TCL vs Hisense – Which Brands Makes Better TVs? [2022]

TCL vs Hisense, both of these brands have made their mark on the TV set industry, but which brand is better? Sometimes, it’s the product line and the product itself that make an impression, rather than the brand name. Making the wrong choice and investing in a TV that disappoints is not something you want to do. 

This TCL vs Hisense comparison helps you choose the best TV for you based on our media team’s analysis.


A unbiased evaluation of the features of TCL vs Hisense.

To help you compare TCL VS Hisense, our team of experts has come up with a shortlist of important features to help you make an informed decision. A great picture quality and a pleasant viewing experience are guaranteed by these capabilities and characteristics.


TCL vs Hisense track record comparison.

In comparison to Hisense VS TCL, both companies have been praised for their lower priced products. People tend to associate quality with the price point of a TV, but our team says it’s just a number. As a starter, Hisense ranked pretty well with our experts since many of their TVs were decent, regardless of size. Their picture quality is excellent, they are easy to use, and they support most applications.

Due to the reasonable prices of many of their products, as well as their superior quality, TCL also ranks very highly with us. Further, the Roku smart TV operating system provides near-perfect, good picture quality, making it popular with consumers.

When it comes to reliability and performance, both brands have a stellar track record.


TCL vs Hisense in terms of price points.

Our team included a price point section because it’s often the first thing consumers think about. In spite of the fact that this may not be the best feature to influence your decision, it does play a significant role in influencing it. As far as Hisense vs TCL is concerned, both of their TV brands are known for their reasonable prices, and we can see that in their budget TV models. 

We would have to say that TCL TVs would be the winner of this round if we had to pick a winner. This conclusion was reached by comparing products within the same class and range of products. It has been found that TCL TVs are more affordable than Hisense TVs, so you get more for your money with TCL TVs.

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TCL vs Hisense picture quality comparison.

Taking a look at Hisense and TCL televisions, let’s compare their picture quality. The TCL brand still edges out its rival, despite the fact that both brands deliver good picture quality. Several of their models have vertical alignment panel displays that offer better contrast ratios and vibrant colors. Both Hisense and TCL offer a variety of technical features that can enhance your viewing experience. 

A local dimming system improves the detail on your screen in dark and black areas. There are a number of TV sets produced by TCL that have this feature. It makes their TVs appear much more expensive than they actually are since both Hisense and TCL have ultra high definition, or UHD, images.

Besides game mode, motion handling is an important aspect of smooth gameplay. Both lines of TVs emphasize gaming quality with the features listed above and motion blur. Even at a fast frame rate or refresh rate, motion blur will ensure the picture quality remains relatively clear.

You should also take refresh rate into consideration if you are an avid gamer. There are models on the market that measure 60 and 120 Hz, but our team recommends 120Hz at a minimum for best performance.

Additionally, each brand features proprietary technologies that enhance your viewing experience. The QLED TVs will be equipped with Quantum Dot, which enhances color rendering. In addition to Dolby Vision, both labels are also capable of offering the technology. 

Although both Hisense and TCL have great products, we give TCL the edge for its dynamic display.


Hisense vs TCL in terms of audio quality.

Because people instinctively associate TVs with pictures and moving images, they tend to concentrate on their specifications. A sound expert has also been brought in by our media team to determine the audio quality. Your viewing experience will also be significantly impacted by the sound capabilities of modern TV sets.

Harman Kardon speakers and surround sound technology may be included in speakers from high-end brands. It isn’t always the case with TCL and Hisense TVs, but you can still get decent sound from them.

After watching movies on both the TCL TV and Hisense TV, our audio team concluded that Hisense has the best factory stereo speakers. There’s no need to worry, because TCL also makes soundbars that match their TVs perfectly. By pairing two of their devices together, you can improve the sound quality and even outperform Hisense TV speakers.


The technology of both TV brands.

The operating systems of Hisense and TCL TVs offer excellent technological features. Depending on the smart TV you choose, you can find UHD (Ultra High Definition), HDR (High Dynamic Range), and even Dolby Vision. These two differ in more ways than you can count when it comes to the smallest details.

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As a result of the Roku Smart TV platform, we give a point to the TCL Smart TV sets. There is no doubt that Roku TV is a highly coveted interface, but the battle is not yet over. Hisense uses an Android-based operating system to operate its smart TVs. It may be easier for some users to use an Android system since they are familiar with the intuitive interface of their smartphones.

If you have mainly Android-based systems, Hisense offers Chromecast, Google Games, and voice control via Google Assistant. Despite having different operating systems, TCL also works with Google Assistant, which makes TCL a good TV brand.


TCL vs Hisense features of smart televisions.

We are going to compare Hisense VS TCL TV brands according to their smart features and see which is better. In spite of the fact that they run on different operating systems, both are extremely streaming-friendly. Despite our experts’ preference for TCL, Roku TVs aren’t always the best because of the Roku system. 

There’s a lot of streaming apps and services available through TCL, which greatly enhances user convenience. Those who are unfamiliar with the Android platform will find it easy to use.


Hisense vs TCL in terms of Connectivity.

Are Hisense or TCL TV models easier to connect to the internet? The answer is both of them do, depending on which two TVs you’re comparing. Hisense vs TCL TV models share two communication features, both HDMI, with some models having an additional HDMI port.

In addition to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, our media team recommends looking for wireless connections. Our experts also found it great that more affordable brands can still offer all of the above, even if they are more expensive.

Wireless connectivity will make setup easier and clutter-free as long as your devices support Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Media files can be played quickly on TVs from TCL and Hisense that have USB ports.


Both TV brands were designed and built.

A smart TV’s build quality determines its longevity and ease of use, and Hisense and TCL both offer smart TV options with very thin profiles. You can also choose between large screens and small screens depending on your space. Both are visually pleasing, but our experts award TCL the victory for its build quality and design.

The support legs seem to be more reliable than Hisense, and they have a sturdier overall feel.

The durability of both TVs.

It is not just the build and design that affect durability, but also the materials that are used in the construction of your Hisense TV or TCL TV. Because they are more affordable models, Hisense and TCL rank equally for durability. However, don’t worry, these TV sets are made of durable plastic, and they will last for a while, but the quality may not be as good as something much more expensive.

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There are pros and cons to Hisense TVs, including thinner profiles than TCL TVs. Thick screens take up more space, but they are stronger and more durable over time, so they are a positive. The winner in this section is TCL, since we are discussing durability and wear.

When it comes to material quality, you get what you pay for, but our team also suggests users look into warranties. Purchasing expensive products with a lengthy warranty is more comfortable for consumers, including our engineers.

Certain cases can also be affected by the warranty period when it comes to the quality of a product. What would you choose if you had to choose between a product with a 1-year warranty and one with a limited lifetime warranty?

Since both TCL and Hisense offer a 1-year warranty, there is no clear winner in this section. In this article, our experts want to remind our readers why buyer protection is so important.


The two brands offer a wide selection of televisions.

What types of TVs are available to consumers from TCL and Hisense? To achieve more colorful hues, QLED TVs use Quantum Dot, as we mentioned earlier. There are also ULED TVs, short for Ultra Light Emitting Diodes, which can deliver peak brightness and better resolution regardless of screen size. 

Currently, TCL does not have ULED TVs in their line, so you will only find these models in Hisense. In contrast, you will find two TVs from both lines with UHD or Ultra High Definition features. UHD isn’t your average full HD, it encompasses 4K and 8K resolutions substantially higher than that.

A curved television set hasn’t been available on the market for a long time. The effects of curved screens are clearly noticeable on large screens than on smaller ones. Curved screens have many benefits, but what are they? It improves your viewing angle, which is the first benefit. Regardless of where you sit, curved screens provide a more immersive experience. 

In this category, our team members believe Hisense wins due to its more features, including its ULED TV, which TCL is yet to adopt. Hisense wins for now, but it may be incorporated into some of their products in the future.



What is the better brand, TCL or Hisense?

TCL is better than Hisense in some categories, but it lags behind in others, such as ULED TVs. When it comes to build, picture, design, and technology, TCL is the superior brand despite Hisense’s good prices.


Does Hisense make TCL?

Hisense is not the manufacturer of TCL, and TCL and Hisense are independent companies that produce high-quality, affordable, and durable products. Each of these companies is headquartered in China and exports its products abroad. 


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