3 Methods Easy Guide for Craig DVD Player Remote Control Setup and Universal Codes

Are you in possession of a Craig DVD? Do you find difficulty in enabling it with your universal remote control? Then you are in the right place! Check the following guide and follow the steps mentioned to find the needed solution in just a few remote control clicks. No matter what brand you have, our guide will provide you with the most efficient set of codes and combinations that will easily work with your Craig DVD. However, In order to program your universal remote you can find Craig DVD Remote Control Codes mentioned in this article below.

As there is a wide variety of universally available control codes, individual code choices must be made. And this might lead to some operational issues, depending on the remote control brand. In such cases, we do not want you to worry as we have prompt solutions for such challenges.

Before proceeding, make sure that the DVD player is appropriately placed and all connections fixed as per the user manual to achieve optimal remote control setup. Any small connection error would prevent the setup process from happening successfully.


Craig DVD player Universal Remote Control Setup

Craig DVD player Universal Remote Codes

Why Use a Universal Remote Control?

Universal remote controls save you from the hassle of using multiple remote controls for different devices. The universal remote can be programmed to be used with several devices like TV, Blu-Ray, DVDs, and more. Imagine having one remote only that can undertake the role of all others? It will give you the comfort that you’ve been looking for. Optimize your home theater experience by connecting your Craig DVD player with a universal remote control.


How does Craig DVD’s Setup Process Take Place?

We will provide you with lists of remote control codes and the main three methods to program the universal remote control to work with Craig DVD player: auto search methodmanual method, and code search.


How To Program Your Craig DVD Player Using “Auto-Search Method”

This method starts with an automated scan to identify the codes available for setup. The remote control scans all the universal codes in a structured manner, one code at a time, until it finds the correct code that is most suited to work with your remote control brand. To optimize the setup results, follow the steps below.

  1. Switch on the smart device you want to operate with the universal remote control. This can be your TV or computer, for example.
  2. Turn on the remote control and then press the “DVD, TV, CBL, and OK/SEL” buttons for 3 seconds. Once the LED light is on, the device is ready for setup.
  3. Point the remote control towards the device and press on “CH+” and “CH-.” The remote will show on/off signals simultaneously. You will need to press the “up” or “down” buttons continuously until the device switches off.
  4. Click on the “power” button to verify the code. At this point, the device should switch on. It is advisable to keep changing between channels at this point to make sure that the remote control has been programmed successfully.
  5. Press on the “device” button to save the correct code. Make sure that the LED light of the device blinks twice; this is a confirmation that the code has been successfully stored.


How to Program Craig DVD Universal Remote With “Manual Method”

This programming method uses the keycode mechanism. Like the previous method, the keycode identifies the device’s make and model and then identifies the correct code for your device. The following steps are crucial; they will help you get the best results while manually setting up your Craig DVD player.

  1. You need to start by turning on the device.
  2. Click on the “TV” key of the Craig DVD player universal remote control.
  3. Proceed by pressing and holding the “setup” key of the universal remote until a light flash appears. This a sign that the device is currently in “Learning Mode.”
  4. At this point, click on the keycode that you have collected from the Instructions Booklet or programming guide. The final step synchronizes the code with the universal remote control to operate.
  5. Point your remote control towards the device, and then press and hold the “power” key.
  6. Once the screen switches off, release the “power” button.

At this point, your TV should start functioning well with the universal remote control. If, for any reason, your device does not operate with the remote, then try to repeat the same steps with a different code from the same reference table.


How to Program Craig DVD Universal Remote With Code Search

This method mainly combines the two previous methods, presenting the “Code Search” method. If you failed to find a suitable key code that works with your device in manual mode, then this method is your go-to savor. It puts the remote into “Search Mode” to locate the right control code. You need to find the manual’s code responsible for the “Search Mode” option in the remote. Follow these steps below for a successful connection.

  1. You need to turn on your device first.
  2. Press and hold the “setup” button.
  3. Enter the three-digit code from the remote’s keypad: “9-9-1”.
  4. Keep holding down the “power” button of the remote control and then pressing the channel “up” key until the device switches off.

This method might take more time than other methods, but it is crucial to find the correct key code first. Once you have followed all the steps stated above, your universal remote should operate well.


Craig DVD Player Remote Control Codes

Craig DVD Player Four Digit Remote Control Codes:

  • 1484
  • 1036


And since you are here, here is a list of the Most Popular Remote Codes for Craig Products for different Universal Remotes:

Charter Spectrum Universal TV Remote Control Codes – UR5 8400A

  • Craig Most likely code: 028 Others to try: 054, 043


2 Digit Universal Remote Codes for All TVs

  • Craig – 19,17,18,22,23,20,21


RCA Universal Remote Code – RCU Series, Systemlink series

  • Craig 064


3 Digit Universal Remote Control Codes For all TVs

  • CRAIG – 042,053


Comcast Remote Setup Codes For DVD/DVD-R Players – Remotes with Red and Silver OK Buttons

  • Craig 20831


Comcast Remote Setup Codes For VCRs And TV/VCR Combos – Remotes with Red and Silver OK Buttons

  • Craig 20037, 20047


Comcast Remote Setup Codes For TVs – Remotes with Red and Silver OK Buttons

  • Craig 10180



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