Pyle Soundbar Remote Control Codes And Setup Guide

Pyle Soundbar Remote Control Codes And Setup Guide

Are you in possession of a Pyle soundbar? Are you unable to operate it with your remote control? We assure you that by following a few steps, you will be able to handle your unit comfortably with just a few clicks of your remote control. Your remote control type does not matter since our guide offers the most comfortable universal code sets and combinations that will link your Soundbar with your DIRECTV, ATTU-verse, and DISH remote controls.

Given the variety of universally available control codes, individual code choices may present with operational hitches, depending on the remote control brand. Even though this occurs indefinitely, there is no need to worry since we have timely solutions for such challenges. Put down your issue at the Query section indicating the make and reference for your remote control, and we will provide you with the best working code.

Note that you should ensure the Soundbar is appropriately placed and all connections fixed as per the user manual to achieve optimal remote control setup. Any slight deformations would mean ineffectiveness in the process of linking it to your desired remote control. The remote control will only operate within a range that does not exceed 16 feet and an angle of 30 degrees left or right away from the unit.

Pyle Soundbar Codes

Pyle Soundbar Remote Control Instructions (Set-Up)

Besides using remote control codes, universal remote controls can be programmed to work with a Pyle Soundbar using three methods: auto search method, manual method, and code search.

Pyle Soundbar Remote control Setup with auto search method

This programming method employs an automated scan to ascertain the identity of the codes available for setup. The remote control scans the principles it’s fed within a distinct manner. It then identifies the correct code that is most suited to work with your remote control brand. To achieve the best setup results in this mode, you need to follow the instructions below.

  1. Power on the device that you want to operate with the remote control, your TV set, or personal computer, for instance.
  2. Power on the remote control followed by pressing the DVD, TV, CBL, and OK buttons with a delay of 2-3 seconds. The presence of the LED light indicates that the device is ready for setup.
  • Point the remote control towards the device and press the CH+ and CH- buttons. You will notice that your private shows on/off signals simultaneously. At this point, press the up or down keys continuously till the device goes off.
  1. Press the power key. By so doing, you will be able to verify the code. The device, at this point, should turn on. To ascertain that the remote control has been programmed correctly, try switching channels.
  2. Click the device button to save the control code. You will notice that the LED light of the device blinks twice. It is to confirm that the code has successfully been fed and saved in the machine.

Pyle Soundbar Remote control Setup with Manual method

This programming model uses the keycode mechanism. Like the auto search method, the keycode identifies the make and type of the device and then sets the applicable code for your device. The following steps are vital to achieving the best results while setting up Pyle soundbar remote control using this method.

  1. Begin by turning on the device.
  2. Click on the TV key of the Pyle soundbar universal remote control
  • Proceed by pressing and holding the setup key of the universal remote. You will see a light flash, an indication that it is in learning mode.
  1. By clicking the same keys, enter the key code that is provided in the Instructions Booklet. It is the final step that synchronizes the code with the Universal remote control and makes it useable.
  2. Press and hold the Power key while pointing your remote control towards the device; after ensuring that the above procedures have been carried out correctly,
  3. As the device switches off, you can release the power button.

Pyle Soundbar Remote control Setup using Code search

This mode involves the integration of both manual and auto search setup mechanisms. It comes into use when you are not able to find a suitable key for your device in manual mode. It, therefore, compels the remote into search mode to locate the right control code. The following procedure is supposed to be followed properly in this mode.

  1. The first step is to  “Turn The Device On.”
  2. It is then followed by pressing and holding the “Setup” button.
  • Into the remote control, key in the “9-9-1” three-digit code.

Proceed by holding down the Power Button of the remote control, followed by pressing the channel up. Do this until the device Turns Off.

  1. To view the first digit in the code, Press and release the number “1” key. Wait a few seconds, and count the number of times the green light flashes. Note the number down. Repeat this step for several other times for the remaining digits; press number “2” for the second digit, “3” for the third digit, and maintain the other digits’ pattern.

Note that setting up Pyle soundbar remote control using this method may sometimes deem to be time-consuming. However, it is a basic formula for acquiring the required key code, and the best alternative for the setup process should the manual and search modes fail.

Code Search using DIRECTV Remote Control:

  1. Power on your Soundbar.
  2. Press the Volume up key but ensuring that it is muted.
  3. Proceed by Pressing the AV1 or AV2 keys.
  4. Press and hold the Mute key, selecting up to 2 flashes.
  5. Press “9 9 1” keys and then wait for two blinks.
  6.  enter “3”.
  7. Proceed by pressing and then releasing the Volume up button.
  8. “Place the remote close to the soundbar,” and then keep on pressing and releasing the CH+key.
  9. The Volume changes at this point. To finish the search, you should press Select to lock the code.

Code Search using Comcast Remote Control:

  1. Turn on your Soundbar.
  2. Continue to press and hold the Setup button of the remote control. The Led turns from red to green.
  3.  Key the remote code, which is listed above using the number button.
  4. If the code is suitable, then the LED will blink green twice. If the keyed code is wrong, the LED blink will be RED.
  5. Always use the remote to operate your den on Soundbar.
  6. Keep on trying other codes until your code is correct.

Note that we use the above methods for any universal remote controls. Therefore the techniques are most suitable for if you want to achieve correctly working universal remote codes.

Remote codes for Pyle soundbar remote

There exist three categories of the universal codes for the Pyle soundbar unit. Pyle soundbars are designed to operate with all universal remote controls. Therefore with the proper choice of appropriate codes in the available universal categories, it easy to link a remote control to a Pyle soundbar. The following are the categories of Universal control codes for the Pyle soundbar.

Pyle Soundbar 4 Digit Remote Control Codes:

  • 2421
  • 5674

Pyle Soundbar 5 Digit Remote Control Codes:

  • 12196
  • 12641
  • 11830
  • 10156
  • 11531

Pyle Soundbar 3 Digit Remote Control Code:

  • 782

The codes mentioned above should work with Pyle soundbar models PSBV200BT, PSBVWF300B, and PSBV600BT.

Troubleshooting Pyle Soundbar remote codes

Just like any other device, the Pyle soundbar’s remote control system can experience incidences of malfunctioning. The most common solution is usually to carry out troubleshooting to identify the problem. Resetting the program is usually one mechanism of carrying out the troubleshooting. The Reset button is located on the front of the main panel. It is recessed to prevent accidental activities. It can be activated with the aid of a pointed object. It should only be activated under the following conditions:

  1. a) Initial installation after all connections are completed.
  2. b) Encounter of an abnormal operation such as an incorrect numerical display.

 Whenever the reset button is activated, all pre-installed

Content is erased, and therefore reprogramming will be mandatory.

How to Use the Remote-controlled Pyle Soundbar

  1. To turn the Pyle Soundbar to Standby mode, press the POWER button on the unit’s front panel.
  2. Then Press the STANDBY button on the unit or remote control to power on the device.
  • Pressing the INPUT button on the unit or remote control several times controls the selection of the desired input sources, including USB, CARD, FM radio, Blue, AUX1, AUX2, and PC.
  1. Press and hold (or) VOL +/- buttons on the unit or on the remote control to adjust Volume as desired. Shortly press (or) to play PRE or NEXT song.
  2. Pressing the Bass +/- buttons on the remote control helps adjust the device’s sound level. Now press the 3D button on the remote control to turn the Surround Sound Effect ON, Press again to turn it OFF.
  3. While listening, press the MUTE button on the remote control to turn off the sound for the. Press again to turn the sound back on.
  • While listening, press the RESET button on the remote control to reset the sound level to default settings.
  • When listening, press the STANDBY button on the unit or remote control to turn off the unit and Standby mode. Note that If you do not use the unit for an extended period, press the POWER button on the unit’s front panel to cut off the AC supply.

 General Operation

  1. Power ON the unit as in the previous procedures.
  2. To switch between different FM frequencies, press the INPUT button on the unit or remote control repeatedly.
  • Press the (or) button on the remote control repeatedly to search the specific radio stations. (To explore the radio stations in auto mode: Press and hold the (or) button for about two seconds, then release the button. The unit will auto search the next available radio station then stop. Repeat the above procedure to search for all public radio stations.)
  1. To listen to the preset channels, press the CH+/CH- buttons on the remote control repeatedly until the desired channel appears on display.
  2. To save the currently received radio stations into the memory. Click on the MEMORY ( ) button on the remote control. CH 01 will be displayed. Continue to Press the CH+/CH- buttons repeatedly to select channel numbers as desired. Again press the MEMORY button to store the current radio station to the selected channel.
  3. Now to choose the desired radio station, press CH+ or CH- keys. Pressing the SCAN button on the remote control helps to auto search the working radio station and auto store in memory.
  • Repeated Pressing of the EQ button on the remote control helps select stereo or mono depending on the user’s priority. You will see STEREO or MONO appearing on the display

 Listening To FM Radio

  1. Connect the 3.5mm audio cable to the FM ANT jack on the rear of the unit
  2. Try to Extend the wire and relocate it to get the best reception.

 SD/USB Slot Functions

  1. Before connecting any of the following USB flash drive or SD cards, please make sure they are in the right direction.
  2. Insert the SD card into the SD slot and USB memory. Consider using the USB slot more than USB memory.
  3. Now Play the MP3/MWA songs automatically.
  • Simultaneous turning off and turning on of the device means that the unit will automatically play the last song you played before the turnoff—power ON the unit as previous procedures. Continue to repeatedly press the INPUT button on the unit or remote control until CARD or USB is displayed. To play files on USB, choose USB. To play files in the SD card, select CARD.
  1. Press the “or” button on the remote control to switch between songs forwards or backward. For fast rewind/fast forwards and hold the button.

 Operating Bluetooth Functions

  1. Press “INPUT” to enter the “BLUE” mode. The unit will automatically show “0000” on display when connecting with your mobile phone when initiating the controls.
  2. In the mobile phone Bluetooth search menu, choose the” BT-speaker” enter” 0000” to pair with the unit. The unit will have gained control of your mobile phone music by pressing “( )” or ( ) VOL + and ( ). These keys have similar functions with “USB/ CARD” mode.”
  • When the mobile phone has a call, the unit will show “CALL” press” to listen to the call. Therefore, you will enter hands fee mode for the time that you will be attending to the call, during which the effect distance will be 1 meter. Hang up by repeating the process. The unit will resume playing music.
  1. The Unit’s Bluetooth will auto search and connect with the last mobile phone after the power goes off.


  1.     How do I program my Pyle soundbar with a universal remote control?

 Pyle soundbar can be programmed to operate with universal control in the following ways:

  1. How will I know if a given control code is compatible with my Pyle soundbar?

   Different soundbar models work with varying codes of control. Check the specs for the code that you have chosen amongst the varieties of universal control codes. If you use the auto search or manual mode of programming, the commands will direct your remote control to select a suitable control code automatically. If you are using the code search programming mechanism, the code comes with the user instructions; thus, you will only be required to key the code into the remote control to make it operational.

  1. Is it possible to operate all my devices using the same remote control?

Yes, you can efficiently operate your video and sound systems using one Pyle soundbar remote control. Without laboring much, you can program your universal remote control to operate your Pyle soundbar unit and other TV and PC devices.

Final Thought

Always consider familiarizing yourself with usage guidelines and safety measures alongside the programming instructions provided in this guide. Note also that the remote codes provided in this guide should only be used with Pyle Sound models PSBV200BT, PSBVWF300B, and PSBV600BT. Pyle Soundbar now makes your entertainment operations much more comfortable. You can now operate multiple devices, including sound system, TV, PC, and many others, just by a few clicks of your remote control. If this guide was helpful, please leave feedback to help us know your demands and interests and serve you better. It will also be beneficial to us in identifying our shortcomings. All related queries are also invited in the Query section. Thanks for being our loyal supporter.

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