Who Makes TCL TVs? – Why It Is Best Choice For You? [2022]

TCL has dominated a large part of the smart TV market recently, becoming one of the most popular brands of smart TVs. By balancing the screen quality and retail price of their smart TVs. The company is bringing in a larger audience to its entertainment ecosystem. Many TV lovers wonder “who makes TCL Roku TVs?” and we will cover everything about TCL TVs.


TV manufacturer TCL Roku is referred to as “TCL Corporation of China” in the name of the TV.

Due to the company’s rapid growth, backed by powerful technology, every user has a question about who makes TCL Roku TV when they are taken by the TV’s aesthetics. In this article, we will compare TCL TVs to Samsung TVs, discuss how good TCL TVs are for smart TVs, and learn about who makes TCL Roku TVs. You might be surprised to learn this.


Discover In-depth Information About Who Makes TCL Roku Smart TV?

who makes tcl roku tv
Who Makes TCL Roku TV

There are several reasons why it is rumored that the TCL smart TV is manufactured by Samsung. Having higher similarities with Samsung TVs is due to the improvements in design, quality, and operating systems of TCL smart TVs. There has been speculation that Samsung makes TCL TVs, but who makes Roku TCL Smart TVs?

One of the largest Chinese technology companies, TCL Electronic Holdings Ltd, is a state-owned company with operations all over the world. The company produces TCL Smart TVs, which are designed, manufactured. However, sold by the company alone, unlike other budget TV brands. Additionally, they manufacture smartphones and other appliances for the home.

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More than 30 million televisions are designed and sold each year by the company from manufacturing facilities in India and Vietnam. Although the main headquarters of TCL is located in China, it also has many offices around the world. In addition to selling and providing TV parts to other TV brands, they also provide TV parts to other TV brands. As a result, Samsung does not design or manufacture the smart TVs of TCL, as well as any of the parts included in them.


How Good is TCL as a Brand for TVs?

You might consider buying a TCL smart TV if your budget is tight right now, but you want a smart TV because of the price and feature differences. The televisions made by the TCL brand are considered to be very good ones, isn’t that true? Is it a good idea to buy one if you come across a good deal on one?

If you are looking for a high-quality smart television that has an above-average screen size and a high pixel-per-pound ratio. Then you ought to consider TCL smart televisions. Additionally, they have built-in smart apps in addition to solid screens. Additionally, users can choose between Google and Roku-powered Smart TVs from TCL.

Aside from its cheap price, the brand is also a good option compared to LG, Samsung, and Sony. Though this is a budget brand, the company does not cut corners when it comes to the features it offers, even though it is a budget brand. The company even offers TVs with OLED screens, Dolby Atmos, and Dolby Vision HDR.

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There are some features you can only get with high-end smart televisions.


Who Makes Better TVs TCL Roku or Samsung?

Samsung smart TVs are likely to be familiar to those unfamiliar with TCL smart TVs. These are well built machines with a decent fluid screen, and they are well built. When compared with TCL, who makes better TVs because Samsung is a bigger competitor?

In case you were wondering who makes better TVs than TCL, then we have the answer for you. However, in terms of features, both models have very similar features, which makes them very similar to one another. In terms of Samsung, you get more smart features, but at a higher price. Whereas TLC is a newcomer who makes TVs that compete with large manufacturers. Despite this, Samsung’s smart TVs are better than TCL’s in terms of their overall quality. 

Who makes the best TV between Samsung and TCL when it comes to price? Indeed, TCL is very affordable and you get what you pay for when purchasing both devices. It’s clear that Samsung is the clear winner when it comes to picture quality, brand flexibility, and lower refresh rates. Technology and software were sourced from Roku or Google TV, which makes TCL a better choice.


Final Thoughts: Who Makes TCL TVs?

You should consider getting a smart TV from this brand if you want a large screen TV at a reasonable price. When it comes to flagship models and budget-smart TVs, TCL is attempting to close the gap between them. Its affordable price, great picture quality, and better OS support make this TV a great choice for new smart TV users. There is no doubt that if you are a gamer, you have a strong case for getting it.

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You have the option of choosing from Roku or Android TV from Google, both of which are very easy to use and configure. You won’t have any difficulty navigating or operating it if you’ve used either of these operating systems on televisions. Even though the Old TCL model doesn’t support an OS, it’s reliable when it comes to customization.


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