Is Insignia A Good Brand? Do You Think It’s Worth Your Money?

There’s a mysterious brand called Insignia that sells 4K TVs for a shockingly low price. There is, however, one question that many people wonder before buying a TV: Is Insignia a good brand? If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, Insignia TVs are a good choice.

You shouldn’t expect to spend less than 400 dollars on a TV with 4K resolution, a 55-inch screen, and Fire TV integration. As a result, some people wonder whether or not Insignia is a good brand to invest in. 

Here’s the bottom line: If you are in the market for a new TV, Insignia is a great brand to go with. There is no doubt that these aren’t going to blow you away like a new Sharp Aquos, but they’re a lot better than you’d expect. The Insignia brand is a good option if you want a great deal on a quality TV. 

Insignia sells solid TVs at budget-friendly prices, which is why we’re going to dive into their brand today!


Exactly who makes Insignia TVs and is it a Good Brand?

Best Buy owns and sells Insignia, a US TV brand, but manufacturing is outsourced to China. Several different TV sizes are available from Insignia, including 32-inch and 70-inch models. The majority of models have been upgraded to 4K, but some still use 720p.

It is worth mentioning that most Insignia TVs come with either Amazon Fire TV or Roku TV built into them.


How much an Insignia TV costs?

In general, these prices are lower than those of premium brands such as Sony, Sharp, and Samsung.

Insignia offers 55-inch smart TVs at a price of less than four hundred dollars with 4K resolution and HDR, for example. Compared to a Samsung TV with the same specs, this one costs more than twice as much. 

You’ll always get a great deal when you buy an Insignia brand TV compared to other brands. The Insignia brand is a good option if you’re looking to save money!


Is the Insignia Brand Smart TV a good one or a bad one?

Insignia occupies a place near the bottom of the TV world when it comes to price, but not always when it comes to quality or technology.

Usually, Insignia brands are right up there with industry leaders – they even have exclusive deals with Amazon!

A decade ago, Insignia pioneered the Smart TV revolution, and they continue to be one of the leading technology integration companies today.

Insignia, for example, was one of the first brands to introduce the first 4K Roku and Fire TVs to the market. Until 2018, they were the only brand to sell sets with Fire TV built-in that were officially partnered with Amazon.

The Insignia brand TV is generally perceived as being good for people on a budget, contrary to what is commonly believed.

It is a mistake to assume these TVs are only low-priced – often, they still have a lot to offer!


Are there any other products made by the Insignia Brand?

TVs are clearly Insignia’s most important product, but they are also involved in other parts of the tech industry. Here is a brief list of all the products sold with the Insignia label.

  • Cables, batteries, and chargers.
  • Laptops and desktops.
  • Home theater and surround sound.
  • Gaming equipment (controllers, keyboards, etc).


This leads us to the Major Frequently Asked Question: Why are Insignia brand TVs so cheap but so good?

To accurately determine if Insignia is a good brand, you have to understand why the brand’s product is so cheap.

Do other brands charge more because of their reputation, or are they just worse?

Other brands offer similar screen resolutions, sizes, and smart features as Insignia TVs. Why is Insignia able to provide pricing that are so much lower than its competitors?


The price of an Insignia TV does not guarantee its quality. 

It is sometimes true that paying over $800 for a new TV means that you are getting a fantastic product. Sometimes, it’s just a brand name that costs extra.

I’d like to know the complete answer to the following question – How can Insignia TVs be so inexpensive and good? The reason for this is that Insignia TV parts come from different places (and at different times). We’ll explore this together.


What is the origin of Insignia TVs?

There is no doubt that the TVs made by Insignia are Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese in origin.

Insignia TVs are assembled in several factories, assembled in China, and shipped to the United States.

It is pertinent to note that unlike major brands, Best Buy does not own factories or design TVs of its own. Their production is therefore outsourced to a number of different manufacturers. 

Among the parts inside an Insignia TV are things manufactured by Samsung, LG, and others.


In most cases, TVs are made using leftover components and materials from previous years.

As a result, unused/surplus screens and processors from Samsung TV models of 2020 will be used in Insignia models of 2022.

Even though the parts on their own are still very good, the Insignia brand makes very cheap and high-quality TVs. 

If you buy last year’s iPhone a month after the new model is released, you won’t get a bad phone, just a great deal on an older model.

It’s not that Insignia TVs are bad; they’re just a bit older than Samsung’s best TVs.


When buying an Insignia TV, what are its benefits and drawbacks?


  • Insignia TVs are primarily purchased because of the amount of money they save. Insignia 4K Smart TVs are a great option for those with less than $500 to spend!
  • They are not cheap or low-quality just because they are economical. Despite the fact that it’s not as new, you’re still getting a great television. 
  • The Amazon Fire TV is compatible with the same smart home system you have for your Amazon Echo devices. With an Insignia TV, you don’t need a separate Fire TV device!



  • These TVs may have outdated screens, processors, and other components compared with Samsung, Toshiba, or Sony TVs. Insignia might not be the best choice if you want the latest and greatest. 
  • When it comes to speakers, Insignia doesn’t have a unique problem, but it’s still worth mentioning. Be prepared to buy a soundbar if you want better audio, and don’t expect anything more than mediocre audio.


So Here’s the Bottom Line: Is Insignia a Good TV brand to invest in?

It is worthwhile to spend more money on a TV of higher quality than Insignia if you can reasonably afford it.

You can save a few hundred dollars by getting an Insignia if you don’t mind having last year’s technology in your new TV. Compared to previous years, TV technology has only improved very slightly each year; technological leaps are usually gradual. 

There is no doubt that Insignia is a good brand, but it is not the best. It goes without saying that they are one of the top choices when it comes to cheap TVs that are still worth buying, along with TCL.

In spite of that, if you can afford a Samsung phone that costs $2,000, you won’t be disappointed.

When it comes down to it, it all boils down to how much you want to spend: if you have a budget of 500 dollars, you should consider the Insignia. The top of the line TV can be obtained if you have lots of money to spend on it.

Do you have any experience with Insignia TVs? What did you think of Insignia brand? If you have never owned an Insignia TV, do you have any questions?

Let us know if you think Insignia is a good brand by leaving a comment below!


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