Hisense TV Won’t Turn On? – Multiple Methods To Fix It [2022]

Hisense offers budget-friendly TVs and OLED TVs with better contrast and more realistic pictures than most brands. In this article, we will show you how to fix a common problem that many people experience when their Hisense TV won’t turn on.

Some TV models have problems, and it can be very frustrating when a Hisense TV won’t turn on. How can you fix the Hisense TV not turning on problem, and what could be the cause of the issue?


Is there a solution to the problem that Hisense TV Won’t Turn On?

If your Hisense TV won’t turn on, make sure you’ve hooked up the electrical power cable correctly and then try another wall outlet. The Hisense TV still won’t turn on can be resolved by unplugging it, waiting for 60 seconds, then plugging it back in.

Prior to taking your TV to a repair shop, try these troubleshooting steps if you are exhausted by this issue.


Hisense TV won’t turn issue can be caused by faulty wall plugs.

It may be that your Hisense TV works fine, but its wall plug is defective, and it will receive little to no power supply, which is why it won’t turn on.

Occasionally, it may start and shut off without warning because of a loose connection on the outlet.


For a definitive answer, check the wall outlet:

  1. Take your TV out of the wall socket and unplug it.
  2. Make sure that other devices work as well, especially those that need a higher power supply.
  3. Plug your TV into different outlets to see if it works.
  4. Plug a device directly into the wall without power surge protectors or extensions.
  5. The Hisense TV should be connected directly to the wall.
  6. The TV can be turned on by turning the switch underneath it.
  7. You should ensure that the red power light is lit at the base of the TV.


Hisense TV won’t turn on as a result of a malfunction in the electrical cord.

In case the power cord on the TV is defective, there may be insufficient or no power supply to the TV. Red power lights may turn on or fail if they receive enough current.


The following steps should be followed if you suspect that your power cord is faulty:

  1. Verify that the cable is not cut or short-circuiting due to uninsulated wires.
  2. A friend or repairman may be able to lend you a power cord if your Hisense TV isn’t working.
  3. It is important to keep the red power light on at all times.

You may have a problem with your TV firmware or motherboard if this step does not solve your problem.


You can try disconnecting your devices to resolve Hisense TV won’t turn on issue.

The Hisense TV model will enter standby mode if there is no input source attached to it.

Your TV may go into standby mode if your set-top box, phone, or streaming box is malfunctioning. There are times when the TV sound works, but the picture doesn’t.

Here’s how you can fix the Hisense TV won’t turn on issue: 

  1. It is worth switching on and off the TV in order to see if it lights up momentarily before going dark.
  2. Check the other TV input ports to see if they work.
  3. The exact same cord can be utilized to connect other devices, such as your phone or streaming box.
  4. If you are using VGA, HDMI, or RCA cables, make sure you use the correct ones.


Resetting your TV might be the best solution if your Hisense TV won’t turn on.

Changes made by kids to the TV without their knowledge can cause it to behave strangely. In the event that your TV blinks several times, but does not turn on, it may have a configuration problem.


To remove all configuration files, it is a necessity to reset the device to factory settings.

Take these steps:

  1. Your TV’s power cable and all connected devices should be removed.
  2. On your TV, you will find a power button that you need to press. You may find the button on the back or base of your TV, depending on its model.
  3. Holding the power button for thirty seconds will drain the TV’s power.
  4. You should wait twenty to thirty minutes before turning back on your TV after it has been turned off.
  5. The fault may have been resolved if you check your TV.

On your Hisense TV, you should check whether the backlight is on.


In most cases, one of the major hardware problems with Hisense TVs is the LED backlight.

A red power light and sound are present on your TV, but there is no picture. Shorts in the circuitry on the mainboard or power board can cause LED backlights to fail.

The best thing you can do is:

  1. From a distance, point a flashlight at the television
  2. If you can see letters or pictures, there may be a problem with your backlight circuit.
  3. Ensure the brightness settings are reset to default using the process above. 

The LED backlights on your TV can be replaced by a repair person if they are broken.


Make sure all network devices are unplugged to solve the problem Hisense TV won’t turn on.

Occasionally, your Hisense smart TV’s power light may flash two to six times, but the TV display won’t turn on.


Hisense TV won’t turn on because of a bad connection to the modem or router, or a problem with the motherboard.

  1. Try resetting your modem if you’re running into trouble.
  2. Try unplugging your device and check if that makes a difference.


Your Hisense TV’s back cover needs to be removed.

Voltmeters can be used to check whether a TV has an electric current flowing.

You should ground yourself before opening the back cover and disconnect the power supply from the TV before opening it.

Don’t remove the back cover if you’re unfamiliar with TV circuitry. You may worsen the problem.


When you open your back cover, you’ll find:

  1. Short circuits should be checked on your power and main boards. 
  2. Verify that the power board supplies your mainboard with power using your voltmeter.
  3. Make sure the LED connectors are connected to a power source.
  4. Flowing power into the LED arrays may cause problems.
  5. Hisense TVs need to be repaired or replaced if they don’t work.


Hisense TV won’t turn on is caused by common hardware problems.

Your Hisense TV won’t turn on problem may be caused by hardware issues if none of the above solutions work.


A device replacement may be necessary due to the following hardware problems:

  • The power board of your Hisense needs to be replaced if the red power light flashes when you press the power button.
  • The problem lies on the mainboard if the power button remains red without blinking when pressed.
  • When you unplugged your TV while it was on, and now it won’t turn on, you probably blew the main fuse.
  • New capacitors may be needed if your Hisense’s screen flickers, disappears after a few seconds, or dims.

Your dealer can replace or repair your Hisense TV under warranty if this happens.



Hardware problems are typically caused by capacitors and power boards, but software problems are often minor and easy to fix.

You can try the troubleshooting steps above before taking your Hisense TV to a repair shop.

Furthermore, you might prefer to consult a professional or buy a new one if none of these work. Fixing it usually doesn’t make financial sense, so you’re better off buying a new one.

What steps did you take to restore power to your Hisense TV? Please comment below on how you fixed your not working Hisense TV!


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