Xfinity Comcast Remote Not Working? – Complete Troubleshooting Guide

Xfinity Comcast Remote Control Not Working? – Troubleshooting Methods 

When your Xfinity Comcast remote is not working, it can be frustrating. You can do a few things to troubleshoot the issue of not working Xfinity Comcast remote and get back up and running in no time at all. This article will provide step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting Xfinity Comcast remotes that are not working, not responding, or performing as expected when pressed. However, you can also try to reset your not working Comcast remote. Additionally, the Xfinity XR15 remote reset procedure is mentioned below. 


Xfinity Comcast Remote Not Working


Xfinity Comcast Remote Not Working


How to Reset XFINITY Remote TV Controller? Fix Not Working Xfinity Comcast Remote by Resetting 

First, you should reset Xfinity remote control tv controller by pressing and holding the “Setup” button for about 20 seconds. This will reset your Comcast Xfinity remote back to its original factory settings. If this doesn’t work, check if there is a dead battery in the device. If yes, then that might be why the Xfinity Comcast remote is not working as expected, or the Xfinity Comcast remote has stopped responding completely. 

Suppose there’s no problem with the batteries. In that case, it could also mean that Xfinity remote tv controller needs time to reboot itself, which usually takes a few minutes after each power cycle of the TV set, so wait until it starts receiving signals from the Xfinity box again before trying to use it.

If the Xfinity remote is still not working after doing all the above, there might be an issue with your Xfinity box, so you should contact Xfinity support for assistance. 

When Xfinity Comcast remote is not working as expected, or Xfinity Comcast remote has stopped responding completely, do try these simple steps first before calling Xfinity Comcast Support. Xfinity XR15 Comcast remote not working or Xfinity XR15 Comcast remote has stopped responding completely can be common and simple to fix, so don’t get too frustrated. 


Fix Xfinity Comcast Remote TV Controller That Suddenly Stopped Working?

Suppose you’re experiencing problems with your Xfinity remote not working due to dead batteries or becoming unresponsive altogether. Then, put the new batteries into the not working Xfinity Comcast remote. Make sure they put pressure inside its slot because weak batteries will cause buttons to stick down, and the Xfinity remote won’t work.  

Fixing this issue of not working the Xfinity XR15 Comcast remote can be easy but might take some patience.

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Fix not working Xfinity XR15 Comcast remote?


  1. First, try resetting the remote by unplugging it and plugging it back in
  2. If that doesn’t work, try changing the batteries
  3. If that doesn’t work, contact customer service for more help
  4. You can also troubleshoot your Comcast TV connection issues here 
  5. Then, if none of these solutions worked, you may need to get a new remote from Comcast or another retailer
  6. Additionally, make sure your remote is on and in range of the tv
  7. If it still doesn’t work, try changing batteries or unplugging the TV for 10 seconds
  8. If your remote still isn’t working, you may need to replace the battery pack 
  9. To do this, remove the back cover and insert 2 AAA batteries (not included) into slots labeled “1” and “2.” 
  10. Replace the cover and test the remote again! Your not working Xfinity Comcast remote will start working again.


These are the steps you should follow if the Xfinity Comcast remote is not working or the Xfinity Comcast remote has stopped responding completely. Make sure to try all of them before calling Xfinity tech support. Xfinity remotes can stop responding for various reasons, so it is normal and nothing serious but worth checking out just in case there’s some problem with your Comcast Xfinity TV service, cable line-up, or home network setup that needs attention from professional technicians who can fix problems like this one quickly and efficiently. 

Suppose the Xfinity box still fails to respond after doing all these simple troubleshooting methods. In that case, it might indicate a more serious issue with both devices involved, i.e., Xfinity Comcast boxes, which means Xfinity support is the only option you have. 


Otherwise, go ahead and try these simple steps to fix Xfinity remote that suddenly stopped working or Xfinity Comcast remote has stopped responding completely: 


  • First of all, make sure your Xfinity Comcast box is turned on
  • Xfinity tv not connected error can also be a potential cause for this problem, so check if there’s a red light flashing in front of XFINITY TV Box, which means it needs an internet connection from Comcast Cable to get online. If yes, then connect another device like laptop/desktop computer via Ethernet cable to the modem – reboot router & wait around 15 minutes before trying anything else 
  • Make sure batteries are not dead or weak by replacing them with Xfinity batteries if required
  • Xfinity remote control may not be in the range of Xfinity TV Box, so make sure it is close enough to work correctly and press all Xfinity Comcast buttons before calling Comcast Support phone number for assistance. 
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If these steps didn’t help, there might be an issue where the Xfinity Tv box needs time to reboot, which usually takes a few minutes after each power cycle. However, you can still try turning off your Xfinity tv set & unplugging the Comcast modem/router from the main power outlet for 30 seconds before rebooting everything again because this will reset the Xfinity router settings that sometimes cause a problem.


To fix an Xfinity XR15 remote that is not working, try programming and resetting the remote:


  1. Turn the TV off and unplug it from the wall
  2. Press and hold both of the “TV” buttons on the remote 
  3. Plug in your TV 
  4. Try programming a new device using these instructions 
  5. Reset your remote by pressing and holding the “TV” button for five seconds, then release it when you see a red light come on.
  6. Make sure that the batteries are installed correctly
  7. Press and hold the red button on the Xfinity remote for 5 seconds to reset it 
  8. Use a paperclip or pin to press in the small hole next to the battery compartment door on your TV set, then gently twist it open 
  9. Remove all of your batteries, then insert new ones in their place 
  10. Replace the cover and close it tightly 
  11. Test out your remote by pressing buttons until you find one that works! If this doesn’t work, call Xfinity Comcast customer service for further assistance.


What causes not working Xfinity Remote?


Below mentioned issues can cause not working Xfinity XR15 Comcast remote:

  1. Make sure the batteries are fresh and inserted correctly
  2. Check for interference from other devices or appliances
  3. Try to change the range of your remote by moving it closer to your TV
  4. Verify that you have a strong signal coming from your Xfinity box
  5. Reset all settings on the remote control 
  6. Update software on the remote control if necessary, usually via USB cable or wireless network connection.


Xfinity Comcast Remote Programming: Fix Not working Xfinity XR15 Comcast Remote

Comcast Xfinity XR15 remote programming is a simple process that will take approximately 5 minutes. To start, you must locate your Comcast remote control and press the “TV” button on the top of the device. After this step, you should see several buttons light up along with an LED screen displaying which channel number you are currently on. It gets complicated for some people because they cannot remember what each button corresponds to in terms of channels or even volume levels. The best thing to do is simply push “0” repeatedly until all lights turn off and then test your television’s power functions by trying to change the channel through your TV itself. If nothing happens after pressing any buttons at this point, try reprogramming your cable box instead of the remote.

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Above is Xfinity Comcast remote not working causes, tips to fix the Xfinity XR15 tv Comcast remote that is not responding/working, and best Xfinity TV Boxes Reviews in 2019 with Pros cons of each brand which guide you how to choose the right Xfinity Cable box for your home entertainment system. Xfinity Remote programming can fix a not working Xfinity Comcast remote that is not yet programmed.


Conclusion: Xfinity Comcast Remote Not Working

The blog post has given you some simple steps to follow if your Xfinity Comcast remote is not working. This should help with the problem that many people have experienced. If this doesn’t work, try Xfinity XR15 Comcast remote programming and see if that works. If you need any further help, call Xfinity Comcast customer service to get support from their professionals. 

With the simple steps mentioned above, you’ll be able to reconnect your not working Xfinity Comcast remote in no time. We hope this article has been helpful and wish you the best of luck with getting back up and running!

Thank you for reading! We hope you found this article helpful. If not, please let us know in the comments below what would have helped your situation, and we will be happy to address it.


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