Why Is ShowBox App Not Working? An Extensive Guide

ShowBox has established itself as one of the most popular streaming apps available today. Whether it’s the smooth user interface or the capacity to automatically fetch recently released films and TV shows, there’s a lot to like about ShowBox. There are times, however, when ShowBox app not working issues arise, and this article will explain how to resolve them.

Unfortunately, users have reported that the app has been malfunctioning more frequently. Random error messages will start appearing, such as “Check the internet connection” or “Connection error,” which has led to a lot of frustration.

So, why is ShowBox app not working?

In this guide, we’ll go over some of the reasons why ShowBox app might not be working for you and how you can fix the problem.


Why is ShowBox App Not Working On PC?

The ShowBox company has tweeted about the ShowBox App Not Working issue and acknowledged that the problem is valid and that many people worldwide are experiencing it.

Another tweet from ShowBox said that the servers were slowing down, which was why the app was withdrawn from the service. Throughout this process, the developers have been working on a fix and are almost done.

The main reason why the ShowBox app is not working on PC could be attributed to the fact that the app is not compatible with certain versions of Windows. So, if you are using an outdated version of Windows, then it is advised that you update your OS by following these steps:


  1. Click on the Start button and then go to Settings.

  2. Click on Update & Security.

  3. Select Check for updates.

  4. Once the updates are found, click on Download and install now.

  5. Next, restart your computer.


If you are wondering why is ShowBox app not working even after updating Windows, then the problem might be with your antivirus software. Your antivirus program may be blocking the app from working properly. So, you will need to add ShowBox to your antivirus program’s exceptions or white list.


To do this in Windows Defender, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Start and then search for Windows Defender Security Center.

  2. Click on Virus & threat protection.

  3. Now, click on Manage settings.

  4. Scroll down and turn off Real-time protection.

  5. Once you have turned that setting off, restart your device and then try to relaunch ShowBox.


How to Fix the ShowBox App Not Working Error

Now that you know why is ShowBox app not working, here are some solutions that will help you get ShowBox up and running in no time. We have outlined the practical steps that you need to follow to get the app up and running again.


  1. Update To The Latest Version of ShowBox

The most common reason why ShowBox app might not be working is because you’re using an outdated version of the app. ShowBox frequently releases updates to fix bugs and improve performance, so it’s important to make sure that you’re using the latest version.

To update ShowBox, open the app and go to Settings. There, you should see the “Update ShowBox” option. Select it, and the app will be updated to the latest version. If you’re using an Android device, you might also need to allow ShowBox to install updates from Unknown Sources.


  1. Reboot Your Device

Sometimes, all you need to do to fix a problem is to restart your device. When a device reboots, the cache is cleared, bugs are checked for, corrupt files are fixed, and new files are created. Therefore, if ShowBox app is not working, try rebooting your device and see if it resolves the issue.

This could fix the issue if the basic processing files cause the ShowBox issue. When you reboot, the identified error will be solved, and you’ll have new files to replace the corrupt ones. Rebooting a device or computer often fixes the majority of issues.


  1. Clear ShowBox App Cache

Every Android application uses cache files to execute a portion of the content. Over time, the cache files cause issues with the app’s primary functionality. So, if ShowBox isn’t working properly, try clearing the app’s cache.

To clear ShowBox cache, open the app and go to Settings. By tapping the Clear Cache button under App Settings, you can erase the cache. This will delete all the cache on your phone or laptop. Once the cache is cleared, restart ShowBox and see if you are able to stream anything.


  1. Clear Device Cache

Another way to fix ShowBox app not working is to clear your device’s cache. This will delete all the cache on your Android device or PC, which could be causing the problem. Clearing your device’s cache can be accomplished using these steps.


  • In the Settings app, select the Storage tab.

  • Tap on Cached data and confirm when prompted.

  • This will clear your device’s cache.

  • Check if ShowBox is working properly after restarting your device.


  1. Uninstall and Reinstall The App

If none of the solutions above work, you might need to uninstall and reinstall ShowBox.

This will delete the app from your device and install a fresh copy. Here’s how to do it:


  • Go to Settings and select Apps.

  • Find ShowBox and tap on Uninstall.

  • You can now download the ShowBox app by visiting the ShowBox website.

  • Install the app and see if that solves your issue.


  1. Switch to a Different Network or Reconnect to the Internet

A sluggish internet connection may also result in ShowBox app not working. Try switching to another Wi-Fi network if you’re using a Wi-Fi connection. In the case of mobile data connections, you should restart your device or switch to a different network.

Restarting your modem or router might also help if you’re using Wi-Fi. You can also connect to a different network and see if that solves the problem. In most cases, a faulty connection is the main reason behind the Showbox not working errors.


  1. Use a VPN

As mentioned earlier, your network system is a significant factor in ShowBox app not loading and working errors.

If you’re still unable to get ShowBox to work, then try using a VPN. Traffic is encrypted by VPNs and routed through servers located elsewhere. In simpler terms, it changes your IP address and makes it appear as if you’re accessing the internet from another location.

ShowBox collects data from several sources, and some of those sources may be banned by your ISP. If your ISP has banned one of these sources, then you won’t be able to load the content. The content can be accessed from another location with a VPN, however.

This could help bypass any restrictions or filters placed by your network provider. There are countless VPN apps available, but we would recommend using Surfshark or ExpressVPN.


  1. Watch From The ShowBox Website

If none of the solutions above work, you can try watching the content from the ShowBox website. Given that all videos are available on ShowBox’s official website, you do not have to download the ShowBox app to watch them.

A steady internet connection and a web browser are all you need to get started.


To do this:

  • Visit the ShowBox website.

  • Find the show, movie, or other video content you’d like to stream and click on it.

  • Your selected video will start playing.


This is a convenient way to watch ShowBox videos if the app is not working properly.


  1. Contact ShowBox Customer Support

If you’re still having trouble getting ShowBox to work, then you can try contacting ShowBox customer support. Given that you have tried all the solutions above, the issue must be on ShowBox’s end. As a result, there is no other option other than to wait until ShowBox resolves the issue in its own time.

You can contact ShowBox customer support by sending an email to [email protected] Include as much detail as possible in your email so that they can help you solve the problem quickly.


What Alternative Apps Can I Use?

If you’re still having trouble getting ShowBox to work and wondering why is ShowBox app not working, then you should try using some of the alternatives below. These apps offer similar features and functionality as ShowBox and are just as good.


  1. PlayBox HD

It is widely known that PlayBox HD is a popular alternative to ShowBox. The app has an easy-to-use interface and offers a vast library of content. With PlayBox HD, you can watch movies, TV shows, cartoons, and more.


  1. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is another excellent ShowBox alternative that offers pretty much the same features. The app has a user-friendly interface and is available for all devices. Whether you’re looking to watch TV shows, documentaries, or movies, Popcorn Time has you covered.


  1. Crackle

If you’re looking for an official streaming app free of any APK hassle, then Crackle is a good option. The app is developed by Sony and offers a wide variety of content. Crackle is available for both iOS and Android devices.



So, why is ShowBox app not working? The problem is usually due to a weak or unstable internet connection. If you’re having trouble getting ShowBox to work, the tips mentioned above should help you solve the problem.

If the issue does not resolve, we suggest trying some of the alternative apps mentioned above.


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