How To Remove TV From Wall Mount? – Complete Guide [2022]

Learning how to remove a wall mounted TV from its wall mount may be on your mind, but there are several factors to consider. While your home theater system is being renovated, you might want to dismount your flatscreen TV. The TV may just need to be moved, or you might have just purchased a bigger one. This method shows you how to remove your TV from wall mount without breaking a sweat.

Be sure to have the following ready before you learn how to remove your TV from its wall mount:

  • Instructions for mounting your TV on the wall

  • You need a friend to help you

  • Tools such as screwdrivers

  • Once you’ve removed the TV from the wall mount, place it on a blanket on the floor or on a soft surface


Discover Everything You Need to Know About How to Remove a TV From a Wall Mount

How To Remove A Wall Mounted TV: The Wires Need To Be Unplugged

It is critical to note that before you begin to learn how to remove your TV from its wall mount from scratch. It is necessary to unplug the TV from the wall mount before you can remove it. In order to avoid any damage to your TV, you should make sure that any video game consoles, movie players, or other accessories connected to it should be disconnected and set aside. The device should be unplugged from all power cables.

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A tilting and lifting mechanism

Before you attempt this step, you should have a friend with you, depending on the size and weight of your TV. Additionally, keeping the top part of the TV against the wall, hold the bottom part gently towards you.

You shouldn’t force the TV if you are having trouble lifting it after tilting it. It is possible that your wall mount has a safety locking mechanism. Ensure that the TV is unlocked prior to removing it from the wall mount.

You can choose between a screw mount, a bar mount, or a pull-string mount for your TV. The correct information should be found in the manual for your wall mount. Toward the bottom, you will likely find a screw lock. Before proceeding, you will need to remove the lock with a screwdriver. You can slide the bar lock along the back of your TV if your wall mount comes with one. Contrary to this, a pull-string safety lock is usually located on either side of the television. The TV will have to be removed from the wall mount by pulling these strings.


Discover Everything You Need To Know About How To Remove Your TV From the Wall Mount With These Easy Steps

It is as simple as removing the safety lock to take the TV off the wall mount. The best way to enjoy your TV is to hold one side and have your friend hold the other side. In addition, slowly lift the TV upward until it comes completely off the wall mount. However, it is recommended that the TV be placed on a soft surface such as a blanket or another soft surface.

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Discover Everything You Need To Know About How To Unscrew Mount Bracket from the TV Using These Easy Steps

By using a screwdriver, you will be able to remove the TV mount bracket from your TV set. When it comes to the back of your TV, it is important not to scratch it.


Discover Everything You Need To Know About How To Remove TV Wall Mount from the Wall

It is recommended that you use a screwdriver and other appropriate tools to remove the wall mount if you wish to do so. Moreover, if you want to go the extra mile, you can paint the wall and spackle it to make it look even nicer.

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