Samsung TV Black Screen of Death – Easy Methods To Fix (2022)

Many false rumours have been alleged about the Samsung TV Black Screen of Death. Some say it’s a software glitch, which can quickly fix. Others say it’s a design flaw that the manufacturer should address. So, whichever side you stand on, this guide is for you. This blog will discuss the various methods tried to fix the black screen of death on a Samsung TV and their effectiveness.

Let me first remind you that I used a Samsung remote control. Your television model may require different methods from my one. For example, there are cases when your battery might not be charged and hence, won’t work correctly in controlling the picture or, even worse turning it off completely. So, if this is so, please backup all critical data before starting the process. You may also love to read Turn Off Your Amazon Fire TV Stick

But if it’s a more rigorous dilemma, then you’ll need to take some supplementary steps. Here are some methods or keys for Samsung TV Black Screen of Death – easy methods to fix.

6 Methods to Samsung TV Black Screen of Death

samsung tv black screen of death

  1. Make Sure TV is Plugged In

This might seem like a small issue, but it’s indispensable to ensure that your TV is on. If you have a remote control, then try pressing the power button. Hence, if you don’t have a remote, check behind the Samsung TV black screen for any buttons that might turn it on.

Next, make sure that your TV is plugged in and not experiencing an issue with its power supply. So, verify all the associations and guarantee that every cable is plugged in securely. If you have a different power outlet available, try using it and see if the TV turns on.

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Check your TV remote to make sure that it’s working correctly. You can also try using a remote to see if that fixes the Samsung TV Black Screen of Death. So, the most common cause of this problem is a faulty remote. Therefore, if you’ve already checked your remote and it seems to be working correctly, the next step is to try resetting your receiver.

How to Reset Your Receiver

The most common reason for a receiver to freeze is losing its settings. Thus, the simplest way to fix this is to reset the receiver. Press and grasp the power button on your remote manage until the control light turns off. So, keep pushing the button until it produces a beep sound. Wait for a while, and discharge both buttons. Hence, turn on your TV and source components, and try playing something on your receiver again.

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If your remote isn’t functioning accurately, you can try resetting your receiver by plugging it out from the wall, thus, plugging it back in. You can also try unplugging the power cord for a few minutes before plugging. Thus, if none of the way shows positive result, it’s time to get some expert help. They will be able to diagnose your Samsung TV Black Screen of death and fix any issues with it.

  1. Check for a software update.

Samsung TV Black Screen of DeathA software glitch can cause the Samsung black screen of death. If your TV has been out of date, it might just need an update to fix the problem. Thus, Samsung has released many updates over the years, so you’ll want to check your TV’s settings and see if there’s an available update.

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To verify for update, go to the menu on your TV. Thus, this is the time to select Software Update and see if there are any updates available. Thus, if you do, follow the prompts to install it. So, if your TV is still out of date, you’ll need to find a firmware file that can help fix the problem.

So, you can usually find this on Samsung’s website or through Google searches for your specific model number. Once you’ve found the file, download it onto your computer and follow the instructions for transferring it to your TV.

Thus, try switching off the innovative hub feature and see if it fixes the problem. If not, try using another cable box to see if it works. Hence, it does, and the problem is with your cable box. The problem lies within the smart hub. You need to contact Samsung authorities for the replacements.

Samsung Smart Hub Not Working – Check the HDMI Connection

If you’re using an older Samsung TV, try using another HDMI port to predict whether it fixes the problem. So, it means that there’s a bit off beam with the first HDMI port on your TV. Thus, if you have multiple HDMI ports, try using another one.

  1. Check the power supply.

A Samsung TV black screen of death is usually due to an issue with the power supply. So, a voltage management device can help to prevent this issue by providing a more consistent voltage to your TV. Additionally, it will help prevent screen damage due to the unstable power supply.

One thing that usually doesn’t discuss is, the Samsung-led TV picture problems. Each LCD TV has a set of LED lights on the back that illuminate the screen and allow you to see an image. Over time, these LED lights can burn out or become dimmer than they were when your TV was new.

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You can mend the black screen of death by hand but, you can also hire a professional do it for you. So, if you are experiencing this issue, be sure to try a voltage management device before you purchase a new TV.

Using an External Power Adapter

You can renovate the black screen of death on Samsung TV using an external power adapter. Yes, this is a temporary solution only as your television will need another charge. After that, I still use it generally, although all significant functions have been restored. So, there are four ways of powering up your Samsung smart TV Black Screen reset, with an external power supply via USB port or optical/digital /coaxial out:

  • Use your computer’s USB 2.0 port to power a Samsung TV via USB cable. I hope this doesn’t disappoint you, but it works and can help restore the picture on your television if no other methods work for you except airplay.

So, the easiest way is to note that the extension of any cables longer than 5 meters is not compatible with such an external adapter. It means unless you have someone who can easily connect their PC to your Samsung TV or big enough wifi reception on an open space. Thus, you might have problems accessing the internet, and Samsung TV troubleshooting won’t turn on the Ethernet cable connected to your television.

  • Use your television’s HDMI port to connect directly with a stand-alone power supply via cable. The problem is that selecting the correct input doesn’t function properly in most TV sets, regardless of how new they purchased it.
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Some also don’t detect drives/HDD when connected through optical/coaxial port instead of HDMI. You have no clue whether it will work or not until tested and found out since I have a handful of those.

Thus, the cord is too long and requires to be plugged into an extension cable; you might end up running out of physical power before it’s all used up. Thus, it may lead your Samsung TV Black Screen of Death at some point in time even when there are left openings for watching other devices.

  • Thirdly, you can use an amplifier to boost the power output. So, this solution is a bit of a hassle since it requires that connected devices are all compatible.
  • The fourth solution is to directly adapt the HDMI cable without change in a different video format. Thus, make all devices supporting HDMV, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, compatible with any set. But, specific models of televisions may still have technical problems.

This is how to fix Samsung TV black screen with the assistance of an adapter!

  1. Factory Reset Procedure

Samsung TV Black Screen of DeathIf resetting your television does not fix the problem, you would have no choice. Thus, to try the factory reset procedure. Samsung intelligent TV black screen reset is the first method tested through many, and reports show that it works most times for those who are having trouble adjusting their new model. Hence, it will help them work properly with specific smartphones or other devices near. Additionally, on their wifi network, their Bluetooth ‘pairing’ sync.

  1. Rebooting the Samsung TV black screen

Samsung TV Black Screen of DeathSo, if you are having samsung led tv picture problems and it is stuck on a black screen, you can reboot it to fix the black screen of death. Note this will remove all of your set, so you will have to go in them in again. To reboot you’re Samsung TV:

  • First, you have to detach the power cable from the back of the TV
  • Plug the power cord again and wait to turn on the TV
  • Press the menu, select the desired option, and click OK when the screen turns on. Then ensure the confirmation and select the Yes and press OK once again
  • Once the new firmware is installed, the TV will automatically restart
  1. Use the Power-saving Mode of the TV

Most people watch TV for entertainment, but what if there was a way to use it to help manage your daily life as well? Believe it or not, there is! Television power-saving mode can be helpful when trying to conserve energy and limit screen time.

Watching television in power-saving mode can also improve signal quality and lower the risk of screen burn-in.

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How to manage the Samsung TV fix at home?

  • Push the menu key from the remote. This is the round bottom button in the middle of your remote.
  • Now, “Enter” or “OK” on the remote to verify your selection. You can observe the main menu on exhibit.
  • Press “3” or “4” repeatedly until you reach the Power Saving option.
  • You may have to press the “right arrow” once or twice as well. If you can find it, you can see a similar one here.

Thus, these codes are often not very helpful in themselves, but they point to the area of your code that is causing the problem. So, you may have to do some digging to find out what is wrong. Hence, the Samsung smart TV reset becomes easy once you know the problem.

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How to reset Samsung TV black screen immediately?

  • Please turn on the TV with a power source and wait until it shows its main menu screen. There are multiple easiest ways to access this Samsung intelligent TV black screen of death. So, press the Home button and two buttons simultaneously. On others, like famous TVs and intelligent displays, press a button on the remote run.
  • Once you access this menu, screen a– chooses ‘System’ A­, then select proceed with reset process by choosing “Reset .”Then, confirm when prompted that will erase all personal settings.
  • The Samsung TV black screen fix will grant permission, if you want to reinstate it to works settings. Thus, it means turning everything back into its original setting like they were before you bought it. Some may use this advantage, and others will not need it. But, for most users, a factory reset is the only means to get back their default setting, so repeat those three steps.
  • After you have completed your second step with choosing ‘Reset’ on the system menu screen, choose “Yes” when prompted through setup A.
  • When the “Restoring Settings” message of the Samsung TV Black Screen of Death has displayed its counter, press ‘OK’ to save, so wait for a couple of seconds until asking which language you want. There are other choices in two, English and Spanish, at this step. Most users would choose fast forward, and all will work just fine.
  • In the next after few seconds, it will ask you if you want to set this product up for a “new experience .”Once again, press ‘OK’ but, when asked whether you have your TV connected with the Home network, always answer by pressing ‘Yes.’
  • Once you answer OK then, it is almost done for you; the TV will educate you to enter. Scan for additional sources, then press ‘OK .’Thus, select by using left arrows, etc. So, this step installs various applications that allow us to use certain functions later on while having our set up in Game Mode without fail.
  • Read through these options, then press ‘OK’ twice as they’re pretty self-explanatory, and expect further instructions on setting up at System Menu > Game Mode. Hence, it will be required after installing this early application.
  • So, after a few moments, the TV turns off then you’ll have “Continue?” on your screen followed by confirmation. Once again, change the Secret access code and confirm.
  • After some time, the Samsung smart TV YouTube black screen is instructed to perform the initial configuration. This process may take from few seconds or some minutes, so sit calmly and take pleasure in while waiting. Thus, the very first screen will come up soon after rather quickly, without any confirmation messages once again; we are ideally allowed to skip by pressing the ESC key on your Keyboard before continuing > that’s it.

That’s all!   A few minutes later, your TV should be able to connect with Your PS4 even while using the wired connection. And you can use that [Settings] > [System] Menu right now. So, enjoy a fully fun-filled experience without any problems whatsoever! Thus, I hope now you have got the answer to the question that “how do I reset my Samsung TV black screen”?

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Since the Samsung TV Black Screen of Death has been plaguing many owners of the TVs. So, I hunted to generate a reserve for helping people troubleshoot the problem. Thus, if you’re one of the unlucky ones, who has experienced this problem, hopefully, this article has helped you get your TV up and running again.

All the ways mentioned above to fix the black screen are worth it. Additionally, keeping the power-saving mode ON would enhance the quality of the picture on your screen. Furthermore, I have mentioned the process of restoring data. So, you can save your important content easily.

If you have any further query, please comment below and don’t hesitate to contact us!