PS4 Loud Fan: How to Fix 2022

Are you wondering why your PS4 fan keeps getting louder and louder? Your room may feel like a plane is about to take off. It would be best if you were very frustrated by PS4 loud fan noise.

Why is the PS4 fan so loud? What can you do to quiet it down? No worries. You’ll find out here. Moreover, you’ll be relieved to learn that you can quiet your loud PS4 fan in this small guide. Find out how…


Here are some fixes:

  1. Place the PS4 fan in a well-ventilated area.
  2. Rotate the PS4 console vertically.
  3. Clean with a compressed air can.
  4. Open the PS4 console for cleaning 


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You may learn that dust can be cleaned from the fan to quiet it on other websites. Yes, your PS4 fan might become loud if it’s covered in dust. But before cleaning your fan out, there are a few other simple yet helpful things you can do. 


Fix 1: Place the PS4 fan in a well-ventilated area.


Your PS4 console will activate its fan when it gets hot. When your PS4 is too hot, its fan will spin and become much louder than usual. If there’s anything on or around your PS4 console, move it. Wait a while to see if your console gets quiet after cooling down.

You should leave enough space around the back and sides of your PS4 for airflow. Do not cover the PS4 console with other items such as towels, your take-off coat, bags, etc. Also, do not tuck your stuff around the PS4 console, such as books.

It is never good to place your PS4 console in a cabinet since there will be no airflow. 


Fix 2: Rotate the PS4 console vertically.


Usually, we place our PS4 console horizontally. You might be able to reduce some heat and noise from your console if you turn it vertically. Try it out and see if your PS4 can be cooler and quieter.

If your PS4 fan is still loud after the two quick fixes above, let’s move on to the clean-out solution. The full-of-dust itself likely is what is causing your PS4 fan to be loud. To quiet your PS4 loud fan, you must clean it out.


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Fix 3: Clean with a compressed air can.


The easiest and fastest way to clean your PS4 is to use compressed air. Take a can of compressed air and run it through all the vents and inputs. 

Your PS4 should never be cleaned with a vacuum, as this may cause damage to the components.

You can try this easy method to clean your PS4 once a month to keep it good.


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Fix 4: Open the PS4 console for cleaning.


NOTE: If you open your PS4 console, you will lose its warranty. If your PS4 is new or used within one year, you can send it to Sony for warranty service.

However, if a can of compressed air doesn’t work, it might be time to open your PS4 console for a deep clean. 

  • Use a T8 or T9 Torx security bit to remove the screws. Drive the screws as shown. If you don’t have one, you can buy one on Amazon.


ps4 loud fan


  • Then, remove the four screws on the back of the PS4.
  • You should then see its fan, then remove the dust covering. Remove as much dust as you can.
  • Please put everything back together after cleaning the fan.
  • Turn on your PS4 and play a game after everything has been done. Your PS4 should become much quieter, even the same as when it’s new.
  • Since games became more GPU-demanding, PS4 loud fan noise has become a concern for console gaming. Gaming devices are unlikely to switch from air to water cooling, so fan noise is almost certain to remain a problem in the upcoming console generation.




Even so, PS4 loud fan noise is not something that prevents any gamer from immersing themselves in their gaming environment for many hours. With a bit of maintenance and the right atmosphere, you can easily deal with the PS4 fan’s loud noise.

There is no difficult task in finding a solution to PS4 loud fan. I have listed some possible solutions that you can use depending on the source of the loud PS4 fan noise.



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