Facebook Messenger Not Working 2022? – Here is What You Should Do!

Facebook Messenger is one of the third-party apps that allow instant messaging. A mass population connects through this application. If your Facebook Messenger is not working in 2022, it might make you troublesome as it has become a primary source of connectivity and communication.

Although the Messenger application has achieved a place in the Global Market, the application still shows some problems.

However, is it crashing down again and again? Is your Facebook Messenger not working? Is Facebook Messenger taking longer to load than usual? Are you missing out on important messages and leads from friends and family?

In this informative guide, I will show you how to fix the Messenger not working problem. Read thoroughly to stay connected.


What Do We Know About Facebook Messenger App?

Facebook Messenger is a communication system and platform that allows you to contact through the internet. Facebook Messenger was developed by Meta Platforms. Earlier, it was called Facebook Chat in 2008. After several updates in 2018, it was released as standalone Facebook Portal hardware for Messenger calling. With the growing technology awareness, everyone knows about it. Messenger allows you to connect with your friends, form groups, grow contacts, and maintain your public figure while giving you all the rights to privacy protection. It stands out because of its easy video and audio calling features. The robust features have made the Facebook Messenger App rank third in the Top Communication Free Apps. It desires to help you stay near and bonded to the people.

Messenger has occupied a special place in the hearts of its users, and it might irritate you when your Facebook messenger is not working in 2022.

Read it till the end and learn how to fix your Facebook messenger that is not working in year 2022.


Try These 2022 Solutions to Fix Your Facebook Messenger Not Working


1. Close All The Apps

Sometimes your phone system might become too clogged and cause your phone to lag and disrupt its functioning. Applications that seem close to your screen might be running in your system background, causing it to malfunction.

You can close all recent tabs and clean residuals by clearing Junk Files and storage space from your cell phone. Doing this will free up your phone from cached data and allow your phone to run smoothly without getting heated. Now check your Messenger app, which should start working.


2. Check Your Internet Stability

In 2022, your Facebook messenger app not working issue could be due to unstable connections. The application is internet-based and requires good connectivity to function without a hitch.

If your Messenger is not working in year 2022, although your signals are stable. You need to turn off your internet from your cell phone or router for 30 seconds and then turn it back on. Sometimes the application might crash and fail to receive proper signals causing it to malfunction.


3. Restart Your Phone

You will need to restart your device if the Facebook messenger not working problem persists in 2022 due to your system lag. Lag usually occurs when your device is overheated. Restarting your mobile phone can help you to smoothen its performance. The best thing you can do if any of your apps don’t work or are slow is to restart your cell phone. 

By pushing down the power button for a short period of time and selecting restart/reboot, you can restart your cell phone. Doing this will allow the device to remove all junk and cached data and run smoothly, giving you high-end performance.

Try running your Messenger application now.


4. Clear the cache of your application

Clogged cached data can prevent your chatting apps, such as Messenger, from working properly.

There is some information in the cached data that makes your application work. However, you should clean the cache data of your application when your Facebook Messenger is not working.

To clear cached data, follow these steps:

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Open Apps and Notifications
  • Search the app you wish to clear the cache of
  • Go to App info
  • Hit on Clear cached data.

When you follow these 2022 updated steps carefully, there is a good chance that you will be able to resolve your Facebook Messenger not working issue.


5. Allow Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh is available on both Android and iOS systems. Data consumption has been reported to be higher by users. However, Background Refresh App consumes power and data based on the application usage and system performance.

Is your Facebook Messenger still not working? Then enabling background app refresh can be an optimal choice to enhance its performance.

  • Click on Manage Option in Settings
  • Go to the app
  • Choose Background App Refresh (Allow Wi-Fi or Data, whichever is available)

Background Data should now be enabled, and your application should now begin working.


6. Force Stop Your Messenger

Occasionally, the Messenger application may not operate satisfactorily due to delays or lags. Try Force Stopping the application from the settings of your phone. Check again if it works properly now.

Usually, when you close your apps, some remain running in the background, preventing Facebook Messenger from working. It may crash, freeze, or lag. It is possible to force-stop your application if it malfunctions, and it will forcefully stop all its running activities. Sometimes it is convenient to do this, but it can cause future problems.


7. Try Re-installing Your Messenger

Is your Facebook messenger not working even after trying the above 2022 updated methods?

Therefore, your application may not be allowing automatic device optimization and could be causing some issues. 

You can try deleting it and then installing it again. In general, deleting your application will clear it of all clogged data and optimize it for your mobile device.

In addition to fixing application-related issues, re-installing removes corrupted or missing files from an application, as well as replacing and affirming them. Most likely, re-downloading will fix your Facebook Messenger not working problem.


8. Log-out of Messenger

Are you operating or handling your account from numerous devices?

Your Facebook Messenger is not working due to being engaged on various devices, causing your application to crash. Logging in to your account from Numerous devices can expose security threats or other unauthorized activities.

You can make it function by logging out from all devices and then logging in again from your primary device. You should be able to resolve your Facebook messenger not working problem by logging in again from one device.


9. Enter Safe Mode

There is a possibility that external applications are blocking your communication tool.

There is a possibility that you downloaded some external third party applications by mistake. These applications may stop or block the Facebook Messenger application and prevent it from working. Entering into a safe mood can help you deal with this concern.

As soon as you enter ultra-power saving mode or safe mode, the access to third-party applications will be disconnected, and your messenger app will begin working. You can also try this to check if any other application is causing a problem and then later delete it.


10. Check if Messenger is Down

Is your Facebook Messenger App not working on multiple devices in 2022? Are people around you also complaining about this?

System outages or server collapses can sometimes cause the application to not work. During loading or refreshing, you might find your application crashing, not opening, or causing trouble.

Occasionally, a hashtag #messengerdown starts to get into a trend when this happens. Implying this lets you know if everyone is experiencing such troubles. If the application server or website is down, you can check it with down detector software or websites.


Facebook Messenger Not Working 2022 – Conclusion

Hope you found this 2022 updated article helpful in fixing your Facebook messenger problem not working.

A low performance phone, a malfunctioning application, low optimization, no internet connectivity, or down application servers could all be to blame.

There is no problem if your system or application gets clogged with cached data and junk files. Your application may crash, lag, freeze, restart, not open, or do other unpredictable actions.

We have listed ten possible solutions in year 2022 above to help you with your Facebook messenger not working problem. We are confident that these solutions would be able to solve your problem if you put your trust in them.

You can, however, contact your internet provider if these methods fail and the problem persists.


Can you report a problem in 2022 if Facebook Messenger is not working?

Alternatively, you can report the Messenger not working problem in year 2022 to Facebook Customer Support Center.

Visit the Facebook website, click on your profile picture in the top right corner, scroll down and click on “Settings and Privacy,” and then select “Report a problem”. Explain your problem as best as you can, and then submit it. The Facebook resolution center will provide a response within 24 hours.

You should find a solution to your Facebook Messenger not working issue and hopefully, your Facebook Messenger will start working again.


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