Kwikset Smart Lock Reset Code – Resetting Without Using A Key

Kwikset Smart Lock Reset Without Using Any Key:


Since it is so easy for anyone to replace a Kwikset Smart Key lock on their own, homeowners no longer have to call a locksmith when they need to rekey their locks as they can easily do it themselves. Using a simple code, it is even easier to reset the Kwikset Smart Lock without using the key.


But how can you conduct a Kwikset smart lock reset without a key just by using simple code? Fret not, as we have put together a simple guide to help you reset your Kwikset Smart Key lock using code and without any key.


Read on to learn all about how you can conduct a Kwikset smart lock reset using code despite having lost the key. Aside from that, this article contains a number of other details about Kwikset SmartKey locks.


How Does The Kwikset SmartKey Feature Work With Reset Code?


The Kwikset SmartKey feature works by utilizing a special key which is designed to rekey the lock without having to disassemble or replace the lock.


If you have the original key that works and you have it with you, you can perform a Kwikset SmartKey rekey by inserting the original key into the lock. This Kwikset SmartKey may be inserted into the lock by twisting the key around ninety degrees. However, it will provide access to a small hole in the lock’s faceplate.


You are free to get rid of the old key and replace it with a new one after the SmartKey is already installed within the door lock. The Kwikset smart lock reset was successful by using simple code.


On the other hand, if you do not have access to the original key, you will not be able to use the Kwikset SmartKey feature. In this case, you will need to resort to other Kwikset smart lock reset methods such as manual resetting or using a Kwikset Smart Lock Manual. We’ll talk more about these Kwikset smart lock reset methods later.


Components That Can Be Found On the Inside of the Lock


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If you decide to manually open the Kwikset Smart Lock and reset it, you will need to be aware of the components that can be found on the inside of the Kwikset Smart Lock.


During the process of deconstructing the lock mechanism, you will run upon a few components of the Kwikset SmartKey lock that are considered to be its fundamental components.


These components include:


  • The housing in which all of the Kwikset Smart Lock components are housed
  • The Kwikset smart key cylinder, which is the main part of the Kwikset Smart lock
  • Wafers, which are small cylindrical pieces that are placed in between the Kwikset smart key cylinder and the Kwikset SmartKey housing
  • The Kwikset SmartKey pins, which are the small metal pieces that attach to the Kwikset SmartLock


By being aware of these Kwikset Smart Lock components, you can avoid damaging any of the Kwikset SmartLock’s internal mechanism during your Kwikset smart lock reset process.


When Can You Reset Your Kwikset Lock?


Keyless locks provide homeowners with a number of advantages, including the ease of simple access. However, the peace of mind that comes from knowing they no longer need to worry about carrying keys with them or losing them.


Unfortunately, there are some circumstances that require you to conduct a Kwikset smart lock reset.


Here are some examples of circumstances in which you might need to reset the Kwikset Smart Lock using the code:


  • When you’ve lost your phone, which was linked to the lock on your door
  • When you move into a new house that already has a Kwikset SmartKey installed. However, you will need to perform a reset in order to eliminate any old user code and generate new code that are exclusive to you (To reset Kwikset Smart Lock you will need the code)
  • In the event that you are relocating and would like to take your lock with you to your new residence
  • When the Kwikset Smart Lock security of your user code has been breached
  • When your lock suddenly stops working for no particular reason 
  • When you have reason to believe that illegal access has been gained and would like to restore the Kwikset Smart Lock


What Things Do You Need To Perform Kwikset Smart Lock Reset?


Before you start the Kwikset smart lock reset process, there are certain items and materials that you must have in order to perform a Kwikset Smart Lock reset.


Here is a quick rundown of everything you need to do in order to do a Kwikset smart lock reset without the original key in your own house:


  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • A pair of needle nose pliers
  • Paperclip
  • New batteries
  • Kwikset SmartKey user manual (Including Kwikset Smart Lock Reset Tutorial Using Code)
  • A pair of safety glasses
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Once you have all the necessary materials, you can begin the Kwikset smart lock reset process.


A Step By Step Guide To Kwikset Smart Lock Reset Without Key


If you have all the necessary materials, then you are ready to begin your Kwikset Smart Lock reset process.


Here is a step by step guide that will help you reset the Kwikset SmartKey by using Code lock without the original key:


  1. Get The Necessary Tools And The Workspace Ready


Firstly, you need to do in order to rekey a Kwikset lock without the key is to make sure you have all of the necessary equipment. In addition, also a workspace that is suited for the task at hand. It is recommended that you set up a clean bench or table as your immediate workstation. In addition, don’t forget a reliable light source.


Get a magnifying lens so that you can use both hands effectively while you are going through the process of rekeying. It is eaiser to operate all of the components on your own without the help of a professional if you use tweezers or some other kind of sharp object to aid you.


  1. Remove The Kwikset Smart Lock From The Door


The second step to resetting a Kwikset lock without the key is to begin by removing the entire Kwikset Smart Lock from the door.


The exterior and inner assemblies of the Kwikset smart lock are held together by two screws, and in order to disassemble the lock. You will need to remove those screws. If the lock has key slots on both sides, you will need to rekey both cylinder sets to guarantee that your new key will work on both sides of the door.


  1. Remove The Cylinder From the Housing 


To open your Kwikset lock, you need to remove the cylinder from inside the housing. To check out the interior of the cylinder, move the housing to the side for now.


Inside the lock, the housing is a cylinder core that is held in place by a retaining clip. The clip can be moved to the side in order to facilitate the release of the cylinder from the housing.


The most difficult aspect of this task is removing this retaining clip from its location without causing any damage to it. In order to do this successfully, selecting two little screwdrivers with flatheads would be best.


Insert the screwdrivers into the housing and pry up on the clip. This will take a few attempts, so don’t worry if it doesn’t move the first time. Keep in mind that you will use this retaining clip for a later step in the Kwikset smart lock reset process.

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  1. Remove the Plug From the Cylinder


To remove the plug from the cylinder, you will need to make sure that the wafers are aligned with the shear points. The pick is the most effective tool for this task. But any other thin and compact instrument that is able to fit into this keyhole can serve the same purpose.


Use the tool to move the wafers of the lock up and down while making a light but steady pressure on the plug at the same time. It may take some time, but eventually, the wafers will be in the correct position. This plug will be able to slide out of the core as soon as all of the wafers have been aligned with the shear points.


  1. Find the Location of the Wafer Alignment Reset Tab


This Kwikset smart lock reset process is almost complete. The last step is to locate the wafer alignment reset tab. To do this, you will need to locate and remove the Kwikset Smart Lock’s retainer clip by using a flathead screwdriver to gently pry up on it.


This tab is located on the bottom of Kwikset locks, and it looks like a tiny rectangular slot. This tab acts as an anchor for the retaining clip that you removed earlier in this Kwikset smart lock reset process.


Insert the screwdriver into this slot, and then gently press down on it to slide the Kwikset lock’s retainer clip back into place.


  1. Insert The New Key


Now all that’s required for you is to insert the new key into the keyway. You should do this while simultaneously holding the reset tab in place. As soon as you have completely inserted your new key into the plug, you should let go of the reset key. This will ensure that the Kwikset smart lock’s retainer has been completely reset.


  1. Reassemble Your Lock


Once the Kwikset smart lock setup process has been completed, you can go ahead and put your Kwikset back together.


To do this, you will need to insert the cylinder core and clip back into the Kwikset Smart Lock housing. Then screw the exterior and interior assemblies of the Kwikset lock together with the two screws.


After this, your Kwikset Smart Lock reset process is complete! Congratulations, you have just successfully reset a Kwikset smart lock without a key.




Conducting a Kwikset smart lock setup without a key may seem intimidating at first. But with the right steps and pieces of guidance, it’s not so complicated after all.


This Kwikset smart lock setup process outlined in this article is an effective way to get your Kwikset Smart Lock back up and running without having to worry about losing any keys or buying new Kwikset locks.


By following the steps provided in this Kwikset Smart Lock guide, you will be able to get your Kwikset smart lock back up and running in no time!


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