Magnavox TV Converter Box Remote Codes

Do you need the Magnavox TV Converter Box Remote Codes? This post has you covered on that. With the Magnavox Converter box, you can have access to digital contents on your analogue TV. The later part of this post will provide a mini guide on how to connect a universal remote to your Converter box.

5 Digits Magnavox Converter Box Codes

  • 31268
  • 31506
  • 30503
  • 31354
  • 30539
  • 01563
  • 51563
  • 30675
  • 30821
  • 30675

4 Digits Magnavox Converter Box Codes








3 Digits Magnavox Converter Box Codes

  • 267
  • 268
  • 234
  • 236
  • 098
  • 099
  • 091

How to Program A Universal Remote To TV Converter

Step 1. Ensure that you turn on your Magnavox Converter Box you want to program.

Step 2. Hold your universal remote close to the Converter box.

Step 3. Press the ‘SETUP’ button on your remote.

Step 4. Press and hold the ‘SAT-CBL-DTC’button on your remote. Your remote enters the programming mode when you press the button.

Step 5. Enter any of the codes listed earlier on this post using the number button on your remote.

Step 6. Press the ‘OK’  button to save the code you entered.

Step 7. Try any of the function buttons on your remote. If it works, then you got the process correctly. If not, repeat from step 3 and 4 and try another code until you get the right code.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Digital Converter Box?

A digital converter box is a digital box that helps you access digital contents on an analogue TV.

Can I Use Any Remote Control On My Digital Stream Converter Box?

Yes, As long as it is a universal remote control.

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