Symphonic TV Universal Remote Control Codes

Having a universal remote means that you are signing up yourself for tons of convenience. It is one of the simplest ways to change your smartphones to remotes nowadays. By simply installing an app, you can convert your phone into mobile with a remote that works similar to the Symphonic TV remote control. 

symphonic TV universal remote codes


The Symphonic TV Universal Remote Controller works quite quickly through an app. It allows users to handle Symphonic TV with your smartphones. Establishing the connection is simple and easy, and the app comes with a simple user interface for users. By simply installing this app, you can convert your device into a Symphonic TV remote controller. The app is free to use and comes with great features of the application for Symphonic TVs. 

Remote Control codes for Symphonic TV

The Symphonic TV remote control codes can be used with all Symphonic televisions, DVD players and VCR players. Anyone can use these codes only with the various universal remotes.

Four-digit remote control codes for Symphonic TV

  • 1280
  • 1384
  • 1484
  • 1484
  • 1024
  • 1031
  • 1036
  • 1105
  • 2321
  • 3021
  • 3002

Three-digit remote control codes for Symphonic Universal TV

  • 198
  • 003
  • 053
  • 155
  • 189
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Instructions to setup Symphonic TV Universal Remote codes

The Symphonic TV comes providing a variety of options to its users for accessing the universal remote control. If you want to operate the TV using the remote controls, then use the codes listed above and program them for easy access.

There are three methods for programming the Symphonic TV remote with your TV. The following techniques for the Symphonic TV remote control setup are listed below:

Option 1: Programming the Symphonic TV remote code controller using an Auto search method

When you use the auto search method for programming, all the codes are scanned thoroughly in the process. It examines one particular code at a time to find out the right remote code that works efficiently with your remote for programming.

Step 1: Switch on the TV that you want to use the universal remote control.

Step 2: Switch on the remote and tap on the device button for about 3 seconds. The LED light will blink, which will indicate that the device is ready for programming.

Step 3: Point the remote towards the device and click on the ‘CH+’ and ‘CH-‘ buttons. The remote will depict the on and off signals. Then press the up and down key until the device turns off.

Step 4: Once you have programmed the remote, verify the code by pressing the power key. The device will automatically turn on. When it starts, try changing the channels to make sure that the remote his programmed correctly.

Step 5: Lastly, click on the device button to save the code. The LED of the device will blink again for confirming the code that is stored.

Option 2: Programming the Symphonic TV remote code controller using the manual method

With using the key code, you can program the remote control for Symphonic TV. The critical code is capable of identifying the make and model of the equipment in question.

Step 1: Firstly switch on the device.

Step 2: Now press the TV button on the Symphonic TV universal remote

Step 3: Now press and hold the Setup Button of the Universal Remote until you see the light flashing

Step 4: Now enter the key code, which you have collected from the programming guide

Step 5: Once all this is done point your remote at the TV and press and hold the power button.

Step 6: Finally, release the button as soon as the screen switches off.

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These steps will ensure that your TV works appropriately with the universal remote control. If the device doesn’t work, repeat the same procedure with a different code from the list of remote control codes.

Option 3: Programming the Symphonic TV remote code controller using the Code Search method

If finding the critical code is difficult, you can easily set up your universal remote to search for the correct code. The valid code is a code in the manual that forces the remote to go into search mode.

Step 1: Firstly, turn on the device that you want to use

Step 2: Press and hold the set up button.

Step 3: Enter 9-9-1 three-digit codes

Step 4: Hold the power button on the remote and press the CH+ button until the device turns off 

This method ends up taking more time, but it is necessary for finding your key code. After performing the procedure above, the remote will perform all of its desired functions. 

Note: If the remote codes listed above do not work for your device, try to enter the other options, and if you are still facing the same issue, then contact the customer service for help.

How to us Symphonic TV Remote control

For using the Symphonic TV remote control:

  • Make sure that you place the batteries in the right slot.
  • For this, open the battery compartment and insert 2 AA batteries indicated according to the markings.
  • Make sure you place the batteries in the right compartment, and if you are not going to use the device for an extended period, remove the batteries to prevent them from running out or getting damaged.

For using the Symphonic TV:

  • Plugin the power cord to a power socket and turn on the unit.
  • Select the channel that you want to view.
  • If you are connecting your TV via cable, then select the input channel on the TV and view your favourite content easily. 

Troubleshooting Problems associated with Symphonic TV Remote

There are various problems that the user can face while using the Symphonic TV and the Symphonic TV Universal remote.

There is no Power:

Make sure the TV cable is connected to the TV outlet and the power is turned on correctly.

There is no picture or sound:

For this, make sure that the cored is connected to the power outlet properly and check the connection. Next, let the unit program is autotuned memory.

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There is no picture or blurry picture comes up on the unit:

For this, adjust the direct or the wires. Check your settings and make sure the picture controls have been set right. Be sure that there are no broken pieces of cables, which is spoiling the connection.

No sound at all:

Go to the settings and adjust the volume control on the remote or the central unit. Try pressing the mute button to check the volume.

Not able to use the time recording feature:

Firstly, ensure that the time recording feature is set correctly and make sure that the power is off. Also, see if the clock is set correctly on the TV.

The TV isn’t able to go into record mode:

For this, see if the tape has the functions of erase-protection. Also, if needed, cover the hole with a plastic tape.

The playback picture is a bit too noisy:

On the remote, adjust the tracking control to get a better quality picture.

No picture is showing, but the audio works fine in the playback:

 It might be time to perform head cleaning. 

Nothing happening with the infrared remote control:

Firstly, check for the batteries and replace the weak batteries with fresh ones, if needed. Point the remote towards the remote sensor and remove all the obstacles that could be a hindrance to your path of control. Check the IR signal or try selecting a different model. Operate the remote within a range of 10 feet only.

The video and colour are fading when you are trying to make a copy: 

It is not possible to copyright any videotape.

There are different colour marks on the screen:

The natural magnetism from other devices and appliances affects the colour of the TV pictures. Therefore, try moving the machines so that the TV fixes itself automatically or try unplugging the power cord to reset the unit.


How does the universal remote control work?

You start by telling the remote which device you want to operate by pressing one of the four keys on the top of the remote. These mode keys are labelled according to the different units; Set-top Box, TV, DVD and Aux. Each of the mode keys is associated with the specific device. You can easily switch between devices as well, and you can easily control to program your remote.

How do I start?

The Symphonic TV remote control code requires two AA batteries. The design will indicate how to install the batteries and the light on the remote blinks each time the key is pressed.

Where can we store the remote?

Using one remote in comparison to many makes it much easier to handle multiple devices in your homes. Finding a suitable storage location for your remote is essential, and parents must keep it out of reach of the children.

What if neither of the codes works?

If none of the codes works or if your device’s codes are not listed on the table, use the auto-search function through the library of codes for a valid code. You can set up multiple devices according to the different remote codes.


The Symphonic TV Remote control code is easy to use and comes performing a variety of functions, which makes it easier to control the different devices in your homes. Using this single remote can access all the Symphonic devices and programming, it is a simple and easy process. Initially, setting up will take time but once done, the access is easy and convenient.

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