RCA Universal Remote Not Working? [Fixed]

RCA is a well-known electronics brand. They’ve been around for a lengthy time and have a reputation for being quite durable. It’s relatively uncommon that the RCA Universal Remote Not Working. However, even the most significant things are not without their flaws.

Replace the batteries in the RCA TV remote control if the RCA tv is not turning on. Make sure that the batteries are positioned correctly. Moreover, You should also make sure that the battery spring is free of kinks. Replace any worn-out batteries with fresh ones.

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However, the RCA remote control is a straightforward gadget to troubleshoot because it is not a problematic device. It merely takes a few minutes to figure out how to reprogram a RCA universal remote.

You can determine if you need a new remote control after checking many factors that might impair its operation. This post will help you identify the problem and get you back to watching your favorite show with a few simple tips.

RCA TV Remote Not working/Responding

RCA Universal Remote Not WorkingIn the grand scheme of things, remote controllers aren’t a need, but they’re certainly convenient! With the touch of a button, we may change the channel the volume, all from the comfort of our sofa.

It’s a hassle, to say the least, when your RCA TV remote doesn’t work. If the signal route is obstructed, the RCA remote will not reply. Remotes use the IR signal to connect with other devices. Moreover, the remote will not connect with the TV if this signal route is blocked. Make sure there are no obstacles in the way of the TV’s signal.

RCA remote controls require some device specificity to function correctly; for example, you will push the TV mode button on your remote to change the station. Without RCA universal remote setup, the RCA remote will not operate. The remote’s power source is its batteries. However, the remote won’t operate if they’re running low. To check the batteries, hold down the one key for a few seconds to check the batteries. Replace the batteries if the remote does not work.

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How to Reset Rca Universal Remote Without Code?

 It’s always a good idea to examine your remote’s owner’s handbook to see whether there are any reset options in some of the newer RCA remotes that can restore the remote’s functionality. If you reset RCA remote control, you may re-enter the previously-programmed devices (TV, DVD, receiver). Moreover, if you’ve misplaced your owner’s manual, you can get an electronic copy on RCA’s website by searching for the handbook associated with your remote.

To fix any issues with the remote due to which the RCA remote is not working, press the reset button on the remote. Remove the batteries first. For at least 60 seconds, hold down the one key. To reset the remote’s microprocessor, press the reset button.

Reinstall the batteries after one minute. Press the ON/OFF switch. If the light is lit up, you can proceed with the remote reprogramming. Replace the batteries in the remote control if the RCA remote is not working and try it again.

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RCA TV Remote Volume Not Working

 The volume button is one of the most frequently utilized buttons on the remote control. As a result, if this button isn’t working, we’re forced to hunt around the TV for the volume control, which is rarely easily located. However, the volume button on your RCA TV remote control may be stuck if it isn’t increasing the volume. Make sure the buttons don’t stick by removing the batteries and pressing each one independently. Replace the batteries in the remote control and then use it.

However, the remote requires a unique code for each electrical device used to operate. Using these codes to perform a combination unit is highly critical. Therefore, the remote will not work if the correct code is not input. If you aren’t sure which codes to use, go to the manual.

After inputting the channel number, specific RCA TV remotes demand that you push the OK button. By not pressing ok, the remote is still in channel search mode and will not respond when the volume button is pressed.

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How to reprogram a RCA universal remote?

RCA Universal Remote Not WorkingWe take it for granted that the remote controls are constantly on. Any equipment that sees a lot of use will eventually need to be shut down. You must do this if you use your RCA TV remote to operate more than one device.

Directly inputting the device codes is the most efficient approach to pair devices with a remote that contains a Code Search button. You must locate the device code of the equipment you wish to manage. Use the RCA remote code finder or RCA universal remote manual to discover this code.

  • Turn on the device for RCA universal remote setup.
  • Hold down the remote’s Code Search button.
  • To link a universal remote with a specific piece of equipment, press the key for that item on the universal remote while holding down the Code Search Button. The remote’s light will flicker once and then remain constant.
  • Enter the device’s remote code. The remote’s light should go off.
  • Make sure the remote is working correctly. If RCA universal remote is not working, try a few other things. 

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RCA Universal Remote Not Working? How to Fix

It’s also possible to utilize the Code Search option to search through all of the RCA universal remote codes until you discover one that works if a code you have tried doesn’t work.

  • Make sure the devices are plugged in you wish to connect.
  • Hold down the Code Search button on the RCA universal remote control to switch the light.
  • Hit the button on the universal remote that matches the device you’re connecting (e.g., if it’s a DVR, press the button for DVR) while still holding the Code Search Button in place.
  • The remote’s light will flicker once and then remain constant.
  • To send the following code to the equipment, press the power button on the universal remote. Do this as long as necessary until the device shuts down.
  • When hitting the power button and the indicator light starts blinking four times, you’ve used up all of the remote codes, and the remote won’t operate with your equipment, which might lead to RCA universal remote not working.
  • To store the code, press the Enter button on the universal remote.

Make sure the remote is working correctly before using it. If this is the case, you’re all set. Repeat the process if necessary. It would help if you pressed every button on the remote to ensure it’s operating correctly. Check each switch one by one to make sure it works before moving on. At the very least, five times through the procedure.

 You’ll have to get a new RCA remote if the old RCA remote is not working.

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RCA TV Remote Sensor Not Working

Electronics that remotes can control use Infrared (IR) signals. The remote’s ability to communicate with the electrical gadget relies on this signal. The sensor on the remote transmits this signal. However, if the signal is hindered, the RCA TV remote sensor will not operate, and the RCA tv won’t turn on. Do not place any electrical gadgets near the antenna to avoid interference. Remove anything that can interfere with the sensor’s ability to deliver a signal.

The remote will not operate if the remote sensor is obstructed—an antenna within the remote aids in signal transmission from the sensor. By removing the remote’s back, you may check the antenna’s health.

Hindrances will disrupt the signal if the antenna is twisted or filthy. It’s possible that the remote has to be replaced if the RCA tv is not turning on and the antenna isn’t working correctly.

RCA TV Remote not Turning Off TV:

Sometimes the remote is the problem, and other times the remote isn’t the problem. Ensure the TV is not the problem before buying a new remote when your RCA remote is not working. However, the RCA universal remote might not work because the TV does not get enough power. Check the TV’s power source. Also, check to verify that the power cable is firmly attached to the socket before using it.

If the TV and remote don’t seem to be connecting, try turning the TV off and on again. A power strip may be at blame if the TV is plugged in and the RCA tv is not turning on. Make sure the power strip is plugged into the outlet. Also, ensure that all other gadgets connected to the power strip are functioning correctly.

RCA Universal Remote Keeps Blinking

A universal model is an excellent choice when controlling many devices with a single remote. Programming the remote to connect with any electrical gadget eliminates the need for several remotes. RCA Universal remotes flash when they have successfully connected to the TV. As long as the remote keeps flashing, it’s actively seeking a connection. Turn the TV off and back on, then reconfigure the remote control.

Remotes use blinking lights to communicate with you. Even when the batteries are running low, it tells you exactly what happened to the buttons. If the blinking persists even after changing the batteries and resetting the remote, the remote is indicating a more severe problem. The remote’s sensor or power board is wrong. Therefore you’ll have to get a new one.

The remote will not interact with other devices, e.g., the RCA tv won’t turn on if the antenna within the remote is defective. There will be no connection with the TV as long as the remote keeps flashing since it cannot send this signal. If there is no IR signal, the RCA remote will continue flashing. You may check if the remote’s IR signal is operating using the camera on your smartphone. Activate the camera’s shutter and point it at the sensor. You may use any button on the remote to control the camera while you’re watching it.

You should see the light coming out of the remote control. It’s time to get a new remote if the sensor doesn’t function and there is no illumination.

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RCA Remote unable to program

RCA Universal Remote Not WorkingKeep your RCA remote close to the TV if you have problems programming it. The more challenging the signal getting to the TV, the more away you are from it. You can find a model number and a revision number in the battery compartment.

If your RCA remote isn’t working, it may be an old model. It is not possible to use older RCA remotes with modern smart televisions. The newer technology makes it difficult for the remote control and the television to interact. Purchase a new remote control for your RCA equipment. If you can’t fix the issues with your RCA remote control, bring it back to the store where you bought it to see if you can get a replacement.

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However, it may take several days to weeks before receiving new remote control. The remote may or may not be free, depending on your warranty and the retailer’s return policy where you bought it. A new remote control compatible with your television will most likely replace an old one that is no longer working.

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RCA universal remote backlight not working

The remote control keys are easier to see in the dark with the help of backlight lighting. You may repeatedly press the BACKLIGHT key to turn the backlight on or off. Moreover, when the backlighting switch is turned on, it will remain on as long as keys are pushed. Six seconds after the final keypress, the backlighting shuts off. Any keypress will revive the illumination once the timer for the backlighting has ended.

Using the BACKLIGHT key when the backlight is on will turn it off. Below are some reasons why your RCA Universal Remote Not Working.

  • It’s possible that you pushed an incorrect key for the remote’s mode. If you don’t know which component you want to control, you have to hit the relevant component key on the remote to put it in the proper mode.
  • Check to see if the batteries are brand new and placed correctly. Two new AA batteries can be used if necessary. 

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Why is the RCA remote not performing commands properly?

If you don’t know which component you want to control, you have to hit the relevant component key on the remote to put it in the proper mode.

  • The component must be “ready” before use (e.g., the DVD player has disc loaded; VCR has tape loaded, etc.)
  • It’s possible that you pushed an incorrect key for the remote’s mode.
  • RCA components can only be turned on or off by pressing a different button than the ON/OFF button.
  • Pressing OK after inputting the channel number is required by some models and brands to change channels.
  • Computer software may only be capable of controlling a subset of your system’s functions (e.g., only turns a component on and off). Test the feature to ensure the key is programmed with the correct code for optimal performance.

Using the remote, experiment with various options for the device. Try a different code in the list using the Direct Code Entry Method if some of your components’ features don’t work until you discover a code that allows the remote to control the bulk of your component’s functions.

 Why isn’t VCR recording using RCA?

  • Make sure the remote control is in VCR mode before proceeding.
  • You must ensure that the tape is correctly inserted into the VCR before beginning.
  • Make sure the tape is not write-protected. If the safety tab is removed, the video is write-protected, and you cannot record onto that tape.

Why is the RCA remote not changing channels on the component?

  • Press the component key (TV, DVD, or VCR) on the remote to set it up for use with that particular piece of equipment.
  • After entering a channel number, press the OK key.
  • To get the remote to work, remove any obstructions in its path. Aim the remote at the component’s IR sensor.

Why RCA component’s menu is not appearing on the TV screen?

  • Verify that your component is correctly connected to your TV and select the correct input.
  • Press the proper component key (TV, DVD, or VCR) to activate the appropriate device on the remote control.
  • Not all manufacturers offer menu access. Your original remote control will be required if you want these functionalities to be accessible.


A universal remote control is a fantastic tool that can replace all of your other remote controls. The pairing is the most challenging element of the process, but it will save you a lot of time. If you don’t press the remote buttons appropriately, Wrong input may hamper the syncing procedure. This is the main reason why getting the remote set up may require some trial and error.

If you are still struggling, reset the hardware, remove batteries from the remote, and replace them, then restart.