SimpliSafe No Link To Dispatcher Warning – Multiple Fixes

There is no laughing matter when it comes to home security. You want to be sure that your family and belongings are always safe, especially when you’re not there. That’s why a home security system like SimpliSafe is so essential. While using it, you might get SimpliSafe No Link To Dispatcher warnings, and we will show you how to resolve them.

SimpliSafe is a home security system meant to be easy to use and trustworthy. One of the features that makes it so reliable is the SimpliSafe No Link To Dispatcher warning. This warning lets you know if there is a problem with the SimpliSafe system and that it cannot connect to the dispatcher.

If your system is displaying the SimpliSafe No Link To Dispatcher warning and you’re not sure what it means. Don’t worry – we’re here to help. 

In this article, we will share all about the SimpliSafe No Link To Dispatcher warning and what you can do to fix it.


SimpliSafe – An Overview

Chad and Eleanor Laurans, two Harvard undergraduates, founded SimpliSafe in 2006. The Laurans came up with the idea for the business after learning that their friends were having trouble finding a home security firm that catered to renters due to a sequence of burglaries at their houses.

The company has now expanded to incorporate a broad range of security tools designed for simple setup and currently provides services to millions of consumers throughout the United States. The company still caters to customers who prefer an inexpensive home security system that is portable.

SimpliSafe is a do-it-yourself smart home surveillance system that protects your house from burglars and environmental risks like floods and fires. It is simple to install and use. It’s a streamlined system that does what it’s supposed to do well: protect your house in various ways, with or without a monthly subscription fee, and in a way that’s easy on your budget.

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What Is The SimpliSafe No Link To Dispatcher Warning

If you get the SimpliSafe No Link To Dispatcher error, it indicates that the link between your base station and the internet has been lost.

The SimpliSafe No Link To Dispatcher problem can be fixed in most cases by restarting the base station and setting up a new connection (preferably Wi-Fi).

Resetting the base station involves unplugging it, removing one battery for about ten seconds, replacing it, and then plugging it back in to restore the connection. It takes 1-2 minutes to reconnect.

Until the issue is resolved and a WiFi connection or cellular is restored, the SimpliSafe No Link To Dispatcher warning will remain displayed on the keypad and broadcast from the base station.


What You Need To Know Before Resetting SimpliSafe

Before we go into more depth on how to resolve the SimpliSafe No Link To Dispatcher issue, you need to check whether you are using the Original SimpliSafe or the Generation 3 SimpliSafe.

You should make sure that you comply with the instructions for the right model. Since the reset procedure and the method for resolving the errors differ somewhat based on the version you own.

Generation 3 SimpliSafe and Original SimpliSafe are the two main variations of SimpliSafe. In January 2018, SimpliSafe introduced its third-generation version. In case you aren’t sure about the model you have, you can distinguish between the versions visually.

Another simple way to find out your SimpliSafe model is to check your keypad.

The original SimpliSafe’s keypad is larger. The top row’s middle button will be blue rather than white, and you’ll see a red button below it.

If you can’t see the red or blue button, it means that you have a SimpliSafe Generation 3 model. 

The sensors are another differentiator between the 2 models. Instead of white, SimpliSafe Generation 3 uses square sensors.


How To Reset SimpliSafe Generation 3

If you have a SimpliSafe Gen 3 device and are seeing the SimpliSafe No Link To Dispatcher warning, you need to restore the base station. This will help the setup of a new cellular or WiFi connection.


Here’s how to Reset SimpliSafe Generation 3:

  1. Power cable must be unplugged from wall outlet.
  2. The battery cover can be removed by removing its screw with a Phillips-head screwdriver.
  3. Wait for roughly 15-20 seconds before removing one of the batteries to be sure there is no power flowing.
  4. Return the battery to its compartment.
  5. Using the screwdriver, reseal the battery compartment after closing it.
  6. Connect your Base Station to the power adapter.
  7. Wait for one to two minutes for a connection establishment.
  8. Click the Home or Away button to activate the security system. You probably successfully re-establish the cellular connection if you do not hear the base station say, “No Link to Dispatcher.”
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If you still face the SimpliSafe No Link To Base Station error after you’ve gone through these steps, consider moving it near a window (to boost the cellular signal) and starting from step 1. 

We also recommend using WiFi since it offers an additional connection method to SimpliSafe’s Dispatch Center. Even if you could restore cellular connectivity, WiFi offers a backup connection to the Dispatch Center, providing an extra layer of security.

If the SimpliSafe No Link To Dispatcher error persists after completing these steps, you might need to replace your SimpliSafe module.


How To Reset Original SimpliSafe

The Original SimpliSafe requires a reset of the system’s base station to function properly and get rid of the SimpliSafe No Link To Dispatcher message.


Here’s how to Reset Original SimpliSafe:

  1. The power cable needs to be unplugged.
  2. The battery cover should be removed with a Phillips-head screwdriver.
  3. Wait for around 15-20 seconds before removing one of the base station’s batteries to make sure there is no current passing to the station, which is crucial.
  4. Connect your Base Station to the power adapter. Remember to always put the power adapter before the battery.
  5. Return the battery to its compartment.
  6. After resealing it with the screwdriver, cover the battery compartment.
  7. Try accessing your system’s settings via the SimpliSafe mobile app once again after waiting 1-2 minutes for a connection establishment.


If the SimpliSafe No Link To Dispatcher warning still appears after attempting these solutions, you may have to change your cellular module.

We also advise routinely resetting the Base Station to ensure it is constantly using a stable cellular connection.


How To Avoid The SimpliSafe No Link To Dispatcher Warning – 4 Tips

You probably want the obnoxious SimpliSafe No Link To Dispatcher warning to never reappear after needing to undergo the process of getting it to disappear.

Below are some solutions to make it less likely to see the SimpliSafe No Link To Dispatcher warning show up again:

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Use WiFi Instead Of Cellular Data

Although the system can use cellular data, a WiFi connection is recommended for optimal performance.

This is a substitute for the Dispatch Center because the system will be linked to your local network rather than a distant center. On a plus note, you won’t be facing the warnings like the SimpliSafe No Link To Dispatcher one.

Strong cellular signals can occasionally be challenging to spot. Everybody has encountered dead zones or sporadic service areas where calls consistently appear to underperform.

Using the same network, your SimpliSafe may experience similar problems. So try out your more reliable WiFi.


Use Your SimpliSafe Warranty

If you haven’t had your SimpliSafe for long and keep getting this error, your system may not be functional. This is particularly true if it starts displaying this message after your first use.

Everything you buy from SimpliSafe, along with the products from their retail partners, is covered by a three-year warranty on the day you purchase it.

Therefore, if you’re seeing the SimpliSafe No Link To Dispatcher Warning and it isn’t going despite all your attempts, you should discuss the problem over the phone with SimpliSafe. Ask for a replacement under the terms of the warranty so you’ll get a completely new system at no cost.


Move the Base Station Towards A Window

It may be possible to improve cellular signal quality and eliminate interference by relocating its base station nearer to a window.

If the overall signal is improved by shifting it nearer to the window. You can attempt the troubleshooting steps from the previous section again.


Contact SimpliSafe Support

It is possible that your system is faulty or you have to reset the base station every few days if you are receiving “SimpliSafe No Link To Dispatcher” errors.

It is important that you inform SimpliSafe customer service about your problem in order to resolve it. Further assistance will be provided by SimpliSafe customer support.

You can call 1-888-910-1215 to talk to SimpliSafe’s customer support. You can also visit SimpliSafe’s online Help Center to learn more about troubleshooting different issues.


Wrapping Up

The SimpliSafe No Link To Dispatcher warning can be frustrating but there are some things you can do to try and fix it. Follow the steps in this article and you should be able to get your system up and running again in no time. If you continue to face the SimpliSafe No Link To Dispatcher issue, you should contact SimpliSafe’s customer support.


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