UR5U-8780L Universal Remote Control Auto Search for Codes

If your UR5U-8780L-twc remote is not working and you want to program it by universal remote to enjoy its features, below is the information for helping you program Time Warner or Spectrum Universal remote UR5U-8780L-TWC. If you cannot search the remote control code for a component or device, try to use the below remote code search method and follow each step sequentially. For different devices, the three digit remote codes are also given; you have to choose a particular remote code for controlling the remote control.


ur5u-8780l-twc universal remote codes

Ur5u-8780l-twc Universal Remote Codes

Auto-Search Method: 

The Auto-search method would scan through all the remote codes to identify the correct code. For programming the  ur5u-8780l-twc by Auto search method, implement the below steps:

  1. You have to power on the device you wish the remote for operating.
  2. On the remote, click on the corresponding device button, for example, AUX for soundbars along “Ok/Sel” keys simultaneously for only a few seconds.
  3. The device LED would light that it is ready for programming.
  4. The LED would light for a few seconds, and in the upcoming step, complete it while it is on.
  5. Position on the remote at the gadget and click on the VOL- or VOL+ button.
  6. The remote would indicate power off/on signals.
  7. Now, continue pressing down or up until the device power off.
  8. Do verification of the right code has chosen by clicking on the “Power” key.
  9. Your gadget would power on, and if so, do vary the volume or channel for ensuring the programming is correctly done.
  10. Click on the corresponding device key for storing the code in the memory.
  11. The LED of the remote would flash twice to confirm the stored code. 
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Quick Setup Method

For programming the spectrum remote ur5u-8780l by Quick setup method, in order to program spectrum remote ur5u-8780l implement the below steps:

  1. Switch on the equipment which you wish to program.
  2. In the UR5U-8780L Universal Remote manual, look at the Quick Set-up Code tables. Based on your brand, click on the TV and B(blue) buttons and A(yellow). The TV button LED would light for few seconds.
  3. When the LED is on. Place the remote control in front of the device and put the one-digit assigned to the brand. The TV has to be turned off. If not, put the same number button until it powers off.
  4. As the TV power off, Click on the TV button to save the code for UR5U-8780L.


Manual Method

You could set up the remote by putting the code associated with your device’s brand. Make use of the below tools for searching your device and looking for relevant setup remote codes. For programming the spectrum remote ur5u-8780l by manual method, implement the below steps:

  1. Switch on the device, TV which you wish to control by remote.
  2. On the remote, click on the corresponding device button(DVD, TV, CBL) along with Ok/Sel keys exact times for a few seconds. The LED of the device would indicate that it is ready for programming.
  3. Place the remote in front of the device and put a number allocated to your specific brand. If there is one than one code for the brand, implement one code at a time until the gadget switches off. You have to take a break one second between entering each code number.
  4. Do verification of the correct code, which was selected by clicking on the power button. The device has to be turned on. If it does, try to change the channels for verification that programming is done successfully.
  5. Now, click on the “device” button for storing the code. The LED of the device would flash two times to confirm the stored code.
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TV Remote Codes:

Various three-digit TV Codes for UR5U-8780L Universal Remote Control are revealed below:


















DVD Player Remote Codes:

Various three digit DVD Player Codes for UR5U-8780L Universal Remote Control are revealed below:













Spectrum Receiver (Cable Box) Remote Codes:

Various three digit spectrum receiver remote codes for UR5U-8780L Universal Remote Control are revealed below:






Scientific Atlanta




These remote codes are designed to operate the CISCO / SA, Pace Micro, Pioneer, Motorola, Samsung digital set-tops, and VCR, TV, AUX, and DVD equipment. You have to follow each instruction for programming the UR5U-8780L-twc Universal Remote by choosing an appropriate method and remote codes. If still, you have any confusion, then take the help from the manual.


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