Skyworth Universal Remote Codes and Programming Tips

The Skyworth TV remote control comes in three different categories depending upon the devices. These include the Sky worth basic remote, the smart remote, and the Android remote. In this article we will read about Skyworth Universal remote control codes and Programming Tips.

  • The basic Skyworth TV remote comes with essential functions. It includes the necessary buttons only, such as the Return, Menu, OK, Source, arrow up, arrow down, backward, fast forward, previous, zoom in and zoom out. 
  • The Skyworth smart remote comes with the intelligent function ‘Home’ and carries the primary remote operation. This intelligent remote comes partnered with the Skyworth Smart LED TV irrespective of the size and the models. 
  • Lastly, Android TV comes with amazing apps like Netflix, YouTube, Google Play, Voice Assistant, etc. Along with that, you can carry out the essential functions of the remote as well. 

When it comes to the original Skyworth TV remote, there is no code or pairing needed. If you have a universal remote control, the pairing code is present within the package’s instructions booklet.



Remote control codes of the Skyworth Universal TV Remote

The Sky Worth Universal TV remote can easily be accessed using the remote control codes. The codes for this small come in three-digits, four-digits, and five digits. 

4-digit Skyworth remote control codes

  • 0696
  • 0698
  • 0264
  • 0727
  • 0009
  • 0037
  • 0748
  • 0556
  • 0753
  • 0817

5-digit Skyworth remote control codes

  • 00556
  • 00817
  • 00264
  • 00009
  • 00753
  • 00037

3-digit Skyworth remote control codes

  • 531
  • 753
  • 817

Programming Instructions for the Skyworth Universal TV Remote

If you want to program the Skyworth Universal TV remotethen it can be done by methods listed below:

Option 1: Programming the Skyworth TV Universal Remote by using the Auto-Search Method

In this auto search method, the different Skyworth Universal TV remote control codes go through the scanning process. One principle is scanned at a time to get to the correct small code. Follow the instructions to program your Skyworth universal TV remote with the auto search method.

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Step 1: The first step is to switch on the smart device that you want to use. In this case, it is the TV. 

Step 2: Now, turn on the remote and tap on the device button you want to use; TV, DVD, CBL, and OK/SEL, for about three seconds. An LED light on the remote will indicate when the device is ready to program.

Step 3: Point the remote towards the device and click on the CH+ and CH- buttons. The remote will show on and off signals. Then, press the up and down key continuously until the device turns itself off automatically.

Step 4: Make sure to verify the code by pressing the power button. The device will turn itself on. Once it starts, try switching and changing the channels to ensure that the remote has been programming correctly.

Step 5: Press the device button on the remote and save the code. The LED of the device will blink twice to confirm whether the code is stored or not.

Option 2: Programming the Skyworth TV Universal Remote by using the Manual Method

Using the necessary code will help program your Skyworth universal TV remote. Therefore, by using the key code, you can easily program the universal remote. The necessary code also identifies the make and the model of the devices in use.

Step 1: Firstly, you need to switch the device on

Step 2: Now press the TV button on the Skyworth TV Universal Remote

Step 3: Next, press and hold the setup button of the Skyworth TV universal remote until you see the light flashing. The flashing light indicates that the remote has gone into learning mode.

Step 4: Enter the key code provided in the programming guide or the instructions booklet.x

Step 5: After completing this procedure, point your remote towards the TV and press and hold the power button.

Step 6: Finally, you can release the power button as soon as the screen switches off

After completing these steps, the device will start working correctly. In case the device does not work correctly, you can program and set up the Skyworth TV remote control again with the same procedure just by using a different code from the above-listed principles.

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Option 3: Programming the Skyworth TV Universal Remote using the code search method

If you cannot find the key code, which works properly with your device, you can easily set up your Skyworth TV universal remote control using the search mode method. You can find this code in the manual, which forces the remote to go into search mode after that.

Step 1: Firstly, turn the device on

Step 2: Now press and hold the setup button on the Skyworth TV universal remote

Step 3: Enter the 9-9-1 three-digit codes.

Step 4: Hold the power button on the remote and press the channel up button until the device in question turns off automatically

The Skyworth remote control manual and this programming method using the code search method is a little long and takes an extra bit of time. Once you have done all these things and done the above procedure, your remote is now ready to be used.

How to use Skyworth Remote

For using the Skyworth Universal TV remote, start by pressing the power button on the remote. Check for the batteries in the battery slot and make sure fresh ones are present in the battery slot.

  • Sleep: The sleep button on the Skyworth Universal TV remote sets the sleep timer. When the specified length has passed, the TV will go into standby mode. 
  • Sound system: You can set the accurate and appropriate sound system on your Skyworth TV.
  • Pressing the personal Preset button can help set the picture mode to User, Standard, Soft and Bright mode. 
  • The mute button mutes the sound on the TV, and you can press it again to return to the preset sound level.
  • The display button displays all the program information on the screen.
  • You can press the menu button to enter the menu for adjusting the different settings on the TV.

Troubleshooting Skyworth Universal TV

Before trying any troubleshooting steps, try removing the batteries once from the remote control for a couple of minutes. You can reinsert the batteries according to the polarity signs on the battery slots.

  • Check whether the TV is on or in operation.

If the buttons are not working, check the lamp or the switch on the TV’s front. In case the lamp is not on, check the power cable or the adapter and see if it is loose or disconnected. If the light is blinking in red, then perform a power reset on the TV. 

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In case of any other issue, try removing the external devices and obstructions from the path in between. If the connections are complicated, reassemble them and straightforwardly get them. If the light flashes, then there is some problem with the connecting device.

  • Check the different items and buttons on the remote control.

Firstly, make sure that there is no jamming of the buttons on the remote and once you do that, try resetting the remote. When this is happening, the remote might not work temporarily due to no battery or static electricity. Now press the power button on the remote for about three seconds and install the batteries into the remote. 

If this doesn’t work, try cleaning the remote control terminals. They might get dirty over time. Remove the batteries, clean the different terminals with some alcohol using a soft cloth, and then put them back into the remote control. You can replace the batteries as well if they don’t work correctly. 

Do not use a used or rechargeable battery on the remote. Eventually, perform a power reset on the TV. Also, try removing all the external devices to make sure they don’t influence the remote’s problems. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How many devices can be controlled by my remote control?

Universal remotes usually control between two to eight devices, but the more high-end models can handle more. To understand and determine the number of devices that the universal remote control can operate, locate and count the remote’s device buttons.

  1. How do I access the apps on my smart TV?

Universal remotes are usually available with a couple of programmable app hotkeys that directly connect with the smart TV apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hotstar. If they don’t work, try pressing the button on the remote to bring up the intelligent menu on your TV and browse through all the different apps.

  1. I can change the volume, but the channels are not changing. What should I do?

The cable, satellite, or box controls the channels through the device rather than the TV. So it would be best if you programmed the universal remote with the cable, satellite, or box.

  1. Will my Universal remote work with other streaming devices like the Amazon fire stick?

Most of the universal TV remotes come with infrared sensors used to control audio and video devices. The Amazon devices use radio frequency rather than infrared. Therefore, unfortunately, universal TV remotes do not work with other streaming devices. 

Final Thoughts

The Skyworth Universal TV remote is quite useful to operate and provides tons of convenience for controlling your homes’ various devices with ease. Therefore, like other universal remotes, this one can also be tried and used.

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