Samsung TV Blue Screen? – Here is How To Fix Updated Guide 2022

You may occasionally experience a blue screen or picture color problem when connected to any external device that uses a video format not supported by your Samsung TV. This is because the television supports only video formats between the frequencies of 60Hz and 50Hz. If you connect, you should read the capabilities and only reflect on the formats that the TV supports. It is then necessary to change the video format on your external devices, for which you need to refer to the manual for the external device. You may also experience black screens with sound or lines on your Samsung TV as well. Moreover, you will learn how to fix Samsung tv color problems by reading this article.


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How to fix Samsung LED TV Blue Screen Light Or Picture Color Problem

Here are the steps to fix the Samsung tv blue screen (picture color problem) or Samsung whole screen is blue.


how to fix samsung tv color problems
How to fix Samsung tv color problems


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There is no picture on the Samsung TV, and the entire screen is blue.

A common reason for a Samsung TV to display a blue screen or picture color problem is that the source device has not been properly set up. To fix the blue screen or picture color problem, follow these steps.


1st Step: If you are using a satellite set-top box or coaxial cable, make sure the box is turned on and set to activate.

2nd Step: The set-top box is connected to the TV using a cable, so TV is set to channel 3 or 4.

3rd Step: You can see a blue screen or picture color problem on the television if your video castle recorder(VCR) is turned on but not tuned to a receiving channel. To resolve this, turn off the VCR.

4th Step: When connected to a satellite set-top box, the VCR should normally be set to 3 or 4 to receive the signal.



How to troubleshoot a Samsung Smart LED TV that shows a blue screen

Check the input or video/TV buttons on your remote to see if there is a signal coming from an external source connected to your TVs, such as a game console or blu ray player.


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For Example, You might see a blue screen on Samsung TV or a message of no signal. If you connect your antenna to an HDMI port. Clicking on the input or video button until it goes to another HDMI port displays a blue screen or picture color problem on Samsung TV. You cannot find any other images. Unplug your TV for 20 seconds and reset the video source. Replug everything and reconnect your cable again after taking out the HDMI cable.

If you are out of options and you only have one device connected to your TV. If that is possible, then the TV is the issue. This means that both TVs are not receiving any signal from the antenna. Which is odd since both TVS failed simultaneously. If it shows a blue screen, then it is most likely an antenna issue.


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Reasons for Samsung Smart TV LED TV Blue Screen Light

It may be related to a bad HDMI port or corrupted HDMI cables. Or it could also be a problem with the Samsung LED screen.


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