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When my friend asked me to assist him pick out a new TV after his old one stopped working, I was ecstatic. However, many people wonder a question: Who Makes Hisense TVs?

As soon as he put all these demands on the table, I started my research to find out who makes Hisense TVs.

Although I had heard of Hisense before, I was not familiar with the catalog of products that they offered.

In my research, I discovered that Hisense is associated with some of the biggest brands in the world.

Additionally, they produce components for other manufacturers as well.

As a matter of fact, it is imperative to note that Hisense TVs are designed in the United States in St. Charles, Illinois, and they are produced in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. Third-party manufacturers do, however, supply some of Hisense’s components.


Who makes Hisense TVs and where are they made?

Hisense TVs are designed at the company’s headquarters located in St. Charles, Illinois in the United States.

In this section, the ideas will be brought to the table, and other creative processes will also be carried out.

It is now crucial for us to get an answer to our concern. Who makes Hisense TVs and where are they made?

In Qingdao, Shandong Province, China, the manufacturing process begins after the design process is complete.

There is no doubt that China makes a large number of the world’s TVs, including TVs by Hisense. Only two of the major brands of mobile phones are not manufactured in China, and those are Samsung and LG.

There is no doubt that China is the world’s largest manufacturer of practically all manufactured commodities.


Can Hisense be considered a Chinese company?

Hisense is a Chinese company that produces a range of electronic devices. 

In the field of white goods and other electronic equipment, the Hisense Group is a Chinese multinational company.

The Hisense company makes more than TVs, and it has been China’s top TV manufacturer since 2004. It also makes many other widespread electronic devices.


Do you know who makes Hisense TVs?

A Hisense TV is made by the Hisense Group, which is also the manufacturer of Sharp TVs and Toshiba TVs.

Their parent company is called Hisense Visual Technology Co., Ltd., and they are a part of that company. Founded in 1969, Hisense is one of the most prominent television manufacturers in China.

They have fifty-three international companies, 14 premium production facilities, and 12 R&D centers in Europe, Central America, and South Africa.

Aside from its own products, Hisense also makes TVs for other brands in addition to its own products.

Furthermore, they are also involved in joint ventures with brands such as Hitachi, Toshiba, and Sharp as well.


Hisense is a separate company from LG, or does it belong to LG?

In spite of this, the truth of the matter is that they do not have anything to do with each other at all. In addition to being two distinct companies, Hisense is one of LG’s biggest competitors as well.

You might even find some stories claiming that LG has acquired Hisense so that they will be able to offer budget-friendly options to their mid-budget customers.

Many electronic stores sell the products of both companies through this arrangement.

It is common for shopkeepers to use this as a filter in order to push products through. Giving the impression of a large company by combining two good brands and their image.

When products are placed at such angles, they slide down the rack easily, don’t they?


Who Makes Components for Hisense TVs?

Considering Hisense is a vertically integrated company, the majority of its components are produced by the company itself.

Chipsets, color films, LED backlight films, and other electronic components are still made by third parties.

Although this is the case, Hisense does not disclose the identity of the source of the screen in order to protect its customers.

This is sure to be of interest to users who have experienced the notorious black screen on their Hisense TV.

Hisense uses other manufacturers’ CPUs for its Android TVs, so it relies on other manufacturers’ components.

The major component manufacturers for Hisense are Intel, TDK, and LG electronics.

Flash chips are produced by Intel, OLED panels are produced by LG, and LCD panels are produced by Hisense themselves.


Hisense acquired the following companies.

Under different brand names, Hisense markets and sells its products worldwide.

Hisense acquired a 100% stake in Gorenje, a Slovenian appliance manufacturer, in 2019. Associating the company with the original Hisense.

As well as partnering with other brands, Hisense has also produced and marketed products on its own.

A no-frills refrigerator and air conditioner are produced by the Chinese brand Combine.

According to them, this joint venture has the potential to attract Chinese farmers in the future.

Hisense has also created joint ventures with Kelon, Ronshen, and Savor in addition to Hisense-Hitachi.

An agreement was reached between Hisense and Toshiba on 15th November 2017 to acquire 95% of Toshiba’s stake for $114 million.

Hisense licensed Sharp to use its name on televisions in the Americas for five years starting in 2015.

Additionally, Hisense acquired a Sharp manufacturing unit in Mexico as part of its acquisition of Sharp.

The license agreement between Sharp and Hisense was terminated in June 2017 when Sharp was purchased by Foxconn.

Hisense was accused of damaging Sharp’s brand value by using its trademarks on “shoddily made” products. These included those it claimed violated US safety requirements for electromagnetic radiation and were fraudulently marketed.

Hisense plans to defend itself in court and keep producing and selling great TVs under Sharp’s licensed trademarks. 


Hisense TVs are known for their reliability.

There is no doubt that Hisense is known for its affordable TVs.

Their products offer decent quality and features at a reasonable price, as well as being budget-friendly. As one of the best entry-level TVs on the market, it is highly recommended by many customers. 

Hisense TVs aren’t as impressive as some of the more expensive brands, but they are still good value for money.

Your brand is made by China’s largest manufacturer, which also owns and manages a number of other brands.

This product is believed to be well worth the money spent by most people who buy it.

At a reasonable price, Hisense TVs offer a lot of great features and superb image quality.

They are distinguished from other brands by the following features:

  • High brightness and low power consumption are provided by their excellent ULED technology.
  • In addition to making its own LCD panels, Hisense makes LCD TVs as well. LG is the only manufacturer of OLED panels as of 2021, so the company continues to purchase them from them. Sony, which relies heavily on Samsung and LG for its display components, can’t compete with them.


Would you like to discover How Long Do Hisense TVs Last?

There is no difference between Hisense TVs and other TVs on the market in terms of their lifespan.

Compared to high-end brands, they tend to last longer with good care and maintenance.

Depending on how it is used and maintained, TVs last between 4 years (40,000 hours) and 10 years (100,000 hours).

It is generally considered that televisions have a lifespan of seven years before they begin to show signs of wear and tear.


A handful of things I want to mention about Hisense TVs.

Brands often charge astronomical prices for their products in an industry where they compete for the latest and best features.

It is here that Hisense has been able to achieve success on the market. Budget-friendly TVs from this company offer decent features and good quality.

Hisense has maintained a competitive pricing strategy when it comes to its products.



Is Hisense using Samsung panels?

In order to manufacture some of Hisense’s TV panels, it relies on third parties.

The true panel suppliers of Hisense have not been disclosed, despite Samsung, LG, Sharp, BOE, AUO being the only major producers.


Are Hisense and LG owned by the same company?

Industry myths claim that Chinese company Hisense and South Korean company LG are the same.

As a matter of fact, Hisense is one of LG’s strongest competitors in the smartphone market.


Are there any problems with Hisense TVs?

Hisense makes some of the best budget option TVs on the market today. As with any Smart TV, Hisense TVs have a lot of issues that require comprehensive troubleshooting to identify and resolve.

As an example, you may begin experiencing problems with the screen display or the backlight.

If you encounter a problem with your Hisense TV, follow the recommended troubleshooting procedures.


Are Hisense and Sharp owned by the same company?

Hisense was issued a 5-year license in 2015 by Sharp to use its brand on televisions in the Americas.

A Sharp facility in Mexico was also purchased by Hisense as part of the deal. Hisense sued Sharp, now owned by Foxconn, in June 2017 to end the licensing agreement.


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