How to Prop Up a TV Without a Stand – 2022 Updated Guide

How to Prop Up a TV Without a Stand?


Your television is one of the most important pieces in your room. However, in today’s article, you will learn how to prop up a tv without a stand, so keep on reading.

 It ties together your family room, living room, and even bedroom. Nevertheless, even the most expensive flat-screen televisions usually do not come with a television stand. A stand is typically flimsy and wears out quickly over time if they come with one. 

Entertainment centers are expensive to hold a TV alone. A TV stand is not necessary since televisions can be propped up without one.


Listed below are nine tips for propping up your TV without a stand and ensuring it is visible to you, your family, your guests, and your friends. 


How to Prop up Your TV on an Existing Bookcase Without a Stand?


What kind of bookcase does your home have that displays your favorite literary novels, pictures, and decorations? You can use your bookcase to store books and as a television mount. A bookcase can be used to prop up your TV without a stand and hold its essential items if it is not too high and wide. 


Bookcases are an affordable alternative to storing your cable box and game consoles and decorative storage boxes for remote controls and video games. You can also use this storage to showcase your favorite books and accessories while watching your favorite shows with your friends. 

Consider how the wiring will flow from the devices to the outlets when using a bookcase as a television stand. Since bookcases are not meant to hold televisions, they may not have holes for the wires to travel through to the wall. A bookcase with a back that allows wires to pass through may be needed. 

You could also use a bookcase without a backing, but it may not be sturdy enough to support the television. Additionally, you will need to measure the bookcase so that it is not too tall or too short for proper viewing. TV stands are usually between 20 and 30 inches tall, so make sure the bookcase is the same height. 


Dressers Could Work as Perfect Television Stands

Dressers aren’t just for bedrooms anymore. However, if your family room or living room has enough space, you can convert a dresser into a stylish and functional television stand. Dressers provide ample storage for storing entertainment items and hiding cords. Their elegant appearance adds a touch of class to any room. 


Here is How to Prop Up a TV without a Stand: MULTIPLE METHODS

Dressers are used as both storage and decoration in the bedroom, so they can also serve as television stands. Ensure it is not too large so that it clutters the area of the room where the television is displayed. You can choose the perfect style: 


Traditional – 

These styles are timeless and will fit in any room. Most are made of wood and can complement other pieces of furniture already in your living room or family room.


Rustic – 

Dressers of this type are made of wood, but the wood is usually in its natural state and is not painted or varnished. A rustic dresser can hold a television very securely and is very sturdy.


Antique – 

Usually made from wood or other materials such as leather or marble. Adding a touch of formality to any room while holding your television, they have a European look.


Modern – 

A dresser of this type will fit seamlessly into a modern room due to its minimalist décor, clean lines, and contemporary construction. Usually, they are available in different colors, have a glossy finish, and can complement an existing color scheme.


Cottage style – 

Cottage style, also called “shabby chic,” is very popular because it is informal and warm. Due to their neutral colors, sturdy wood, and ability to display accessories, they can easily be incorporated into any living room or family room. 

Traditional or rustic dressers complement other furniture, modern dressers can add color, and antique dresses can add sophistication to your modern television. The storage allows you to hide the television accessories and wires in the drawers, which keeps the room clean and organized. If desired, you can even mount the TV above. 

Dressers are also very durable and sturdy, and are often the perfect height for watching TV. Dressers are available in many styles and colors, but you should measure the area before using one to view TV. 


How to Prop up Your Television with a Chest? Prop Up Without Using TV Stand

Dresser and chest are often used interchangeably, but they are very different pieces of furniture. Both of these pieces of furniture are used to hold clothing, but a dresser is wide and short, whereas a chest is narrow and tall. However, they can both be used instead of an expensive entertainment stand to hold a television. 

As well as adding unique and attractive style to your room, you can prop up your TV with a chest and without using TV stand, depending on its height. They have drawers for storing your entertainment consoles and accessories, hiding any wires and cords behind them so that you don’t have to deal with clutter.

Colors, finishes, sizes, and styles are all available: 


Vertical chest – 

This is the standard television chest that is usually tall and narrow, on the smaller side, and can fit into a corner or an area of the room.


Gentleman’s Chest – 

This kind of cabinet usually contains drawers and wardrobe doors, and it can give a unique look to a family room or living room.


Bachelor’s chest – 

Larger televisions may not fit in these cabinets, and they only have three or four drawers. They would be ideal for a small television in a room with limited space.

Traditionally, lingerie chests are tall and thin since they are used to store lingerie.

 However, they might not be sturdy enough to hold a television. Alternatively, you may be able to find a media chest that is wide like a dresser but tall like a chest, with open shelving for your media accessories. 

If your chest is not too high, you can use it to prop up a TV without a stand, add style to the room, and conceal your media consoles and accessories in order to keep your room clutter-free and tidy. 


How to Repurpose a Coffee Table as a Television Stand?

Several coffee tables can also serve as television stands and are more affordable than a large dresser, bookcase, or entertainment center. Previously, a coffee table would have been too thin to hold bulky televisions. All that has changed now that high-definition televisions are thinner and lighter. 

It is possible to find cheap coffee tables for sale online that can be used as television stands, but you might already have the item since furniture sets usually include a coffee table. As a result, the television stand already matches the other furniture in your room, so you don’t have to repaint it. 

Due to their primary purpose of holding drinks and snacks while watching television, coffee tables are short. There are some DIY solutions if you want to use your coffee table as a TV stand. You could prop up TV with your coffee table without using any stand and with a few vintage wood pieces to give it a rustic look. 

A coffee table usually works better for smaller television sets in a smaller room. In a small living room or bedroom, a coffee table would look great in the corner and still allow the television to take center stage. 

Furthermore, they do not offer as much storage space as the other options. 


Forget Television Stands and Use a Mount

If you mount your television on the wall, you may not need a television stand at all. However, you can place it anywhere in the room for a chic, clean, modern look, and it creates more space.

 The size of a stand does not limit you, and you need to select the mount: 


Fixed position – 

This mounts your television flat against the wall. Once mounted on the wall, your television cannot be adjusted, which is ideal for very large flat-screen televisions. They give your room a clean, sleek appearance.


Tilting – 

This television is mounted on a wall, but it can still tilt up or down five to fifteen degrees.


Full motion – 

This is the best option because you can fully rotate your television to fit your viewing situation. Nevertheless, they are the most expensive. 

A fixed-position mount requires you to measure your television precisely so it is centered, not crooked, and at the right height for viewing. After your television is installed, it is permanent, so you want to make sure it is exactly where you want it. 

When you want to mount your television higher on the wall, a tilting mount will work better since you can move it up and down for optimal viewing. In addition, a television mounted in the upper corner of the room, over a fireplace, or even on a deck could benefit from a tilting mount. A full-motion mount is the best option if money is not an issue. 

You can also mount your television on the wall by adding shelves to the wall. You can build your own television mount by using hardwood planks, nails, and screws, and a bit of time. 

Make sure the planks are securely mounted and strong enough to hold your television.


Use a Console Table for Added Versatility 

Console tables are furniture pieces that can be placed almost anywhere in a room — against a wall, behind a sofa, between pieces of furniture, the possibilities are endless. A console table in a hallway, foyer, or family room can be used as a television stand. Console tables are usually around 33 inches high. 

Consoles are so versatile that they can be used as a television stand as well:


  • For almost any type of room, consoles come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles.
  • Moreover, it can be the perfect addition to your living room, bedroom, or family room to prop up your TV without using stand, as long as the console is large and wide enough to support the weight of your television.


Additionally, consoles have storage underneath in the form of drawers or open spaces, which can be used to store TV remotes, streaming devices, and entertainment and gaming consoles. Wires from devices can also be hidden underneath, either behind the console or in baskets placed in the space-saving areas of the console. 

A console table can add a simple, uncluttered look to your room, store your necessary television equipment, and prop up your TV without any stand so that everyone can observe it comfortably. Additionally, they complement any décor since there are many different styles to choose from. Perhaps you don’t even need to buy one – you already have one. 


How to Use a Bench to Prop up Your TV Without A Stand

Those benches sitting out back may be the perfect solution if you don’t want to buy a stand for your new television, but all of your existing furniture is too high or too big.

 You may not want to deal with the amount, and television stands are too expensive. That’s where a bench comes in handy. 

Bench’s original purpose was to support multiple individuals, so they are usually wide enough to hold a television and sturdy enough to support the necessary amount of weight. With a small television in a smaller room, a bench would work especially well on a long or short wall. There are, however, some downsides to a bench. 

In the first place, a bench has no storage space, so if you have cable boxes, gaming consoles, Rokus, or Apple TVs, you will need to rethink its use. If your television is on the bench, the extra devices would clutter the bench or be placed on the floor.


Furthermore, benches are pretty low to the ground because they are meant to be sat on with our feet comfortably touching the ground. With a little DIY creativity, you can solve this problem. Put the bench on pieces of wood to prop it up to the height you desire. Please make sure the bench is secure to prevent it from falling over.


A Fireplace Can Be Your next Television Stand.

If you already have a fireplace, you can repurpose it and save money by integrating it into an entertainment center. Televisions mounted over or placed on a fireplace serve as a space saver and add a great sense of style and ambiance. 

Depending on its size, your television set may fit perfectly on top of your fireplace. Stone is a durable and safe material for fireplace tops. And are wide enough to hold pictures and accessories. However, to make sure your television can withstand any heat generated by the fireplace. You will need to do some research. 

Today, many electric fireplaces emit heat through an element on top of the fireplace unit. In addition, to give the illusion of a real fireplace, a fan blows the hot air throughout the room. Be sure to research how hot the top of the fireplace gets. And if it will damage your television before using it for propping up your TV without any stand. 

Moreover, you can mount your TV over the fireplace if you are concerned about heat. Even mounted above, heat may still be too much, especially with wires and other electronics that do not like heat. The use of a fireplace as a TV stand can be beautiful and classy. But should also be done with care.


How Do You Make a TV Stand?

You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on an entertainment center. Unless you want to mount your television on the wall. For example, if you have two boards that are around the same size lying around. You can turn them into a stand by following these steps:


  • Stain the wood pieces a darker color if necessary to match the room
  • Fit some sturdy metal pipes into the wood as legs
  • Drill holes in one piece of wood and fit the metal through
  • Put the top of the metal into the top piece of wood. So that there is room between the two pieces for cable boxes, gaming consoles, and remote controls. 


The steps below are a cheap way to build a television stand, probably under $50 in total. However, if you are creative and handy, you can build a cost-effective television stand. Exactly the way you want it with just a little wood, metal, and maybe some PVC plastic. To meet your television viewing needs, you can choose the style, the color, and the size. 

However, not everyone is DIY-savvy, and if that includes you, do not worry. You can make a television stand without drilling or using extra materials using items already in your home. Just move some furniture. 


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