Amazon Fire TV Universal Remote control codes

Amazon, as a brand, has grown exponentially over the years and seems to tick marks all the boxes with its services. From being an E-commerce giant to being a powerhouse of entertainment, the options and services provided are almost unlimited.

The Amazon Fire Stick is the most purchased product on the website as it gives access to all the OTT platforms today. These online subscription services have replaced the traditional fashion of cable networks. The Amazon Fire TV Remote is quite simple to use and easy to set up as well, and the remote can also be used as a universal remote by following certain instructions.


amazon fire tv universal Remote codes



Remote codes of the Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon fire TV universal remote for all the TV brands is different:

Haier- 00639

Hisense- 00551

Insignia- 00545

JVC- 29247

LG- 00516, 00683

Panasonic- 47149

Philips- 63428

Samsung- 00521

Sanyo- 00279

Sharp- 43500

Sony- 14917

TCL- 00629, 00492

Toshiba- 52389

Vizio- 00344

For setting up the Amazon fire TV Universal Remote, there are certain steps to be followed. 

Step 1: Press the mode button on the TV using Smart Hub once the TV device code has been programmed.

Step 2: Click on the SET button until the LED blinks twice.

Step 3: Press 9-9-4 and then press the SET button. Release the SET button.

Step 4: Enter the universal remote code and press the DISPLAY button. The LED will again blink twice.

It will allow the user to access the TV conveniently.

Instructions to setup Amazon Firestick Universal Remote control codes

The Amazon Fire Stick TV remote can be used on multiple devices and eliminate the remote controls for all the devices. The remote is capable of controlling all devices and components included. To start using it, you have to program and set up the Amazon Fire TV universal remote with each device in your home.

Step 1: Enter the device into setup mode

Look for the SETUP button on the Amazon Fire TV Remote, and press and hold the button till the red light flashes. Release the SETUP button, and the remote is now ready to be programmed.

Step 2: Select the device type.

Press and release the TV button you want to set up.

Step 3: Enter the universal remote code from the list of devices.

The list of remote codes is provided above. Enter the universal code until the red light turns off.

Step 4: Confirm and Verify the Results

Now point the universal remote towards the device’s direction and then turn the device on and off. Once the device responds, it is ready to use; otherwise, try using other codes to set it up.

Step 5: Setting up other devices

Repeat the steps mentioned above for the other devices. 



Troubleshooting Amazon Fire TV Remote

Multiple issues can occur on devices, such as frozen screens, app errors, or viewing content on the screens. 

Most of the time, the issues can be solved by restarting the Amazon Fire Stick. Please disconnect the device’s power cord for about three seconds and then plug it back in.

Note: You can restart the Amazon Fire TV with your remote. Just press and hold the select button and play button at the same time until the Amazon Fire TV device restarts.

Video, but no sound: Firstly, make sure that the video is not on mute. 

  • Secondly, if the Amazon device is connected to an AV player, make sure that it is switched on.
  • Now go to settings>display and sound>Dolby digital output and make sure that the Dolby Digital Plus is off.
  • Try using it with a different HDMI cable, and if not, then unplug all the cables and try them again.

Amazon Device is on, but nothing is popping up on the screen:

  • Firstly, make sure that the TV is switched on and set to the correct input source.
  • Try using a different HDMI cable between the device and the TV or unplug and re-plug again.
  • If connected through an AV player, then remove it and connect it directly to the TV.
  • Disconnect all the other devices connected to the different HDMI ports on the TV.
  • Set the TV to a different resolution
  • Press the up and rewind button together on the TV for about 5 seconds. The different resolutions will cycle through, with pausing each resolution for about 10 seconds. The indicator light will blink yellow on TV, and then you can choose, use the correct resolution.

Difficulty in purchasing or accessing content

  • Make sure that the Amazon Fire Stick is connected to the TV. It is imperative for purchasing, streaming, or syncing the content.
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi is working by checking the settings.
  • Make sure that the 1-click payment is set up accurately. 

Movies, photos are not showing.

  • Make sure that the Amazon Fire TV device is signed up with the correct Account.
  • To verify the registration, go to the Home Screen and select settings. There you will need the Account that has been registered with the device.

Certain apps not working

  • Select settings and click on manage all installed applications
  • Now choose the app you want to modify or change by uninstalling the application or clearing the data.

Remember, if you clear the data, do not delete the app because all the information will be lost and have to be re-entered.

Forgot the Amazon Instant Video Pin

  • Go to Amazon Instant Video Pin settings, and in the section, type a five-digit number for setting up your pin. You can even view/edit your pin to change the existing pin.

Difficult to access the USB storage

  • Firstly be sure that you are using a USB supported device. Visit the USB storage for Amazon Fire TV.
  • Remove the USB storage and wait for the confirmation before removing the device.
  • Remove the USB device and plug it back in.

Cant pair the Fire TV Remote App

  • Make sure the device is connected to the same network as your Amazon Fire TV device.
  • Check the advanced settings on your wireless router and see if the IP address is set to automatic. 
  • Then restart your Fire Stick Device and disconnect the power cord. Plug it back in within 3 seconds.


Can I use my TV remote with the Fire Stick?

 Most TV’s turn off by default and automatically. Once programmed, you can use your TV remote to control multiple devices, including the Amazon Fire Stick.

Does each fire stick come with its own remote?

Setting up the new remote is easy. Amazon, as a company, only sells one replacement remote for the Fire TV. The replacement is possible if it gets spoilt, but the remote arrives with the package’s stick.

How can many fire sticks use the same Account?

You can easily stream up to 3 videos at the same time using the same Amazon account. Multiple devices can be registered with the Amazon fire stick.

Why does the Amazon Firestick remote flash blue?

It means that the Alexa button was pressed. You can use voice commands by pushing and pressing the Alexa button. But, if the remote stops working, hold the button to pair the device again.

Why won’t the remote connection to the Fire stick?

To connect or reconnect, firstly replace the batteries in your remote. Then, move the remote closer to the TV, unplug the Fire TV device from the power cord and plug it in after 5-10 seconds.


Apart from being inexpensive, the Amazon Fire Stick TV remote online offers great voice command functionality that easily controls your TV. The remote is easy to use and controls the various apps and multiple devices quite simply. This device is packed with quick and fast performance, and the feature of Amazon Alexa is quite useful.

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