Microwave Door Won’t Open? – Here are Best Methods to Fix 2022

Microwave Door Won’t Open or Close: Best Methods to Fix:


Most of us use a microwave on a daily basis. You can do so many things with a microwave, whether you use it as a primary cooking solution or to speed up other recipes. Heat water, melt butter, boil pasta, steam vegetables, and even make quick egg patties. You can heat up custom microwave-ready meals or prepare fresh ingredients far faster than on the stove using your microwave. A microwave oven is an essential part of any modern kitchen, and most people know how to use them without even thinking about it. However, if your microwave stopped working or microwave if its door won’t open or close, this article will provide you with instructions on how to fix it.

What happens when a component of the microwave stops working? It’s not something complicated like the controls or the heating element. When your microwave stopped working or microwave door won’t open or close, you can no longer use the entire appliance and you have to fix it before getting it back to work. One single plastic latch can turn your microwave into nothing more than a heavy plastic box.


microwave stopped working
microwave stopped working


4 Reasons Why Your Microwave Door Won’t Open

To fix it first step is to identify the cause of your microwave stopped working or the microwave door won’t open or close is the first step. There are four common reasons why a microwave stopped working or microwave door may malfunction in the closed position. Usually, microwaves with door problems have difficulty closing or latching properly. It can only be one of four options when the microwave door won’t open or sticks closed.

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  • Gummy Connection

The first and most likely explanation is that something gummy has interfered with your microwave’s door latch. A lot of food passes through your microwave’s door. It’s not that uncommon for something to get caught in the door mechanism. A gummy connection may prevent the latch from raising or may only hold the door closed after the latch is released.

If you press the microwave door release button and then pull the door directly, you can possibly get the door to unstick. Otherwise, you will have to access the latch from behind the control panel.


  • Door Button

Microwaves with door buttons are actually more likely to have problems opening than microwaves that open by pulling a handle. Your microwave usually opens when you press a button, but if the button no longer works, the problem is likely to be with the button itself. Try pressing the button and seeing if it feels the same as it always does.

The button may have become disconnected from the door mechanism if it presses in too easily with no resistance. The door mechanism or button connection may be jammed if the button won’t fully press in. The button may not be triggering the door release mechanism if it pushes and then clicks suspiciously.


  • Door Latch Lever

If microwave stopped working or microwave door won’t open or close, try door latch lever, there is the lever for the door latch. Most microwave doors use this release mechanism to hold the door closed when the machine is running or when it is put away. A simple plastic hook catches the door and releases it when the button is pressed. If, however, the latch lever does not rise, the door does not open. Your latch lever might be broken so that it no longer rises when you press the button, or it might be stuck in the mechanism so that it cannot be raised.

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  • Door Spring

Last but not least, your door spring. Door springs are not present in all microwaves, but if yours does, this is what causes the door to open when you release the lever. If the door spring has broken or stopped working, your door won’t open automatically when you release the latch. Nevertheless, your microwave should still open if you release the lever and pull the door open manually.


How to Troubleshoot the “Microwave Door Won’t Open” Issue

Once you’ve identified the possible problems with your microwave, it’s time to start troubleshooting. You can handle this step yourself if you’re comfortable repairing basic appliances. If you do not feel comfortable taking apart your microwave front to fix it, you might want to hire a professional to fix it instead.

You can identify a malfunctioning microwave door won’t open issue in two ways. Check the control panel or the door assembly.


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– Behind the Control Panel

Getting a good look at the latch first is necessary if you are trying to determine whether there is a problem with the button or latch lever. Unplug the microwave first. Remove the control panel carefully. It should be possible to see the button and latch-lever mechanism behind the control panel. Look for any obvious problems with the latch assembly. Take note of any damaged parts and remove debris if you see any. If you see that the button and latch-lever have separated, you may be able to reconnect them with needle-nose pliers.

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– Inside the Door Assembly

The next step is to remove the microwave door to inspect the hinges, spring, and latch. The microwave door is removed by removing the internal panel; then, the hinges are released. Once the microwave door is removed, inspect the components to determine if you can find a problem that prevents the door from opening.


What to Do When You Know the Answer: Microwave Door Won’t Open

Now it’s time to decide what to do. Congratulations if you have already solved the problem through inspection. You can now enjoy your microwave again. When you identify a problem that will be challenging to fix, you have a choice. Either you can buy a replacement part and do the repair yourself, or you can hire a technician to do it.


– Try Your Own Parts Replacement

You can try to do the repair yourself if you are handy with a screwdriver and fully understand the process. When replacing a part, be sure to get the exact part number based on the model and make of your microwave. When opening the plastic, be aware that the small locking tabs can easily snap—best of luck.


– Call for Appliance Repair

Consider hiring an appliance repair service if you’re eager to do the work yourself. A technician can diagnose and fix the problem with your microwave. No screws, plastic tabs, or replacement parts are needed. You can ask your technician for insight into the fix if you’d like.



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