Philips tv remote not working? – Here is how to fix it!

One of the most well-known names in consumer electronics is Philips. Many televisions are sold each year with remote controls due to their reputation and high-quality goods. Unfortunately, despite its goods’ durability, a failure is almost inevitable. If Philips smart tv remote not working, then you may wonder, “What should I do to fix my Philips remote control?”. However, you can fix your Philips tv remote if it’s not working, not pairing, not turning on, keeps blinking, or not responding, just by following these simple amazing methods mentioned below. Moreover, you can also use Philips TV replacement remote in case of hardware damage of your remote control.

You may recall the days when changing the station on the TV meant getting up and walking across the room. Even though those days are long gone, having a defective remote control is still a hassle.

Batteries are the most typical cause of a Phillips TV remote not working. It may begin with slow performance, but no button seems to be functioning before long. For the remote to function correctly, you must first ensure that the batteries are new and properly fitted. If the Philips smart tv remote not working, you may need to open the remote control and do some maintenance. The remote must be out of warranty before you can proceed.

Philips TV remote not working

How to Fix Not Working Philips TV Remote?

Philips tv remote not responding when starting up.

You might expect to see a red light on your TV in standby mode. After using the remote control to turn on the television, the light should be gone. If nothing happens when you push a button on your remote, the problem may be the remote rather than the TV. However, a problem with the transmission between the remote and the TV might be to blame. It’s worth restarting your television to see if this helps. When in doubt, disconnect the TV from the wall by its socket, please wait 60 seconds, and plug it back in.


The light in the room may also factor in the Philips remote not working; signals from other sections of the space may interfere with the TV. Too much light can cause displays to appear washed out. After a long period of use, you might anticipate the item’s functioning to become less coherent. However, if your Phillips TV remote not working, try using the below mentioned methods to troubleshoot your not working Philips TV remote.


Philips TV remote not working.

Maybe only a few of the features on your Phillips TV not responding. Try out the remote control to see if it has any other features you can rely on. There might be a problem with the remote control batteries if you notice that certain features are working and others aren’t. Some functionalities may perform more slowly than others when the battery is low, and this might lead to Philips tv not responding.

Replace the batteries in your remote control to ensure that they work at maximum capacity. Try moving closer to the TV to see if you can get the remote to operate appropriately. Depending on the state of the batteries or the interference between the remote control and the television, it may not transmit a valid signal, and ultimately cause Philips smart tv remote not working. The remote must be reset from time to time, which might be a lengthy procedure.

Philips smart tv remote not working:

How to troubleshoot not working Philips tv remote?

Follow these steps:

  • Make sure the batteries are in good condition. Insert a lithium-ion battery into the remote control. Batteries must have their positive (+) and negative (-) ends in line with those indicated in the battery container.
  • The remote control and the remote control sensor window on the TV should be wiped off with a damp cloth.
  • To be safe, make sure the TV’s power cord is in good working order. To restart the TV, unplug it from the socket for 10 seconds, then re-plug it back in.
  • When using an AC power strip, check if the fuse has blown.
  • The TV socket should not be connected to a wall switch.
  • Check whether the remote is set to the proper operating mode before using it.
  • Make sure the TV’s Remote Sensor Window is facing the remote.
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That’s all you need to do to reset the Philips remote control.

There are times when the TV’s power button is initially pressed, and you should be aware that the Philips remote does not work. When you press the power button on a smart TV, you may notice an LED flash for roughly 15 seconds before the software begins to load.

Nothing you do with the remote will affect the TV as long as the LED flashes. If you’re pressing any buttons on the TV, it won’t function either. The LED will stop flashing, and you’ll be able to use the remote usually when it’s finished loading all the necessary software in the background.

Philips TV not responding to the remote control.

A non-blinking LED on the TV’s remote receiver means the Philips remote is not responding to your commands. Check to see if there are any potential stumbling blocks along the way.

  • First, turn off any bright lights, such as fluorescent bulbs or overhead lights, which may interfere with the remote control signal.
  • It is advisable to turn off any external electrical equipment working near the television, since they may interfere.

Use these procedures to see whether the remote control is working if still, your Philips TV is not responding then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Randomly test the remote control’s functioning. If the TV doesn’t turn on, check the remote control’s battery to see if it needs to be replaced.
  • According to the example, verify that the remote control’s battery is correctly installed in the battery compartment.
  • Randomly test the remote control’s functioning after installing a new battery.


If still, Philips TV is not responding, try taking a picture of the remote control with a digital camera or a mobile phone with a camera feature.

  • Using a digital camera, take a look at the emitter on the remote control’s front (or the camera of a mobile phone).
  • Now, use the remote control to operate whatever button you like.
  • Red flashing indicates that the remote control is operational. The television may be faulty.
  • You might require a Philips tv remote replacement.
  • You should contact the Philips Consumer Care Center if you have any questions or concerns. Contact information may be found on the Customer Service page.
  • The model number and product number should be readily available when you phone them. These numbers can be found on a sticker on the back or side of your device.


Philips TV Remote Not Pairing

To use your Phillips TV remote, you must first couple it with the television. Because of a minor glitch or an inadvertent error, your Philips tv remote is not working and is out of sync with the TV.


If this is the case, the buttons are not sending any signals to the TV, which might explain why Philips smart tv remote is not working correctly. Afterward, you will have to re-configure the remote. Here are a few things to do if the pairing process is not working.


  • If your Phillips TV remote is not working or pairing, start by checking the battery. It’s possible that the signal strength is to blame rather than the matching process.
  • Replace the batteries and make sure they’re installed correctly. Before entering pairing mode, you can randomly try a few features to ensure they operate.
  • To begin, the remote control must be set into erase mode. This restores everything to its original state so that the pairing may proceed without any intervention.
  • Hold down the mute and OK buttons on the TV remote for five seconds. When you touch the choose button, the mode will be removed from your computer.
  • It is necessary to turn the television off and back on to repair the remote. When the TV is turned on for the first time, you will be prompted to touch the “OK” button.
  • It’s important to know that Philip TVs may save information from many remote controls. Depending on the model, they may be able to link with as many as five different remote controllers.
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Philips TV Remote Not Pairing: Philips TV Replacement Remote

  • Despite the benefits, this might lead to a rift. There may be an issue if the TV is connected to another remote control or if the present remote control has been paired with another TV in the home. This leads to Philips smart tv remote not working.
  • Bring the remote control close to the Phillips logo on the television to solve this problem. You must hit the red and blue buttons simultaneously when the object is within a few inches.
  • Because the remote is so close to the TV’s radio signal, it will pair with that TV and will not receive a signal from an outside source that may cause an issue with pairing.
  • Messages will appear on the TV screen when the pairing is successful.

Following these steps, and you will be able to solve the Philips tv remote not workingproblem.


Philips TV Remote Not Turning On

What’s wrong with your Phillips TV remote control? Why is the remote not turning on or Philips tv remote not responding? The answer may be as easy as pie.

In most cases, a Phillips TV remote won’t turn on for one of two reasons. The remote’s batteries have run out, preventing it from working correctly. Replace the batteries to fix this problem. Otherwise, a broken remote control might be the problem and a solution to this problem is Philips tv remote replacement.

There is a lot of abuse put on our remote controllers. It’s not uncommon for them to be sat on, spilled beverages, or dropped on the floor when watching TV on the couch. It is sometimes required to replace the remote control if it is no longer working. Make sure that the remote works once you’ve replaced the batteries. If not, you may need to buy a new one.


Philips TV Remote Keeps Blinking

Without our remote control, most of us would be lost. Here’s what you can do if your Phillips TV remote continues flashing or blinking. If the remote’s LED is on, something is wrong. The remote flashes to let the user know that something has to be done to fix the problem. An ineffective or weak signal, or even low batteries, might cause the LED on a Phillips remote control to flash or blink.

You may begin repairing the problem as soon as you know what it is. There may be instances when the remote has a flashing light, and you don’t know what’s going on with it. Additionally, the remote’s red flashing light indicates correct operation on occasion. A problem with the Philips smart TV might be the cause if it won’t connect or if none of the buttons function.

If your Philips TV remote keeps flashing or blinking, the first thing you should do is replace the batteries. Testing different buttons at varied distances from the TV will help you determine what is wrong.


Philips TV Remote Volume Not Working: Philips TV Replacement Remote


Adjusting the volume is one of the most typical things we do with our TV remotes. You may take the following measures if your Phillips TV remote is not working (volume button). Battery difficulties, too much distance between remote and television, and a Philips smart tv remote not working (malfunctioning) are the most common causes of a Phillips TV remote volume not working. Other faults may necessitate a Philips tv remote replacement, and it’s not always possible to fix them.

  • The volume buttons on the Philips TV remote may not be working, so you should walk to the TV and test them there instead. This will tell you if the remote or the TV is the problem.
  • Try moving closer to the television, especially if the batteries are running low, to see if it helps. Ensure no obstructions in the area where the TV receives the signal.
  • Finally, disconnect the TV, waiting a few seconds, and then plugging it back in should bring the TV back to life. Refreshing the cache and resolving any difficulties will be accomplished this way.
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Philips TV Remote Not Changing Channel: Philips TV Replacement Remote

Channel switching is an essential component of utilizing the remote. What do you do next when your Philip TV remote isn’t working?

If your Phillips smart TV remote is not working, the most common causes are low batteries or being too far away from the TV. When something goes wrong with the remote, replacing the batteries is always a good idea as already mentioned above.

  • To send the strongest signal from the remote, get closer to the TV until you are within a few feet of it.
  • If the problem is with the TV’s channel buttons, you may go directly to the TV and test them. If they are still working on the television, this will help narrow down the issue.
  • Finally, make sure that the batteries in the remote are new and that they are inserted correctly. To rule out the possibility that the issue is limited to the channel buttons, try a variety of other buttons on the remote control.


Re-pairing the remote control and the Philips TV: Philips TV Replacement Remote

Another remote control can be used to control the television. Remote control pairing methods change depending on whether the remote control has previously been connected with another TV or not and whether Philips tv is not responding or responding.

It’s best to have a few centimeters gap between your remote control and Philips TV’s Philips logo to set the pairing. Place the remote control near the logo if at all possible. This location has a radio signal receiver, and pairing will only take place if the signal is strong enough to do so. This prevents the remote control from being accidentally linked to the television (these actions can only be performed on purpose).

Messages show on the TV screen if the remote control and the TV have successfully been paired together.


Control TV through a smartphone app

Install the Android TV remote app on a smartphone or tablet to operate the TV as a solution for a Philip TV remote not working.

  • Use a Smart smartphone to download the Philips TV Remote app and control your television.
  • Get the Philips TV Remote app from the Google Play Store or the Apple AppStore.
  • Click on the TV model name to connect the app to the TV. Use the app on your phone or tablet to enter the code presented on the TV.
  • The app on a smartphone may now be used to control the TV.



You should always check your Phillips TV remote batteries first if the Philips tv remote is not working. A slow remote will make it tough to get the TV to respond even if you’re within a few feet of it or the remote is aimed directly at it. You’ll get the most out of your TV viewing if you have some fresh batteries on hand and change them often.

We hope by using the methods mentioned above, you fixed your not working Philips tv remote control, but if still, it doesn’t help or Philips tv remote is not working even by following steps mentioned above try contacting Philips Customer Support, they can help you in case the problem is with your TV not with your remote control.

It’s worth buying a Philips tv remote replacement if a repair is unavailable or the above methods do not work as it could be an internal hardware issue inside the remote control.


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