DirecTV Remote Not Working? – Updated Methods to Fix It 2022

How to Fix a Not Working DirecTV Remote?


Is your DIRECTV remote not working? This happens to everyone. Maybe you dropped it too many times, or you’re trying to use an old remote with a new box. You may need to reset it. There’s an easy way to reset any DIRECTV Genie remote with the DIRECT TV logo if its not working.

However, the remote stopped working recently. Such a situation can make your entertainment experience a bit dull when you depend on something universal that you use a lot. 

Last week, my family’s movie night was ruined when the remote stopped working, so I sat down and researched what could go wrong with the remote and how to diagnose and fix it.

To fix a DirecTV Genie remote that is not working, remove any objects blocking the signal, replace the batteries, and reset the remote and receiver. If none of these fixes works, it is time to buy a new DirecTV remote.


Check Battery Health  

The DirecTV Universal remote has an inbuilt battery level indicator. Press and hold button 1 and watch for the green light on top of the remote to blink. If the light stays on, the batteries are charged. When it blinks, the batteries are weak but still have enough power. Replace the 2 AA batteries if the light does not blink.


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Reset The Remote And Your Receiver


Press the red button on the receiver and wait for it to restart to see if that resolves the issue.

The following methods can be used to reset the remote.


  • Press the MUTE and SELECT buttons simultaneously.
  • Wait until the green light above the switch flashes twice.
  • Press 9 8 1 to continue. The green light should blink four times.
  • You can now check if the remote is working by pressing LIST, GUIDE, or MENU.
  • The TV menus can also be used to reset the remote. To do so, follow these steps.
  • Select SETTINGS & HELP from the MENU button.
  • Then click on the REMOTE CONTROL option under SETTINGS.
  • You should see the RESET REMOTE option here.


Once highlighted, select it and check to see if the remote works.


Clean Your Remote


Often, dust in the remote causes the keys to stop sending the proper signal. You can fix your not working DirecTV Genie remote by cleaning it. Wipe the receiver’s front panel with a soft linen-based cloth. 

Before you use it, make sure you are standing 4 feet away.


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What is Your DirecTV Remote Model


DirecTV Universal Remote: This remote can control all DirecTV receivers. It also supports most audio-video devices due to its extensive universal code. 


DirecTV Genie Remote


When used in RF mode, it can be self-programmed even without line of sight with all Genie devices. However, it does not work with other receivers in IR mode.


Check for Stuck Buttons


The remote may stop working if one of the buttons is left pressed. First, make sure the mode on the remote is set to DirecTV. Run your fingers over all the buttons to see if they are stuck. Try the remote again.


Change Mode on The Remote


Switching between the modes of your not working Direct TV remote is one of the first steps toward fixing it. Changing the remote mode requires pressing the MENU button, then selecting Settings, and then selecting Remote Control. Select the IR/RF SETUP option and switch the mode. Click CONTINUE and EXIT. Use your remote again. 

When switching, you have to switch to RF for the Genie remote and IR for the universal remote.


Use The DirecTV App as an Alternative


If none of the steps above work, you can use the DirecTV App to control your system. Install the DirecTV app from the app store. After you have installed the application, tap BROWSE FOR TV and a remote control icon should appear in the top right corner. Select the Receiver Pair or Connect your device option. Follow the instructions to complete the setup.


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Replace the remote control


If you have tried all these options and the remote still doesn’t work, you need to replace it. Orders can be placed online through the ATT shop or the live chat option between 7 am and 12 am ET. If neither of those options works for you, you can also call their direct helpline listed on their website.

You can shop online with AT&T and DirecTV websites or with the my AT&T mobile app.


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A More Hands-On Fix for Not Working DirecTV Genie remote:

The following steps should help you troubleshoot your not working Direct TV remote. Following these steps is a good idea before you replace the remote. 


Follow these steps to repair the remote.


  • Remove the battery cover, batteries, and screws.
  • Remove the top of the panel with the buttons next.
  • With a soft cloth, clean the panel and the buttons.
  • It would help if you put some pencil lead powder on the back of the button to ensure that it is adequately lubricated and connected to the green board of the remote. Be careful not to spread it all over.
  • Lastly, reassemble the parts and check if it’s working.


In addition, you can also follow some simple steps, such as cleaning your remote regularly and keeping an eye on the battery life to extend the lifespan of your remote.


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