Samsung Remote Not Working: How To Fix It

If your Samsung remote is not working and you need help with it, this post will help you fix it. There are two types of remote control you can use on your Samsung TV or gadget. The remote that comes with the Samsung device and the Universal remote control. The Follow come Samsung remote control comes programmed to the device. So you don’t need to do any programming to use the remote. For the Universal remote, you will need the Universal Remote Codes for Samsung.

Your Samsung remote can stop working for several reasons. We will outline the possible reasons why your remote isn’t working and a quick fix to get it to work.

How To Confirm If The Problem Is From Your Samsung Remote Or TV Sensor.

The first step is to confirm if the problem is from your TV or your Samsung remote. You don’t want to go fixing problems on your Samsung remote, meanwhile, the problem is from your TV. Use the following methods below to confirm where the problem is coming from.

. Use Another Remote: One fast way to confirm where the fault is coming from is to use another remote on your gadget. It could be a universal remote control or a replacement remote. If the remote works on your TV, it confirms that the fault is from your Samsung remote. If not, it means the fault is from your TV sensor.

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. Use A Digital Camera: You can use a digital camera to do this. That includes the camera on your smartphone. To do this, switch on your Digital camera. Hold the camera about 6 to 10 inches away from your remote and aim the Camera to your remote. Press any button on your remote. If you see Infrared Eye flashes on the screen of your camera, it shows that your remote is working perfectly. If not, that means the remote is faulty. Once you confirm the fault is from your remote control, you proceed with the steps below.

Possible Problems That Can Make A Samsung Remote To Stop Working

Battery Issue: The first thing to check when your Samsung remote stops working is the battery. It could be that the battery is not properly placed or the battery is bad. Either of them can make your Samsung remote to stop working.

Distance To Device: Your Samsung remote is not programmed to work from a far distance. So if you are sitting far away from your device, chances are that your remote will not work on your TV.

Object: If there is an object between your remote and the device you want to program, chances are that your remote will not work.

Major Defect: There could be other major defects in the remote that could make it not work properly. Some of the major defects include minor and major electronic glitch in the remote or a defect in the remote sensor on your TV.

Code Issues: If you are using a Universal remote on your Samsung gadget, the remote may not work if you don’t have the right programming codes.

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Solutions To Fix Your Samsung Remote Issues:

. Fix Battery: To handle the battery issue, you will need to either fix the batteries the right way or outrightly change the batteries. Open the battery terminal at the back of your remote to determine which of the issues to fix. If it is a battery placement issue, check in the FAQ below on the right way to place your remote battery.

. Close the Distance: Get close to your device to fix the distance issue.

. Remove Objects: Ensure that there is no object no matter how small blocking your TV or device you want to program.

. If the glitch occurred during the warranty period, you can return the remote to any Samsung outlet for replacement. If not, it is time to shop for another Samsung replacement remote.

. Use The Correct Code: Check this post to find the correct Samsung Universal remote codes for your gadget.



Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

. How is the correct way to place a battery?

The correct way to place a battery in your remote is to ensure that the + side is placed to face the + side in the remote while the – is placed to face the – in the remote.

. How to know a battery is bad?

In most cases, you may not know. But one sure way to know a battery is bad is if the battery is visibly wet.

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