Arris Modem Lights Meaning And How To Troubleshoot Them?

Want to make the most of a high-speed internet connection? You’ll need a good modem, and Arris has a few models that are well worth considering. If you’re confused and trying to figure out what is the meaning behind Arris Modem Lights, or if you want a troubleshooting guide, then you’ve come to the right place.

Given their capacity to process speeds up to 1 Gbps, you might think Arris modems are the most unproblematic internet devices ever made. But, unfortunately, like any other modem, Arris modems can encounter the occasional issue — specifically, the Arris modem lights flickering and turning off!

The good news is that, in most cases, flickering Arris modem lights are perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. However, there are a few occasions when the flickering lights could indicate a more serious problem.

In this article, we’ll look at what is the meaning behind Arris modem lights and how to quickly fix the modem so you can enjoy using a reliable Internet connection. We will cover every aspect of Arris modem lights, their meaning, and other vital information, so make sure to read on!


What Do Arris Modem Lights Mean?

You must be able to identify and interpret the Arris modem lights, regardless of whether you recently bought an Arris modem or are having connectivity difficulties with the existing model. Otherwise, you might be unable to solve the problem or interpret whether something is wrong with your modem.

Fortunately, the Arris modem lights are pretty helpful and help you understand the current condition of your modem and internet connection.

When we talk about the internet, many factors might cause networking devices to malfunction, such as issues with an internet service provider (ISP), the modem, a specifically available bandwidth, or network congestion. However, if you are unaware of the Arris modem lights meaning, narrowing in on the specific cause can be challenging.

Worry not, though — we’ve got you covered! Below, we will go over the meanings of different Arris modem lights and what you can do to fix them.

Let’s start by going over each indicator on the Arris modem. Remember that the Arris modem lights can vary depending on your model. That said, most models have the same indicators, with slight variations.


Here are the most common Arris modem lights and their meaning:


  • Power Light

Looking at the Power Light, you can see if electricity passes through the device. If it’s green, it means the Arris modem is successfully receiving power. If it’s red or absent, there’s an issue with the power.

The bright red Power Light indicates gateway booting or lack of power from the ISP. Your line may be undergoing maintenance by the ISP, so you should just wait for the maintenance to end. If despite waiting, the power light is still red, you should unplug the power cable and replug it shortly.

The only time you can be sure everything is alright is when there is a solid green light. However, if the Arris modem lights are flickering, it means that the modem is trying to reconnect. You will likely get the flickering green light if you reset the modem.


  • Send Light

The Send Light indicates the internet-transfer capability of your Arris modem. It is thus the one that is connected to the “upload” part of your connection to the internet.

The Send Light shows two conditions: green Arris modem lights indicating that only one band is used and blue Arris modem lights indicating both bands are in use. When your device’s connection to the internet is down, you will see a red light or an off light.

If you see the green Arris modem lights flashing, interference or ISP faults cause upload speeds to be relevant to just one band. You should restart your modem or connect to the ISP to resolve it.


  • Receive Light

The Receive Light is another important light on the Arris modem. It indicates the ability of your device to receive an internet signal. The download component is connected to the Receive Light.


Like the Send Light, the Receive Light can be green or blue. The former means that one band—either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz—is picking up signal strength, while the latter means signals are emerging on both bands.

You don’t have to worry if the Arris modem lights are flashing blue, which indicates that both bands are getting strong signals and performing at their best.

On the other hand, when the green Arris modem light is flickering, it indicates that just one band is performing at its best. Network congestion or the ISP could be causing this.

To fix this, disconnect the modem, remove the interfering devices, and connect to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) again.


  • Online Light

The Online Light is one of the most crucial Arris modem lights as it indicates that your modem is online. Like all the other lights, this light turns green when the modem is fully functional.

A solid green Online Light means that your modem is receiving an internet signal from the ISP and is broadcasting it to your devices. If there are no Arris modem lights, you should spend some time troubleshooting the Arris modem to see what the problem is.


  • Phone Line Light

The Phone Line Light on the Arris modem indicates whether or not the device is correctly connected to the telephone line. If it’s flashing green, there’s incoming traffic on the line. If it’s solid green, the connection is fine, and you should have no problems.

However, if the Arris modem lights are red or absent, there’s an issue with the connection. First, check the telephone line and ensure it’s properly plugged in. If you’re unable to fix the problem, you should contact your ISP.


How to Troubleshoot an Arris Modem Lights Blinking? 

Now that you know what each of the Arris modem lights means, it’s time to learn how to troubleshoot them. Here are some tips on troubleshooting your Arris modem:


  1. Check the Internet Connection

If your Arris Modem is not online, you should check your Internet connection first. Next, you should check that there is no network disruption on the Internet service provider’s end. Finally, you should also check the wires, cables, and connections.

It’s also a good idea to double-check your internet connection by plugging the ethernet wire into a different device. This will allow you to determine if a problem exists on your end or whether the ISP is to blame.

If your internet is acting funny, you should contact the ISP, who can fix it. If not, you must perform Arris modem troubleshooting by following the tips mentioned below.


  1. Restart the Modem

You should first resolve any temporary bugs or errors on the modem that may have caused it to go offline temporarily. Don’t get your expectations too high since this is just the first step in the debugging process, but it could be the right one.

You will have to carry out a power cycle on the modem, during which you will need to ensure that it is switched off for at least a few minutes.

Doing so will restart all of the hardware and software components, and the modem will try connecting to the internet. All problems will be solved, and you will have your Arris modem up and running as soon as possible.


  1. Reset the Router

If restarting the modem doesn’t help, you should check the router settings to see if anything is causing it to be unavailable. The ideal solution is to reset your router to factory settings, which will resolve all issues.

Note that this will delete all the customizations you made to the router. Therefore, you should only reset it as a last resort.


  1. Contact Arris

If a restart or hard reset doesn’t solve your issue with Arris Modem Lights, you’ll need to take it in for expert servicing.

If you have a problem with any of Arris’ products, they are available by online chat or phone 24/7. This way, they can assess the issue precisely and, if necessary, provide you with a repair or replacement.


What To Do If All the Arris Modem Lights Start Blinking 

If any of the Arris modem lights start blinking, you should wait for a while for the indicator lights to steady.

It is typical for the Online Light to blink on Arris modems when the device starts up or is being used. If it flashes at boot-up, the attempt at IP registration was unsuccessful. If it blinks during use, your IP registration is lost. 

You can try the following tips to fix this problem:

  • Double-check the coaxial cable connections on the Wi-Fi modem or the wall outlet. Tighten all of the connections if any of them have come out loose.

  • Look over the Ethernet wire. If you have connected your cable and computer Wi-Fi modem, check to ensure they are connected correctly.

  • Verify the cable TV’s quality. In this case, ensure the service is functioning correctly.

  • Restart the gateway so that the modem can reconnect.


Some Arris modem lights include a blue online light that blinks to signal that the device is seeking a connection to the internet. Wait a while and try again.



Arris modem lights can be a great way to signal that something is wrong with your internet connection. Now that you know what the different Arris modem lights mean and what is the best way of troubleshooting Arris modem, you’ll be able to keep your internet running smoothly.


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