Internet May not be Available Error on Android Devices – Updated Solutions

On Android, the “Internet May Not Be Available” error appears on android device when the user connects to the internet and is usually due to a problem with the network settings the mobile is using to connect to the internet. However, it could also be caused by incorrect DNS settings. However, if WiFi internet is not working (internet may not be available) on android it may be because of DNS or many other issues as mentioned below.

“Internet May Not be Available” Error on Android Device WiFi:

How do I fix the “Internet may not be available” error on Android Devices WiFi?

If your Internet WiFi is not working on android, according to our findings, the underlying causes are:


  • DHCP: The phone automatically detects certain settings and connects to the internet when using the DHCP connection mode. Occasionally, this may fail and the phone will not be able to automatically detect the proper settings.
  • DNS Settings: DNS settings are essential for establishing a connection with a website. Indeed, it’s true that there are many DNS servers you can use to connect to a website, but if these DNS servers are blocked by the website, the connection will also be blocked.
  • Updates: The phone may have important updates that need to be installed before the Wi-Fi connection can be established again.
  • Application Interference: It is possible that another application is interfering with the Wi-Fi functionality of the mobile, which is causing the error. Applications can go rogue and cause the error.
  • Wrong Configuration: When you connect to a Wi-Fi router, you are assigned an IP address and certain DNS settings. Normally, this configuration runs the Wifi Connection in the “DHCP” mode, which means that the IP address changes continuously. Moreover, if the IP address changes, the router will not let you connect to Wi-Fi because the configurations are invalid. However, “internet may not be available” issue can be resolved by changing certain DNS and IP configuration settings.
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WiFi Not Working on Android? Here is how to Fix it:

Before Proceeding: 

Forget the Wi-Fi network once and restart the phone.


“Internet May Not be Available” Error: Here Are 5 Solutions:


Solution 1: Check your date and time

Occasionally your date and time may not be set correctly, causing your internet connection to stop working until you fix the date manually or turn on the automatic date and time setting. Moreover. most programs use date and time to check for security reasons. Here’s how you can fix this.

  • Click on the Settings icon in the notifications panel.


Internet May Not be Available
Internet May Not be Available


  • Scroll down until you find “System Settings” and tap on it.
  • Next, tap on “Date and Time“. (If you cannot find it, you can search for it.)
  • Find the option named “Use network-provided time” and “Use network-provided time zone“. Turn them on.



  • Click on the Settings icon in the notifications panel.


Solution 2: Change the DHCP mode

Because the internet not working error is a result of incorrectly detecting the Wifi settings, we will manually change some configurations and then check to see if that fixes the problem. For that:

A PRO TIP: If the problem is with your computer or laptop/notebook, you should try using Restoro Repair, which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. When the problem is caused by a corrupt system, this method usually works. In addition, you can click here to download Restoro.

  • Click on the settings icon in the notifications panel.
  • Click on “Wifi” under “Wireless and Networks”.
  • on “Wifi” under “Wireless and Networks”.
  • “Wifi” under “Wireless and Networks”.
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Internet May Not be Available


  • Press and hold the WIFI connection you wish to connect to.
  • Click on the “Show Advanced Options” button after selecting “Modify Network”.
    Long pressing on the Wifi which we are connected to and tapping on the Modify Network option



  • Then selecting “Static” from the “IP Settings” menu. Clicking “Static” from the “IP Settings” menu.
  • Click the “DNS 1” option.
  • Click on the “DNS 2” option after typing in “” as the first DNS address.
  • Enter “” as the second DNS address.
  • Click “Save” and try to connect to the Wi-Fi.
  • If it doesn’t work, try again.


Solution 3: Check for updates

An available update might prevent you from connecting to a Wifi network in some cases. Therefore, it is recommended that you turn on your mobile data and follow the steps below.

  • Click on the “Settings” icon in the notification panel.
  • Drag the notification panel down and tap the “Settings” option



  • Then click on the “System” option and select “Software Update“.


Internet May Not be Available
Tapping on the “Software Updates” option

  • Press the “Check for Updates” button and wait for the mobile to finish checking.
  • Once the update is available, click the “Download and Install” button.
  • The update will be downloaded and installed.
  • See if the “internet may not be available” issue persists.


Solution 4: Clear the cache partition

It is possible that the cache is stored by a certain application that prevents the Wifi from connecting. In this step, we will delete the cache partition. Here’s how:

  • You can power down your mobile phone by holding the “Power” button and selecting the “Power Off” button.
  • To turn it on, hold down the “Power” and “Volume Down” buttons.
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wifi not working on android
Button orientation

  • The mobile will power on and display a logo.
  • Keep the “Power” button when the mobile developer’s logo appears and the “Volume Down” button when the “Android Logo” appears.
  • Using the “Volume Down” key, navigate down the list and select “Wipe Cache Partition“.


wifi not working on android
Highlighting the Wipe Cache Partition option and pressing the power button

  • Press the “Power” key to select the option and wait for the cache to be cleared.
  • After the cache is cleared, select the “Reboot” option and wait for the phone to reboot.
  • See if the “internet may not be available” issue persists after the reboot.


Solution 5: Use Safe Mode

Occasionally, a background application or service may prevent the phone from connecting to the Wi-Fi. To resolve “internet may not be available” issue, we will launch the phone in Safe Mode in this step. To do so:

  1. Firstly, hold down the “Power” button.
  2. When the “Power Off” option appears, press and hold it.


wifi not working on android
Clicking on the Power Off button

  • Choose “Launch in Safe Mode“.


wifi not working on android
Tapping on the “Safe Mode” option to launch the device in the Safe Mode

  • Now that the phone has been restarted, you can check if the Wifi connects in Safe mode.
  • Then, try enabling the applications one by one and see which one causes the error to return.
  • Finally, delete or update the problematic application to resolve “internet may not be available” issue.

TIP: If none of the Methods has resolved “internet may not be available” issue, we recommend using Restoro Repair Tool, which will scan the repositories and replace corrupt or missing files. Most of the time, this method works when the problem is caused by a corruption in the system. Restoro can also optimize your system for maximum performance. However, click here to download Restoro. Indeed, this will fix your “WiFi Internet Not Working on Android” issue.

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