How to find a lost TV remote control? – Complete Guide 2022

How to find a lost TV remote control?


Undoubtedly, smart gadgets have taken the spotlight, but still, TV is the most in use device in most households. Whether it’s about the office workers watching the news, ladies watching their TV shows, or children watching their cartoons, TV is the go-to option for everyone. But did you ever imagine that your TV gets jammed due to a malfunctioned or lost remote due to some reason? And this often happens, do you know why? Since a TV remote is one of the 5 top things that are often lost in households. Moreover, a guide on remote control finder and remote control tracker. Also, a guide on how to find lost tv remote for Samsung.


Just imagine you came home after a tiring day and now you wanted to relax on the couch while watching a wholesome TV show or a movie, but the TV remote was not standing there. What will be your reaction? Of course, this will make you angry and anxious. And to find a lost TV remote means breaking your back for the whole time in which you could have resting and laying on your couch and binge-watching your favorite TV shows. Well, currently, unfortunately, your remote is not present anywhere in your living room. What now? Forget about watching TV? No, because you can make this problem go in click onto files.


Lost Samsung remote control finder

Remote Control Finder/ Remote Control Tracker


Now the question arises; is there a magic wand to do so? No, my dear, because here in this article, we will tell you about some go-to points and remedies you can go for once your TV remote is misplaced. Just give them a deeper read, and you will find every possible answer to how to find a lost TV remote control?


How to find a lost TV controller?


The new remotes with smart TV are even slimmer and smart; that’s why they are prone to get gone astray or get lost. Is your remote also not anywhere in your living room, and you wanted to watch your favorite TV show right now? No need to worry at all because we will tell you how to find your lost TV remote Samsung. 


The first step towards finding a remote control is- Look for the lost TV remote all around: Remote Control Finder/ Remote Control Tracker


  • The first step towards finding a lost remote control should be searching the remote everywhere around the TV.
  • It would assist if you looked at all of the prominent places like behind the receiver, in the TV trolley drawer, on the couch, or under the side lamps of your TV. If you don’t find the remote on the prominent spot, then now is the time to jump towards the next step, i.e., looking at the hidden which you think are suspected spots to find my remote. It is expected that a slippery, small and slim remote control somehow manages to play hide and seek with you by slipping by the side of the sofa seat. So you need to check this spot in the first place. Still, if you find nothing, check the remote everywhere, like under the blankets, under the cushions and pillows, inside the books and magazines, and the remote can also be under the living room couch, so don’t forget to check there.
  • Other than this, while watching TV in cozy winters, people may keep their TV remotes in their coat or jumpers pockets and then totally forget about it and are like, I can find my TV remote. So, don’t forget to look for the remote in your upper or deep coat pockets.
  • Falling or sliding the remote at the rear or under the furniture is also common. So, whenever your remote gets misplaced, you should keenly check all furniture, especially your living room’s couch.
  • Still, if you didn’t find the remote control of your TV, then it is recommended to go and check the place where you have been lastly after watching TV and brought it with you. The most commonly visited spots include your kitchen shelves, bathroom cabinet, bedroom, or dining area.
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The second step- Think where you have been lately.


  • Once you have checked every possible spot and there is no remote, try to pressurize your mind and think where it can probably go and now where can I find my TV remote.
  • There is a possibility that you have taken the remote along with you while you were on a call and misplaced it while your mind was into something else. Well, in this case, the remote hunt is not limited to the living room or TV lounge only. You have to think in detail about the last activity you performed or where you went before coming to watch TV.
  • After that, go to every possible spot where you could have placed the TV remote. Try to do this in a step-by-step manner while thinking that I have to find my remote now.


Continue these steps to learn how to find a lost remote:


  • Once you have checked all the spots but still you haven’t found a trace of your remote control, then it is time to bang all of the bed covers and blankets. You must be thinking, what is the relationship between a bed cover and finding my remote, right? Let’s move on to the clearer side.
  • We sometimes take the TV remote inside our blanket, and the remote somehow manages to slip inside the blanket cover. Well, to end this hide and seek game, we need to check all of the bed covers appropriately. Banging them will be a better and quicker option and will not take much of your energy.
  • The fridge is another susceptible spot to find the hidden or misplaced TV remote. While watching something exciting, everyone loves to have their favorite food; that’s why checking the fridge, again and again, is common. While keeping this in mind, suppose you went to get a snack and accidentally forgot to take the remote outside your fridge. So whenever your remote goes missing looking at it inside your fridge is one of the best ideas in the range of how to find a lost TV remote control.


The thirst step- Now is the time to start asking other family members. 


  • Once you have searched the remote everywhere in your house, this is the time to ask your dad, mom, siblings, or other family members to find my remote.
  • After watching TV, there is a possibility that someone in your household may have placed the remote on a specific spot. In this case, the very first person to approach is your mother. Mothers love cleaning and organizing stuff, and there is a probability that while cleaning the mess in the living room, your mother might have placed the TV remote somewhere, and now you cannot find it.
  • Secondly, if you have children in your house, they may be the culprits. Specifically, toddlers love to play with such stuff while ignoring all of their cute and playful toys; thus, there is a possibility that a naughty toddler may have to hide it somewhere in the living room or is playing with it currently.  
  • After that, ask your siblings because there are chances that they are on a call currently, and the remote is with them.
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Once you are done with all of the steps and have taken every possible measure to find a lost TV remote, this is the time to move towards the next step, i.e., to buy a new remote. This is an undeniable measure because watching your favorite TV show is not possible without streaming on to the desired channel, which is not possible without a good working remote.


The fourth step- Buy a new OK working TV remote: Remote Control Tracker: Remote Control Finder


After following all of the possible steps and remaining unsuccessful in finding your TV remote, you need to buy a new remote and then program ge remote according to your preferences.

Always get the best and the most affordable remote for your TV and program it wisely by using the proper programming codes. Well, what we recommend is that you need to go for a universal remote control to be on the economic side. A universal remote is a smart remote that you can use with several other devices. But wait, don’t forget to check whether the remote you are trying to get is compatible with your TV or not.


The fifth step- Preventing the cause or problem: Lost tv remote Samsung


If you want to stay safe from the mishaps like losing your TV remote, then it will be wise of you to take the preventive measure in the first place. Here we will tell you about some of the standard preventive measures you can go for.


  • Stay alert while keeping your remote


Whenever you are watching TV, try to stay alert and after changing the channel, don’t misplace the remote rather, keep it on the front table or the designated spot. Still, if you place it somewhere else in the room, don’t do this with an absent mind; rather, stay mindful and alert. Only this is the easiest way to avoid the misplacement of your TV remote.


  • Try to make cute wall hangings or jars for your remotes: lost tv remote Samsung


In this era of technology, every device is remotely operated, well in such case you must have a lot of remotes in your household, each for one device. Therefore to keep these remotes organized and safe from misplacement, we recommend you make some DIY remote holders or proper designations for all of the remotes. You can also write the names of the devices on each remote holder, making it easier to pick up the remotes. Also, you don’t have to go through the long guides on how to find a lost TV remote control.  


  • Apply Velcro strip at the back of remote


Another effective yet most straightforward measure to take in how to find a lost TV remote control. Is to apply a sticking Velcro strip at the back of your TV remote and the side of your TV. Doing so will push you and other family members to unite both strips after watching TV. This will lower the chances of losing your TV remote.


  • Try to make your remote control easy to find


After taking every possible measure mentioned in how to find a lost TV remote. Still, there are chances of misplacement of your TV remote. What to do then? You can add something funky or shimmery to your remote control that would make your TV remote visible. As well as accessible to find when it goes missing. The possible ways to go for it are adding a fuzzy tail, pom-poms at its lower end, tying a sharp color ribbon to it, giving your remote DIY wings, or adding some glitter to the remote surface. Each step will make it easier for you to notice or recognize your TV remote in between a huge mess.


  • Go for universal remote control.


Buying a universal remote control is the best idea to stay safe from the mishaps of losing your TV remote. We mean it will work finely with almost all of your devices by a universal remote. You have to program it with the compatible devices using proper programming codes, and then it goes fine. And no doubt keeping a record of placement of a single remote would be much easier. Instead keeping a record for multiple remotes at a time. But make sure that you are getting a good quality remote that is compatible with the model of your TV.

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  • Attaching a GPS tracker to your TV remote control: Lost tv remote Samsung


This is a step that will be a bit money-demanding step but is the most effective measure to take. But don’t worry, this will not ask you to break a bank because by now. Some companies are selling several smart GPS devices at nominal prices. You have to research affordable GPS devices to get what you are looking for.


  1. Once you buy a GPS device that clip it carefully at the back of your remote. Make sure that it is not impairing the functionality of your TV remote.
  2. The next step is to download the find my remote app from the app store into your phone. Connect this app to the GPS device.
  3. By now, this device will work as a remote control finder in case of misplacements of your remote.
  4. You will be amazed upon knowing that some apps will notify you. Even when your remote is at a considerable distance from you. Isn’t it a magical invention?


Here the preventive measures come to an end. But still, if you find it difficult to follow any step of how to find a lost TV remote. If you want something instant, then you can try this magical trick. Yes, you heard that right. Right here, in the following lines, we are going to introduce you to some tricks and remedies. Using which you can operate your Samsung TV without a TV remote.


Operate Samsung TV without a TV remote: Remote Control Finder/ Remote Control Tracker: Lost tv remote Samsung


  • To turn on and off your TV, you can use the main power button.
  • You can use the main power button for primary navigation.
  • Try looking behind the power button to come across some other controls.
  • Once you turn on the TV, you can use the main power button of your Samsung TV. As a joystick to turn the volume up or down and change the channels.
  • But this procedure can be tiring and may give you a cramp in your neck. But no need to worry as Samsung TV supports USB cables; this means you can connect a USB keyboard to your TV and operate it using the keyboard.
  • Superior to all, you can go for the Samsung smart things app. Directly download it from the App Store, and then you can operate your TV on your mobile. But remember, you must have proper knowledge about the smart TV apps. Starting from how to install these apps and how to connect the TV to your phone. While using these apps to get know-how about everything. Only this is the way to take benefits from smartphone apps.


Well, in our view, keeping all of these steps behind. You need to buy a universal ge remote and then program ge remote effectively. All of your problems will fly away by following this one step.


Conclusion: Remote Control Finder: Remote Control Tracker: Lost tv remote Samsung


Care is better than cure is a common idiom to use from a medical point of view. But it can also be applicable in cases like losing a TV remote. A TV remote is one of the top 5 objects often misplaced. And when a remote goes missing finding it all around. Asking for the remote from other members, or getting a new remote is a great idea. But each step is tiring and time-demanding. Well, in such a case, how about preventing the cause or problem? Yes, you heard that right.


If we start taking preventive measures like attaching a GPS device, remote control finder or a remote control tracker to your remote, sticking something attractive to the remote to make it visible, or making it a habit to place the remote at its original position can do miracles. Still, due to some reason your TV remote goes missing, then you can follow our step-by-step approach on how to find a lost TV remote. We hope that we have remained successful in helping you out to find your lost TV remote.



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