Finlux TV Remote Control Codes and Setup Guide

Finlux TV Remote Control Codes and Setup Guide

Whether you are looking to upgrade to better-functioning TV or you want to try a better brand, getting one that has a wide range of remote control codes and setup guide is essential. Finlux may not seem familiar to people that prefer buying TVs from the streets. The brand is and can only be found online, where it is known for its exemplary performance and budget-friendly prices. However, what makes it to stand out of the crowd is its smart-enabled functions that allow users to access hundreds of catch-up and on-demand TV services with one click of the remote control. If you are looking to buy this TV, then read this article to find out their remote control codes and setup guide.

Finlux TV Universal Remote codes

Instruction to set up the Finlux TV Remote control

The Finlux remote control operates the same way as standard remotes. The only difference is that it has many features that make it more efficient. Once you have set up your TV and connected it to a power source, you can use the remote to navigate basic features. The first button at the top right-hand side is for power. It will provide you with all available broadcast and content sources. Below it is a “Netflix” button that activates the Netflix application as long as your TV supports it. Use the “play” button to play the selected button. Additionally, if you want to record specific programs, you can click on the “record” button.

When you want to change the menu, the “Menu” button will be at your disposal. As long as you have a reliable internet provider, you can use the “internet” button to access as many web-based applications as your TV model can handle. To adjust the volume, use either the V+ or V- buttons. The back/return buttons take you back to the previous screen, opening up the index page in a text format. If you have a favourite channel that you want to watch, the “Favorites” button will display all your favourite channels. To switch between sound modes, you can click on the “language” button.

My button one and my button two options allow you to access various functions depending on your model. However, you can use both the features to customize a special function depending on your taste.

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If you want to adjust the image side or picture formats, there is a button for that. It allows you to watch pictures in different formats provided the transmission you receive permits it. Use this button to change the aspect ratio of the TV for viewings the image in specific zoom modes. And if the broadcast signal is weak or the picture depicts noisy sounds, you can use the noise reduction option to customize the sound according to your requirements.



For users with kids below the age of 18 years old, you are probably wondering whether the remote control has a child-lock feature. The good news is you can configure parental settings using a default PIN code assigned for your country. Once you find the button, all you need is to enter a PIN code for viewing the menu option. Then you can use the codes:

  • 4725
  • 0000
  • 1234

to activate the child-lock feature.

Since Finlux recognizes that countries have different time zones, it has a date or time feature at your disposal. Once you activate other settings, your TV will change the time info depending on the broadcast you are using. If your TV doesn’t have a channel mode, the date and time settings will change to match the time zone of your specific country. But if it is on a standby mode or off, then that means it lacks a broadcast. That means the time detail will not be updated. In short, the TV first senses the time into the broadcast then it changes to suit your user preference.

Remote codes for Finlux TVs remote

Whether you are using a remote control that can operate in a three or four-digit code, there is always a special code assigned to your Finlux TV. You can choose to use them to operate on an existing universal, SAT or cable remote when you set it up correctly. Here is a list of Finlux TV remote codes that you can use on universal remotes include Sky Remote, U-verse, One for All, Philips, and the rest:

Finlux Universal TV 3 digits Codes

  • 114
  • 322
  • 373
  • 438
  • 543
  • 064
  • 097
  • 206
  • 099
  • 132

Finlux TV 4 digits Remote codes

  • 0473
  • 0606
  • 0105
  • 0346
  • 0411
  • 0163
  • 0631
  • 0418
  • 0087
  • 0070
  • 0064
  • 0583

As you can see, the remote codes vary depending on the model of your Finlux TV. Whenever you buy a specific model, always confirm whether the code matches your remote. There is no way you can use 3-digit code on a TV bearing a 4-digit code. But if you are lucky, a universal remote control can work on any TV brand as long as it has all the features needed to navigate its features.

Troubleshooting Finlux TVs remote codes

Sometimes, your Finlux TV may fail to turn on, or the remote is working on another, and that is one of the worst things you can go through. Unfortunately, the hitches you are facing may be symptomatic of an internal hardware defect waiting to happen. That means your power supply or motherboard may be faulty, or your remote could be exposed to other risks. Also, your remote control device may lose its ability to manipulate the devices it is supposed to control. If you are going through this, then worry not. There is always a solution or ways to troubleshoot your Finlux TVs remote code.

  1. Before you troubleshoot the remote code, check whether the remote you are using designed for that specific device, which is Finlux. It would be absurd to use a different one from the one you were supplied with.
  1. Confirm the status of batteries of the supplied remote. If they are used up, you can consider buying new ones. No amount of signals will let you know whether the battery has or is about to die. So getting a new one is the best decision to make because low battery power can cause your remote to malfunction. But if they are wrongly placed, you can reposition them.
  1. If the batteries aren’t the cause of the remote malfunction, it means there is something else wrong with it. You may have dropped it down several times, and this may cause some of its features to stop working. Also, moisture or humid temperatures form the perfect recipe for malfunction disaster in remote controls. So, confirm whether these two conditions are the cause of your problem.
  1. To troubleshoot your remote control code, always ensure there are no hitches between the device and the remote itself. Since TV remotes rely on infrared technology, the only way of operating them is by pointing them directly at the device you want to control. If there is anything between the TV and the remote, then it will fail to work.
  1. Contacting your Finlux TV provider is the next step you need to make. They are in a better position to tell what is happening to your device. That way, you can tell whether your device is appropriately designed to manipulate the specific Finlux model within its setup.
  1. If all the options seem futile, then chances are your remote could be faulty. One of the best options is to replace it with a universal remote, though some of the functions may not be applicable on Finlux TVs. But you are better off contacting the Finlux customer support team directly to get you a new remote designed for your TV.
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Does the Finlux TV have a smart remote?

Yes. Finlux allows you to access primary channels using the smart remote application without using your remote controller. So whether your mobile device is supported by iOS or Android, you will enjoy all the easy to use functions from the trendy user interface.

Does a Finlux TV come with an HDMI cable?

No. you will need to buy a separate HDMI cable since it doesn’t come with it.

Can a Finlux TV withstand higher temperatures?

No. Finlux TVs aren’t programmed to work in places with high temperatures. So if you reside in an area that experienced hot-dry or hot-wet climates, you can consider buying other models. Also, the warranty is limited to UK-based users. That means you will need to be a UK resident to get the perks from Finlux’s warranty.

Can one replace their Flinlux TV remote if it gets lost or damaged?

Yes. You can call you provider using the number can be obtained from your TV manual or online. But if you want to replace your remote with the one that is precisely the same, you will need to obtain it directly from Flinlux. Unless your remote is faulty and is under warranty, you will need to pay a replacement fee. And that is chargeable when shipping. Alternatively, you can buy a universal remote that is designed to work with a wide range of products from many manufacturers.

Can the Finlux remote control work other TV brands?

No. Finlux Remote controls are designed for Finlux-only televisions.

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How many batteries does a Finlux remote control need?

A Finlux remote control needs two AAA batteries. The total price of your TV includes batteries. It is supposed to last you up to three months before you consider replacing it with new ones. While it is possible to get new batteries are available in selected online stores, it is always advisable to buy from Finlux. That way, you can rest assured that you are getting genuine batteries that will last you more than six months.

How can one ensure that their Finlux remote control stays in good condition?

Any electronic device can have a limitless shelf-life as long as it is well-maintained. Like any other remote control, the Finlux remote doesn’t function properly when exposed to moisture or high temperatures. Always ensure that it is placed in away from anything that may expose it to such conditions. Also, it is advisable to place the batteries in their correct positions. And if they die, consider replacing them with original ones from Finlux.

Does the Finlux remote control have a child-lock feature?

Yes. You can use the codes assigned for your specific country to activate the child-lock feature. All you need is to configure parental settings using a default PIN code assigned for your country. Once you find the button, all you need is to enter a PIN code for viewing the menu option. Then you can use the codes

  • 4725
  • 0000
  • 1234 

to activate the child-lock feature.

Does the remote control come with a warranty?

Yes. You have up to 24 months to request for a replacement or to repair your Finlux remote control. But the company can only bear the liability once you prove that the damage wasn’t caused by improper handling. That way, they will have enough time to organize for a replacement or repair depending on the severity of the malfunction.

Final Thoughts

Finlux has a wide range of remote controls that are easy to use and navigate as long as they are compatible with the device they are supposed to control. The remote control codes are unique, and they vary depending on your TV model. When you understand how the correlate with the features of your TV, you will have an easy time setting it up without seeking the assistance of a tech-savvy person. If you encounter issues with the remote, then it is advisable to check with your provider to find out whether the problem is on your end or as a result of the way you are handling it. Going by the rise in demand for this TV brand, there is no way of telling whether Finlux is about to go away anytime soon.

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