Atyme TV Remote Control Codes

Atyme has been coming up with the best new TV’s these past few years. So, how would you function your Atyme tv with a universal remote, or, as we do nowadays, with a smartphone? With the help of Atyme TV universal remote control codes, of course!

As we know, an universal remotes has a certain number of remote-control codes.

But do we know how to function as a universal remote? Moreover, we must know the tv remote codes to understand how to operate a remote with an Atyme TV.


atyme tv remote codes

Atyme TV Universal Remote codes

Here is a list of Atyme tv remote codes.


TV codes to be used on Comcast universal remotes

  • 5-digit codes for newer Xfinity remotes
  • 12746


Additionally, some TV codes from over four brands of universal remote controls are mentioned below:

  • Comcast DirecTV OneForAll RCA x
  • 5-digit codes
  • 12746
  • 4-digit codes
  • 2746


Atyme Tv Universal Remote Codes

If you wish to utilize a universal remote control on a new ATYME TV, you may heed our list of tv remote codes, which we shall list herewith.

Additionally, here are some Atyme tv remote codes

  • 5—Digit Atyme Remote Code
  • 10178
  • 4- Digit Atyme Remote Code
  • 0178
  • 3- Digit Atyme Remote Code
  • 178 


Program Atyme TV with remote

  • On any universal remote control, first press the “TV” button.
  • Correspondingly, press the POWER button. However, if you see just a blue screen as you switch on the TV, do not panic. As you know, this is only because you may have selected an incompatible source. Nevertheless, press the ‘SOURCE’ button. Thereby, you can find the correct source.
  • The most common tv codes can be found as two-, three-, four- and five-digit universal TV remote codes.
  • Thereby, you can easily find two-digit TV remote codes for TV universal remote.


Additionally, you can find three-digit, four-digit and 5-digit TV remote codes for Atyme TV mentioned below.


Did you know?

  • ATYME Smart TV comes with an inbuilt high-speed Wi-Fi!
  • Therefore, you can quickly bring your applications, stream TV shows and listen to songs.
  • Additionally, it has a distinct and significant range music system with two 8W speakers!
  • Thereby, it provides full range audio with an enhanced audio function.
  • Therefore, it gives amply precise audio.


You can use any remote to work with your Atyme TV! In addition, here are some Alba TV universal remote codes.

1696, 0040, 1936, 1963, 0037, 0399, 0446, 0077, 0239, 0383, 0584, 0502.

Additionally, you can use these codes for programming codes for your TV as well, with any remote. However, if you don’t find your device listed, you can use the code search feature to program the device into the remote.

What tips are there to program TV with Universal Remote Codes?

  • Did you know?
  • Like most universal remotes, Atyme TV Universal Remote also offers WiFi and other handy functions so that you can program it with any of your devices.


How do you use Atyme Tv Universal Codes?

After you find out all Universal Remote Codes results you wish, you will have many ways to program your universal remote with your respective TV. Moreover you can follow above instructions or find the detailed instructions in user manual.



As you can see,TVs has a limited but specific number of codes to work with an Atyme TV. However, you can use the above guide to program all remotes and devices with Universal Remote.


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