GE Universal Remote Codes for Samsung TV and Programming Guide [2022]

I’ll share the list of GE Universal Remote Control codes for Samsung TVs and instructions to program the universal remote control in this post.


It’s frustrating when you can’t figure out the GE remote codes for Samsung TVs.

A few decades ago, we could only dream of having a single device to control multiple devices in our homes.

You can easily own such a tool today – the popular GE universal remote control. With this remote, you can control most TVs (including Samsung) as well as other devices in your entertainment center.

The universal remote codes for Samsung TVs are included in the documentation provided by GE, but it is sometimes easier to find them online. This is particularly true if you misplaced the original instructions as I did!

Not to worry, though. Here are the GE universal remote codes for Samsung TV and basic instructions and remote control troubleshooting methods.

Let’s begin with those codes.


The GE universal remote codes list for Samsung TVs

Samsung TV universal remote control codes are four-digit numbers that indicate the TV model and brand. Samsung TV remote codes vary from model to model.

Is there a way to determine which version of the GE Universal Remote code list I need for my Samsung TV?


ge universal remote codes for samsung tv


Open the remote’s battery compartment and remove the batteries. There is a code list version in the battery compartment.

There are three different versions: CL3 (code list 3), CL4 (code list 4), and CL5 (code list 5).

You can find below the GE Universal Remote codes for each Samsung TV model.



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