How to listen to music on a plane? Multiple Easy Methods 2022

How to listen to music on a plane?

On my flights, I always enjoy discovering new songs in addition to reading my favorite book. However, today’s infinite number of choices makes it easy to listen to your favorite songs on a plane. Here we’ll show you how to listen to music offline on a plane and share a few tips for making your flight more enjoyable. However, if you are thinking that you can play Spotify while traveling or on a plane? Then, you are correct! Using these methods mentioned below, you can listen to your favorite music offline. Moreover, Spotify can also play and listen to offline music when you are out on a plane or traveling without the internet.

We’ll begin with a short answer before diving into more detail. There are many ways to listen to music on planes, whether you download your favorite songs on a file, download streaming apps like Spotify, or use the airline seatback screens if the airline you are traveling with offers free WiFi.

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Show us how other travelers listen to music on their flights.

how to listen to music on a plane

Is there a way to listen to music offline while traveling or on a plane?

How do you listen to music on a plane? listen to Spotify on a plane:

On Amazon music, you can listen to your favorite songs offline and without WiFi. The Amazon Music app lets you download your favorite music for offline listening. You can simply log into your app and select the songs you want to listen to during your flight.

Spotify also works great on planes. If you have a premium subscription, you can download songs to play offline without the need for WiFi.

With Spotify, you can listen to podcasts if you don’t want to listen to music anymore. You can subscribe for a month or two and cancel at any time.

Moreover, it’s one of my favorite ways to use my laptop. I keep a list of my favorite songs on it. When I work alone, I usually listen to my favorite songs.


How to download music on the Amazon app?

Amazon Music is available on almost any device, including the iPhone, iPad, and Android.·   

  • Go to your app’s homepage and click on My music.
  • Alternatively, you can choose your favorite song and click on the dots shown on the screen to download it.
  • The song will automatically be added to your downloaded list when you click download.
  • All downloaded songs will appear in your list, and you can play them offline by clicking on them.


Can I use my phone on a plane to listen to music?

However, I mostly use my laptop, but I’ve never been on a flight without using my phone to stream music; and the best way to listen to music on a plane is to use an app or download your favorite music to your phone, however, apps have more recent songs.

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Stream your favorite songs using Spotify free or any other streaming app on your flight if WiFi is available. However, their features are limited.

Before your flight, if you have some free time and a laptop, you can also download some songs online, convert them into mp3, and listen to them during your flight.

Music on planes can be enjoyed through in-flight entertainment.

You can also stream music via some airlines that have free inflight apps, like American airlines, that allow you to stream Apple Music and songs and playlists on any domestic flight equipped with Viasat satellite WiFi without purchasing WiFi.


YouTube on a Plane: Listen to Spotify on a plane:

You can also download music and play it during your flight if you have a YouTube membership. Once you turn on your mobile data, open YouTube, and tap on your favorite songs to download them, they may take some time to download, but it will be worth the wait to enjoy your favorite clips and songs during your journey.


Can I listen to Apple Music in airplane mode?

Like Spotify premium and Amazon Music, Apple Music allows you to listen to music in analog mode if you download your favorite songs beforehand. You can download music on your internet connection and play it offline on your flight if you are an apple music subscriber.

Open your Apple Music app on your phone, tablet, or android device to download tracks to play on airplane mode. Tap the song or playlist to add it to your library.

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After adding the music to the library, you can now download it by clicking on the download button.

You will be able to access your playlist songs while on your flight.


Popular apps to use on your flight Amazon Music

Amazon Music



Google Play Music







What to listen to on airplanes?

You can listen to anything on Amazon Music, Spotify, or any of the other apps mentioned above, but I recommend downloading a long playlist before heading to the airport.

This is an opportunity to discover some new songs and music categories or assemble a mix of the songs you enjoy listening to in the sky. My favorite music is pop hits and classical music.


Summary: how to listen to music on a plane?

You can either use apps or download your favorite tracks onto your phone to listen to music on planes. Furthermore, when flying domestically, so many airlines offer free WiFi so you can access your favorite apps and stream music.


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