask. 

There is a private company called Element Electronics that owns Element products. As well as that, it is the same company that produces Element TV’s as well. In order to be precise, the headquarters of the company are located in Winnsboro, South Carolina, in the United States. 

What is the price point and quality of Element TVs and are they worth the money?

In terms of price, there are very few TV brands that can compete with Element. Brands like this don’t just make affordable TVs; they also make them with features tailored to the budget market. You can enjoy maximum entertainment in your living room with these TVs.

While lower-end models leave a lot to be desired in terms of picture quality and audio, they are sufficient for bedrooms. Furthermore, you can choose high-end models like the Roku Smart TV Element 50-inch 4K Ultra Series. Unlike Samsung or Sony TVs, you will not have to pay an exorbitant amount for them, unlike Samsung or Sony TVs. 

One negative aspect of Element TVs was discovered by our engineers due to the low prices of the various TVs. When used for heavy tasks such as playing games, they can wear out faster than other reputable brands. It is likely that your TV will last a few years if you are also an avid viewer.

The element TV is a great choice if you spend a few hours in front of your television each week. If you wish to play games on your TV, our team recommends investing in a more expensive TV from a reputable brand. In light of their low prices, you shouldn’t expect TVs to be as good as other established brands. In spite of this, it accomplishes its purpose, which is to provide a quality viewing experience at a reasonable price. 


Do you think Element is a good brand of TV?

If you are looking for a TV with decent features and an affordable price, Element is a good choice. From HDTVs to Smart TVs, Element offers a wide range of TV selections for all consumer markets.

Is Element the manufacturer of Onn TV?

The answer is no, Element does not manufacture Onn TV. There has been a great deal of confusion in the tech industry as well as among consumers regarding this issue. Duraband makes Onn TVs, but Element Electronics, which makes Element TVs, handles all warranty repairs. Different Chinese companies manufacture other Onn products.


Our team has provided you with all the information you need, including where are Element TVs made and who makes them. In case you are on the lookout for one, make sure that it fits your purpose before you purchase it. If well handled, TVs could last you a couple of years if you’re on a budget.

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