Microwave Without Turntable? – No Turntable Microwave Ovens Cons and Pros

With microwave ovens, you can heat up or cook food quickly without having to wait for it to warm up. Microwave ovens come with many features for cooking different foods. Do microwave ovens need a turntable?  Below is the guide about flatbed Microwave ovens without turntable.

Microwave ovens do not require a turntable. Microwaves with no turntables are called Flatbed Microwaves. These microwaves can efficiently heat up and cook food with no turntable. A rotating motor drives the stirring blades under the flatbed, which evenly distributes the waves to heat the food.

Nowadays, flatbed ovens are available with or without turntables, depending on your preference. If you want to decide which microwave is best for you, you should consider the pros and cons of flatbed microwave ovens with and without turntables.


Why Do Microwave Ovens Have Turntables?

When food is heated, a turntable is used to prevent hot and cold spots caused by microwave interference.

Knowing why a microwave needs a turntable to rotate the food is useful; it is important to understand how it works.

In a microwave oven, microwaves are reflected off the metal surfaces on the inner cavity. They then hit the food, which absorbs them.

There is interference between the different waves in a microwave oven. As a result, they form a resultant wave which can be a standing wave or one with a different intensity from the parent wave.

When waves interact constructively, their energy increases, and their amplitude doubles, when this happens, a hot spot is created in the microwave’s cavity, which warms up the food.

This can result in a cold spot if the microwaves interfere destructively due to the lack of net radiation.

Some waves fall between the two extremes; others fall between the two extremes.

The microwaves then interact with the liquid molecules in the uncooked food.

The microwave is a standing wave with a low frequency, which is why it must move.

Because of its ability to control the food’s movement, the waves are evenly distributed. With the rotating plates, the food is uniformly cooked.


Do microwaves work without spinning turntables?

Flatbed ovens without turntables are still capable of reheating food efficiently.

Microwave ovens with turntables have a rotating motor that drives the glass plate. This ensures the food is heated evenly.

Due to no movement, flatbed ovens without turntables will not work as efficiently. As a result, the heat will not be distributed evenly, resulting in hot and cold spots.

It can still be used if there is no turntable and the glass door is not damaged. It may still work if you heat the food for a few seconds and then turn the container manually to promote even cooking or heating.

Some microwaves have a feature that stops the turntable from rotating. If the container or dish you put into the microwave is too big, you can use this function. When it is too big, and the turntable rotates, it will not work correctly and fall out of place.

If this happens and the rotation needs to be stopped, it is imperative to move the dish manually. Otherwise, the food will not heat evenly.


Do all microwave ovens comes with or without turntables?

The first microwave with a turntable was built between 1964 and 1966. Microwave technology has improved since then.

Microwave ovens today do not all have turntables. Moreover, flatbed ovens come with or without a turntable. A flatbed microwave has no turntable.

The rotating motor powers the stirring blades underneath the flatbed of a oven without a turntable. A rotating antenna has replaced the turntable of the microwave oven.

This type of microwave oven requires a stirring blade to distribute the microwaves evenly. However, without having to turn it on a turntable, the food is heated evenly.


Is a flatbed microwave “without turntable” better than a turntable microwave?

With or without a turntable, flatbed microwave ovens have their pros and cons. It is important to weigh both models’ advantages and disadvantages before deciding which is best for you.


Turntable Microwaves


Turntable microwaves have the following pros:



This type of microwave isn’t as expensive as flatbed microwaves. It is still a functional and affordable appliance.


Even Cooking: 

This microwave oven’s turntable helps ensure that your food will be heated properly.

The cons of having a turntable microwave are:



In a turntable microwave, larger dishes or dishes of different sizes will not fit properly. A dish that doesn’t fit properly in this microwave oven can cause the turntable to fall out of place, which can cause a mess.

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Microwaves with turntables are more difficult to clean as you must remove the parts to clean them properly. There are also small areas that are difficult to clean.


Flatbed Microwaves

Flatbed microwaves come in three types:


  • Solo.
  • Combination.
  • Grill flatbed microwaves.
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Only basic heating, defrosting, and reheating options are available with a solo flatbed microwave. They are the most affordable flatbed microwaves.

The combination flatbed microwave has a variety of features that can be used in conjunction with each other or independently. The features include reheating, grilling, browning, and crisping food.

These appliances can work similarly to an oven, although they are more expensive. You can cook many ingredients at once for a meal using these.

Grill flatbed microwaves are similar to solo microwaves, but they include a grilling feature. Price-wise, they fall between a solo and a combination flatbed microwave.


A flatbed microwave has the following advantages:



This microwave oven has a larger cooking volume and a more flexible interior. You can do this when you need to microwave a larger container, more than one dish, or a container with an awkward shape. Depending on how much space you have in your kitchen or what size microwave you need, you can also buy different size flatbed microwaves.

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It is much easier to clean without the turntable or rotating motor, which is a huge plus. It is not necessary to remove the turntable or the rest of the microwave to clean it. Rotating the food to warm it up will not create a lot of splashing or mess.


Even Cooking: 

The flatbed microwave oven cooks and heats food more evenly than one with a turntable. However, this isn’t always the case. Some turntable microwaves are capable of performing other tasks.

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Microwaves with turntables can be damaged very quickly when the turntable breaks during cooking or cleaning. Flatbed microwaves with flatbeds have fewer loose parts that can break.


Cons of buying a flatbed microwave include:



A flatbed microwave can cost a lot more than one with a turntable. Because it is relatively new and the technology is more advanced, it is more expensive. Although it is more expensive, the convenience and reliability of this technology are worth it.

If you use a microwave frequently in your household, a flatbed microwave will be worth the investment.

You can also use a flatbed microwave at work, in a restaurant, or in a school. This is the best option in these cases, as it will not require frequent cleaning, and it will be easier to clean.

You should, however, look at different Flatbed Microwave products to ensure you get a good model. Some models are erratic and don’t heat food evenly, while others work well.



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